How to Fix Google Pixel 7A Heating Issue (15+ Methods)

A couple of weeks ago, Google launched another member of the Google Pixel 7 series and named Google Pixel 7A for their lesser-budget users. And guess what? It also has the same heating problem as Pixel 7. And you might also be having the same issue with your phone too. But, don’t worry, today in this article I will share how to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.

But, before sharing the methods, let’s see why this phone also has the same heating issue. Why do these two phones have similarities that lead to this issue? Let’s find the reason why your Google Pixel 7A overheating.

And after knowing the reasons, we will find out the best accessible, authentic, and reliable methods to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.


1. Processor:

fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue

The biggest reason for the heating issue in this phone is the processor. With Pixel 7 and 7A, you will get a Tensor G2 processor. So, what’s new and unique about this processor? So, basically, this processor is based on Samsung’s fabrication, which is customized by Google and just put on these phones.

This is based on Samsung’s Exynos processor. But, this processor has 7 core GPU based on dimensity GPU. So, basically, it’s a mixed processor. And that makes this processor more confusing.

Is Google Tensor G2 a Good processor? Yes, it’s good, but because of mixed elements, it lands up with a less optimized processor. And that makes the main reason for overheating on this phone.

2. Heavy Games
3. Hot Environment
4. Playing Games for a Long Time
5. Always Plug into the Charger
6. Unusual Apps
7. Brightness
8. Apps with Bug
9. Sun Light
10. Phone Case
11. Overusing Of Phone
12. Network Fluctuation
13. Wireless Connection

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Best Methods to Fix Google Pixel 7A Heating Issue


1. Restart the Phone:

Well, this is the very first thing that you have to do when this kind of issue happens. When you feel that the temperature of your phone getting very high than normal, then restart it.

When you restart your phone all the temporary bugs and errors get solved or fixed. All the cache memory gets stopped. And your phone gets a fresh start.

But, this is a temporary solution, read the following methods to fix it permanently.

2. Don’t Play Games while Charging and for a long time:

Playing games while charging is also a very big reason for the heating issues. It is just like overpowering your phone, which is not good.

When you play games while charging, at that time you are drawing power as well as using the power at the same time. And because of that, your phone gets overheated.

So, either you charge your phone first or play the game then charge, but don’t do both things at the same time.

And if you are the kind of player or gamer who play games for a very long time, then this is also a very threat to your phone. if you use anything beyond the limit, then it will be harmful.

So, don’t play games for a long time. And this method could help you to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.

3. Hot Environment:

If you are living in a place where the temperature is very high or you working somewhere in a hot environment then you can easily use it with the heating issue.

If this is the reason, then keep your phone aside in some cold or balanced temperature place. And save your phone from being overheated.

4. Don’t Overuse:

If you are a heavy smartphone user, then you are definitely facing an overheating issue in your phone. Because overusing phones can also lead to heating issues in phones. It also affects on battery.

So, restrict yourself from using your phone for a long time in a day. It will save your battery from harm and reduce the heating issue also.

5. Don’t Expose the Phone to Sunlight:

If you are exposing your phone to heavy sunlight, then it not only overheats your phone, but the consequences are very worst. You can see battery draining or damaging issues, display issues, etc.

So, try to keep your phone inside your pocket, and use it when it’s needed.

6. Stop Bluetooth/Hotspot/NFC:

If you have noticed, whenever you use a hotspot, Bluetooth, or any kind of wireless connectivity things your phone starts overheating very fast.

And that’s not a new thing on our phones. We are very used to this reason. So, please don’t use them for a very long time and that also causes a battery draining issue in your phone.

And this method can help you to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.

7. Avoid Using the Camera for a long time:

Capturing photos or recording videos for a long time can also lead to overheating issues in your phone. Most importantly when you record videos in 4K resolutions.

Just stop doing this, your phone is just a phone, not a professional camera.

  • Stop recording in 4K resolution always.
  • Don’t use the camera for a long time.
  • Try to make a video on 1080p or 720p resolution.

8. Turn off Location:

fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue

There are many apps that need a location to give you a better service and better experience. Apps like food delivery apps, UPI apps, matrimonial apps, cab apps, Google Maps, and more.

And after using them we forget to disable the location, and here the worse part starts. The location service continuously searches for a better location for your phone and for your network.

And also gives unnecessary notifications and results in your phone getting overheated. So, please turn off the location service and enable it when it is very necessary.

9. Remove Unusual Apps:

We use many apps on our phones, some apps are very useful and some are not. And we also install some apps to use once, but after using that app we forget to remove it.

Then that app starts creating many problems like consuming unnecessary data and storage, using RAM, and running in the background. And that leads to overheating issues in our phones.

So, we just have to do a simple thing, and that removes those apps which are not in use. After that, you will get extra free storage, free from heating issues, and more.

10. Close Background Running Apps:

There are many such apps that are the main reason for the overheating of the phone, those are the main culprit of your phone.

Some of the apps on our phone runs in the background and consume data, storage, and many more thing. So you just have to stop the background data of your phone.

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11. Turn Off Useless Notification:

We receive a lot of notifications on our phones, some are useful and some are not. We receive notifications like updating apps, brand deals matrimonials, and more. So there are very unusual.

And that leads to overheating issues in your phone. So you need to turn off the notifications on your phone. And that would help you to fix this issue.

To turn off notifications of the app, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the apps which you want to stop the notification
  • Then, tap on the App info
  • Now tap on Manage Notification
  • Disable the Allow Notification
  • And then Done.

12. Use Airplane Mode:

fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue

Now, have a question here how airplane mode helps to keep your phone to overheat? So, it’s very very useful when you are traveling.

During traveling, your phone has to face frequent network shifting. And that leads to heating issues and also leads to battery draining issues.

So, enable it when you are traveling and disable it another time.

13. Brightness:

Brightness is also a factor in the heating issues in your phone. If you always keep your phone in heavy brightness, then it also leads to a heating issue.

It not only overheats your phone but it drains the battery very fast, and most importantly high brightness is not good for your eyes. Always increase the brightness when you are outdoors. Otherwise, try to keep your phone at low brightness.

14. Remove Case:

Sometimes the phone back case also becomes a very big reason for the heating issues in your phone. Remove the case when you are playing games, consuming content, and charging.

It will help you to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.

15. OTG Adapter is a big Reason:

fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue

If you use an OTG cable in your phone, then you might be facing a heating issue in your phone. Not everyone uses an OTG cable or adapter in their phone, but if you have used this then you might face the problem.

It increases the temperature of your phone whenever you use it and you can see the battery percentage is dropping rapidly. So, try to use them less.

16. Use Antivirus App:

Using Antivirus software on your phone is a very tricky thing. Because you have to protect your phone from viruses with antivirus but at the same time using it for a long time is very harmful to your phone.

  • Because if you run an antivirus on your phone it also consumes data storage and RAM and also runs in the background.
  • So, you can do one thing that installs the antivirus in your phone for once and then scan your phone, and then remove it.
  • You can do it once in a gap of one to two months. And that helps you to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.

17. Update Apps and Phone:

If you have apps on your phone without are up to date, then it could be the reason for the heating issue. Using an old version of applications can lead to heating issues and phone lagging issues, and also it affects your security and privacy.

And old apps can not sync with the new version of Android and can create many problems. To update all the apps on your phone.

To update all the apps on your phone, follow these steps:

fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue

  • Open Google Playstore on your phone
  • Tap on the profile icon in the right top corner
  • Then tap on Manage Apps & device
  • On that page, tap on Updates Available
  • And then update all the apps

And if you have not updated your phone to the latest Android version or the latest security and OS version, then please update your phone, that can fix these errors easily.

May this method will help you to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.

18. Reset your Phone:

Now, if you have done all the methods but still have the same heating issue, then you have left only one option left. And that is factory data reset.

Factory data reset can fix all the issues like heating, battery draining issue, storage issue, and many more. Before doing the reset make sure that all your important files, documents, and data have been kept in the backup.

If you haven’t, then please do a backup first and then reset your phone. And this method will help you to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue.


So, these are some easy methods to fix Google Pixel 7A Heating issue. All these methods are very easy, effective, and practical. If you are still having the same issue after doing all the methods given above, then you should visit your nearest Google / Pixel service center, if your area has any. Although this phone has top-notch specifications. And these problems are all common problems in Google Pixel 7A and they can be fixed by some easy methods.


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