How to Fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G Lagging Issue

If you recently bought a Oneplus Nord 5G or if you have had this device for very long, then you might be facing a lagging issue in your Oneplus Nord 2 5G. A lot of users have already complained about the lagging or hanging issue in their Oneplus Nord 2 5G. So, today in this article, we will share how to fix the Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue.

But, before getting to the solutions, first, let’s find out why your phone is lagging, and then we will discuss how to fix Oneplus Nord 2 lagging issue.

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You have a question in your mind ” Why my Oneplus Nord 2 5G is lagging? ” So, there are several common reasons which leading your phone to lag or hang. They are,

1. Unnacessory Notifications
2. Lack of Storage
3. Application Auto Update
4. Unnecessary Apps
5. Using Old Version
6. Old Version Apps
7. RAM Management
8. Poor Internet Connection
9. Using Anti-virus Application
10. Bloatware
11. Graphical Error

So, these are some reasons which lead to lagging issues in your Oneplus Nord 2 5G. Now, let’s see how to fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue.

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1. Restart Phone:

The very first thing you should do when this type of issue happens is to restart the phone. When you restart your phone the temporary bugs, cache and errors will remove from your phone. And your phone gets started freshly.

But, this is a temporary solution, to fix it permanently read the following methods.

2. Location:

Fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G Laging Issue

If you don’t know that location can also lead to lagging issues on your phone. And not only lagging issues but heating issues, battery draining issues, and many more issues.

Some apps need the location of our phone to give better results like Google Maps, food delivery apps, and more, But after using them we forget to disable the location. And it keeps running in the background.

And it increases the temperature of our phone and results in our phone starts lagging. So, please keep the location in disable mode. Use it when it’s needed.

3. Play Games in balanced Settings:

Fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G Laging Issue

Although this phone comes with Mediatek Dimencity 1200 and this is a 5G chipset. And it’s a 6 NM technology-based processor. And it can run high graphics, Multiplayer games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, and free-fire in mid to high settings.

But, as we know the history of this phone, so we recommend you play games on this phone to lower the recommended setting.

And try to play less on this phone, don’t play games for a long time. And this method could help you to fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications:

When we turn on our mobile data, we receive lots of notifications on our phones. Notifications like apps update, matrimonials, offers, and more.

Some notifications are useful and some are not, and while reading this article you might have some notifications in your notification panel.

And when we receive that notification in bulk, the CPU gets overpowered. And our phone gets stuck and frozen.

So, please identify which notifications are not necessary and disable the notification of that app. To, turn off notification of that app, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the apps which you want to stop the notification
  • Then, tap on App info
  • Now tap on Manage Notification
  • Disable the Allow Notification
  • And then Done.

5. Uninstall Unusual Apps:

We use many apps on our phones, some are useful and some are not. We install some apps to use it once but then we forget to uninstall that app.

The result is that the app consumes the storage, RAM, and data of our phone in the background silently, and we are not aware of this. And that leads to lagging issues in your Oneplus Nord 2 5G.

So, if you also have some unused and unnecessary apps on your phone, this is the time to keep them off of your phone and make your phone lightweight and lag-free.

6. Delete Anti-virus Apps:

Apps like Anti-virus are the biggest thread of every smartphone. If you have any anti-virus app on your phone, then this could be the main reason for the lagging issue on your phone.

In fact, some of the anti-virus apps are not secure though, and they are the best portal for viruses and some other issues. If I start explaining the negative point about the anti-virus apps then it will be another separate article.

So, please delete that kind of app if you have any.

7. Remove Battery Saving Apps:

Battery-saving apps also damage your phone and battery as Anti-virus apps. If you have a battery-saving app on your phone, then please delete them.

Battery-saving apps drain your battery fast rather than saving them and they keep running in the background which then leads to lagging issues.

So, please delete them.

8. Disable Battery Saver:

Battery Saver is the best thing and it really helps to save the battery of your phone, when it’s very low. But using it all the time is also harmful to your phone.

Please use it when it’s needed or it’s lower than the red line, otherwise, keep it disabled. It may help to fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue.

9. Delete Bloatware:

While Purchasing phones, we also get some pre-installed apps with our phones, and those are called Bloatware. They consume the storage, RAM, and data of our phones.

And most of them are useless, so please if you also have that kind of app, then please delete them. And it will be the method to fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue.

10. Cold Environment:

If you are using your phone in a hot kind of environment regularly, then this could be the reason. So please try to use your phone in a cold environment.

And try to use less, restrict yourself to use the phone more.

11. Delete Non supporting Apps:

Fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G Laging Issue

We have a lot of apps on our phones which really don’t support our phones. And we install them from other app stores or other non-secure sites.

Because if any app doesn’t support your phone, you can not download that app from the Google play store. And those can create many issues on your phone. And leads to a lagging issue.

So, if you also have any apps like that, then please delete them.

12. Manage RAM:

We use lots of apps on our phones and after using them we forget to close them, and they keep running in the background. And they consume a lot of RAM and start lagging.

So, if you are doing this, then please close all apps on your phone.

13. Free Up Storage:

If your phone is running out of storage then this could be the reason for the lagging issue. So, please try to keep the storage of your phone free.

Use an SD card in your phone if the internal storage is not enough according to your requirements.

14. Clear Cache:

Having more cache in the phone can also lead to lagging issues. More cache is equal to a lack of storage and running out of storage can lead to lagging issues.

So, please clear all the cache off all the apps. To, remove the cache follow these steps:

  • Tap and hold the app, which you want to remove the cache
  • Then, tap on App info
  • On the App info page, tap on Storage usage
  • Then, tap on Clear Cache
  • Done.

15. Update Apps Regularly:

Fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G Laging Issue      Fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G Laging Issue

Fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G Laging Issue

If you are still using the old version of any app then it could be the reason for the lagging issue on your phone. Old version apps are not that optimized with your new phone or new UI/OS.

The old version of the app could not sync with the new android and started giving negative results. So, you need to update your apps on your phone.

To update apps follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your phone
  • Tap on the profile icon (Right upper side corner)
  • The tap on Manage apps and device
  • On the manage apps and device page, tap on the Update available option
  • Then, select the app which you want to update

This method will help you to fix the Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue.

16. Software Update:

If you still have a lagging issue with your phone, then don’t worry software updates can fix the Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue. Because of some reason, some settings of your phone get turned off or changed.

Because of that, your phone receives some viruses and you could not even recognize them. So, the software updates can fix them.

To update the software or check for the update, follow these steps:

  • But before doing an update make sure that your phone should have more than 40 percent charge,
  • Your phone should have a 2X storage space more than the update size and
  • Should your phone must be connected to the WIFI or mobile.

After doing all these things, follow these steps:

  • Open settings in your phone
  • Scroll all the way down and tap on Software Update
  • If your phone is updated then, they will not show any update and wait for the next update
  • But if your phone is showing for an update then click the download button and install the update file.
  • Then, after downloading the update file, tap on the Update
  • And this method may fix the lagging issue.

17. Reset Phone:

If you have done all the methods which we have given above and you still have the same problem, then you have only one option left. And that is Factory Data Reset.

This method can also fix the problem. But, before resetting make sure that your all-important data, files, and documents have been kept in the backup. If you haven’t backup then please backup all the necessary files and then reset the phone.

To reset the phone in factory data reset, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on your phone
Then, tap on Additional Settings
On the Additional Settings page, scroll down and tap on Backup and reset
Enable the back of my data and the Automatic Restore option
Then Tap on Erase all data (factory reset).


So, here are some methods to fix Oneplus Nord 2 5G lagging issue, and I hope that the methods I mentioned will work for your device. And because of these problems that don’t mean that this phone is bad. You all know what Oneplus serves from the beginning. The cases of explosions are very few but users are still worried about their devices. It’s totally upon you. And if you want to read more about Oneplus Nord 2 5G, THEN CLICK HERE.

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