How To Fix Fingerprint Scanner Issue in Oneplus 9 Pro

Oneplus is the only brand that is famous for its security and OS. The Oxygen OS is the best OS, it is a favorite for all the Oneplus and non-Oneplus users, and security is also great. Oneplus is also known as the fastest fingerprint unlocking setup ever. But, not with Oneplus 9 pro. some users have complained about the fingerprint issue. So, today in this article we will discuss what are the scenarios and how to fix the fingerprint scanner issue in Oneplus 9 pro.

Oneplus is doing great in the smartphone market, but now days Oneplus is not doing so well after the launch of Oneplus Nord 2. Because that phone has so many blast cases over India.

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Let’s discuss what are the scenarios of the fingerprint issues In Oneplus 9 Pro. There are two scenarios of fingerprint issues that have been complained about by the users.

Fingerprint failed while UPI payment:

When you are using any UPI app for the transaction and then it needs a fingerprint scanner jo to jump to the next step of the transaction and then your fingerprint scanner is not sensing/scanning your finger. then what to do?

It could happen for so many reasons.

  • The fingerprint is not added in that particular UPI application. Make sure the fingerprint payment option is enabled in the app.
  • Another case is, Your phone is not protected by the fingerprint scanner. If it isn’t then first set the fingerprint scanner security into your main phone password and then apply this to the UPI app.
  • And the worst case is, It may happen because of bad network connectivity. Choose the best network SIM card and the best area of the connection while transaction. It would help.

Fingerprint not working in general:

1. Clean Phones Screen


If you have not cleaned the screen of your phone for a long time, then this might be the reason for this issue. If your phone’s screen is dirty clean it up. You can clean it with a cotton cloth or a soft cloth.

You can use the cleaning liquid spray which is specially made for smartphones, and those are really affordable. If this solution works then god If is not then keep reading to the next method.

2. Clean your Thumb:


If your thumb is dirty, then it may lead to a fingerprint scanner issue. If your thumb is oily or sweaty, then it will struggle to unlock the phone. So please make sure to clean your hand before using the fingerprint.

3. Screen Guard:


If you are using a screen guard screen protector like tempered glass, then it may create a difference or it may impact the touch sensitivity.

Make sure then your tempered glass is not damaged or broken. If it is cracked or damaged then please remove it or change it. It does not only affect the fingerprint scanner but it may damage the display also.

So please make sure that the glass or the protector or the guard you are using is in better condition.

4. Pick Up Your Phone To Show:

Use Pich Up your Phone to Show. It may help you to show the fingerprint icon will light up. To Turn on this option follow these steps. This feature is very useful. When you pick your phone from the table then the screen will automatically turn on (Ambient Screen).

  • Open Settings
  • Select Ambient Display
  • turn on Ambient Mode
  • On the Ambient mode page, turn on Pich Up Your Phone To Show.
  • And, Select Always-on Ambient Display
  • Select All Day.

5. Reset/Rescan Fingerprint scanner:

Sometimes due to some reason, your fingerprint removes some data, yes this is the fact. Always keep changing your fingerprint scanner within a few months. Always remember not to press so hard while regenerating your thumb. It will be easy to recognize.

To reset the fingerprint, follow these steps.

  • Go to the settings app
  • In the settings app, tap on Security and lock the screen
  • Tap on fingerprint Unlock
  • You can see different modes of locking the screen are available
  • Select once which you wanted to be
  • Tap the delete option on the fingerprint which you want to remove
  • Tap on yes, and remove to confirm.
To Re-enroll Your Fingerprint
  • First Clean your dirty finger and dirty screen
  • Tap on Add Fingerprint. Select the password option (PIN, Password, or pattern)
  • Then select Fingerprint again, to reenroll the fingerprint
  • And then register your thumb.

6. Remove Unnecessary Registered Fingers:

This could be the reason for the fingerprint issue. If you added more fingerprint-like other hand thumb or any other person’s thumb, then please remove it.

It is also the cause of this issue.

7. Restart The Phone:

This is the common and effective way to fix this issue. Sometimes some functions are not usable due to some functionality issue or it can be any type of glitch.

Using this trick, you can get rid of most major or minor problems.

8. Reset The Phone:

All the methods/solutions which are mentioned above will not work, so your only choice is a factory data reset. Hard reset is the only option for this issue.

But, before you do the reset, make sure to back up all the important data, documents, and files. Otherwise, the reset will remove everything.

To reset the phone, follow these steps.

  • Open Settings app
  • Select system option
  • After selecting the System, Tap on the Reset option
  • In the Reset option, tap on Erase All Data
  • Select Erase All Data option
  • Tap Confirm option.

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So, these are some methods/solutions for How To Fix Fingerprint Scanner Issue in Oneplus 9 Pro. We hope that these solutions will help you to fix the fingerprint problem of the Oneplus 9 Pro. If all those solutions did not work, then go to your nearest Oneplus service center.


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