How to Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error

Almost every people in this world is using the internet, and due to many users and huge traffic, there are many types of problems and errors are seen related to the internet. And DNS server error is one of the biggest problems in this. So, if you are also facing a problem related to the DNS server, then you click on the right page. Well, today, in this article we are going to share with you “how to fix the DNS server is not responding error.”

When you open any browser and got the error message of “DNS server is not responding” during your search for something on the internet to try to reach some website, in short, web surfing.

So, the internet is not only for computers but is also for smartphones also. Many users are also facing this problem in their smartphone browser when they trying to search for something.

Before we go to the solution, we will know what is DNS server is and what is the cause that leads to this error. And then we will share some easy and effective methods which will help you out with this problem.

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So, what is DNS ? and what is a DNS server?

The term or word DNS stands for Domain Name System. Few people called it Domain Name server or Domain Name Service. They are some synonyms of DNS, but what is DNS? And how does the DNS server work?

What is DNS?

Well, basically the computer network is connected and the internet and all are connected to each other and they stay connected because of the server. I mean like you are reading this article on your phone, computer, or tab and you watch videos and surf all the websites. They all are connected to the server, that’s called a network.

Every computer to computer or smartphone to another smartphone is connected to the IP address.

Every website has its own IP address, because of that IP address you can redirect to that website within a second. When you search then how does that internet know that it connects to that particular website? Computer or smartphone does not identify that website. Here comes the work of DNS.

How does the DNS server work?

So, basically, every website or URL has its own IP address. When you search for something in Google, for example ( it does not know which website to take you to. Then here comes the role of DNS.

When you search, then DNS identify what is the IP address of WWW.GOOGLE.COM, so that you can communicate directly with that website.

So, without an IP address, you can not reach any website which you want. Let me give you an example.

Real-life example:

If you belong to the age of 90s, and if you had a landline in your home, then you definitely would also have a thick, bulky diary. In which you wrote the landline or contact number of your relatives, and friends-families. Because we can not remember the number of every person.

And then when you dial that number you automatically reach that person you want. But, nowadays phones come with an inbuilt phone book, where you can save any person’s number with any particular name. And when you dial the name the DNS automatically redirect you to the number of that person.

So, here so you can assume that the landline or the phone has a URL or Domain Name, contact number as an IP address, and the phone book as a DNS. So, basically, the DNS server is a directory of all the IP addresses, which the internet saves the IP address of all the Domains or websites.

This is called DNS and how it is work. But, this is not enough, the DNS topic is a huge huge thing. We will talk about it later. If it’s a huge thing, then most probably there is a strong possibility that it may create some problems. And may create some server issues. So, how to fix it.

We are here to know how to fix the DNS server is not responding error, but first, we know what is the meaning of the DNS server not responding and why it is happening.

Why DNS Server is not responding?

As we explained that DNS server is the path that connects you to the website to users. And it creates errors sometimes. There could be many reasons for this error like huge traffic at the same time, IP changes, and all.

If the reason is traffic then it will resolve in a few minutes or hours, but if the problem is IP and server changing, then it may take 24 hours to 48 hours.

Now, let’s see what are the methods to fix this error. Well, let’s see how to fix the DNS server that is not responding error.


1. Restart the Device:

No matter what happens with your desktop, laptop, phone, etc, the first thing we always do is restart. That is the same thing you have to do here. You should restart your device once. After restarting the device, try to reach that website again. If your problem gets solved then well and good, but if it isn’t, then follow more methods.

2. Restart the Router:

Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error

After restarting the device if the problem doesn’t get fixed then you should restart the WIFI router of your home or office (where you are using this). Restarting the WIFI can clear some extra recently created cache.

Just turn off the WIFI router and wait for a couple of minutes, yes the waiting time is so annoying but you have to do it. After waiting turn on the router and connect your device with WIFI again. And then open the browser and try to reach the website again.

This method could help you to fix this error. If this method doesn’t fix the error too, then follow the next method.

3. Change the Browser:

If still, you are having this problem then you should change the browser. Sometimes we don’t know what and why this problem is happening. It could also be because of the browser. So you can also check by changing the browser.

There is 2 most popular browser which is ruling the whole internet, and most probably you are using one of them. And they are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Google Chrome then change the browser to Firefox and try to open that website.

If that website is running on that website, then it’s a strong possibility that something wrong is going with Google Chrome. And the same thing is applicable to firefox also.

So, you have to update that browser or have to change something in that browser. Sometimes, some settings are corrupted, so just reset the browser once. And then check if the problem has been fixed or not.

4. Change Device:

If you are having the same problem and getting the error message while browsing even after changing the browser, then you can change the device. Maybe the browser is causing the problem.

If you have the error message on your phone and if you have another device like a laptop, desktop, or tab, then you can try that device to check the issue. If you are not having the problem after changing the device then maybe the previous device has any issue.

But, if you are receiving the same error message then don’t worry read the next method.

5. Launch the Windows in Safe Mode:

If you don’t know about safe mode, then let me give you a short introduction.

What is Safe mode? and how does the safe mode work?

We use a lot of software on our computers and phones, but sometimes we install some malware or virus files accidentally. So, because of that malware and DNS server is also affected. After installing that software we can see some behavioral changes in our computer, software, and many other things not even running properly.

And the worse thing is when we try to uninstall that malware, it won’t uninstall. Because that program keeps running in the background and you can not even recognize how to stop that service. So, here comes the work of safe mode.

When you boot your PC in safe mode, the PC boots in minimum resources. That means the PC disables all the programs, antivirus, and many more things. It only enables those things which are required to boot the system and it ends all the services including that malware also. So, you can remove that particular task or service, or software from your computer.

So that is the error message is appearing because of that malware or virus file, after removing this it will fix. If you still have this error then the reason is something different. Read more here.

6. Disable Antivirus and firewall Manually:

As I explained the safe mode above, that was an automatic process. But if the problem doesn’t fix then please disable the antivirus and firewall in your computer manually.

A firewall is a thing that prevents some unwanted, unprotected sites, and malware things to reach your device internally and outer side also. Sometimes, we wanted to reach a website that is not a safe one.

So firewall recognizes that website as malware, and it turns off that service. And you get the message of the DNS server is not responding. So, turn off the firewall and restart the computer once, and it could help you to fix the error. If it also hasn’t, then keep reading.

7. Update Drivers:

We have so many drivers in our computers to run or drive the program in our computer, and we have to update all those drivers. If we won’t then some programs and systems are getting stopped.

The same thing is to happen with the internet. For internet access and browsing, there is a driver which runs the internet. Sometimes, it gets old and can not handle the services and the DNS error message appears while surfing the net.

So, please update all the drivers of your PC.

8. Clear DNS Cache:

We all know that all software and apps create some extra trash files and we called them cache files. So, the DNS server also creates some. So, you have to clear the cache files of DNS.

And this may help you to fix this error on your PC and phone.

9. Change DNS Servers:

The error message of the DNS server not responding may happen because of some servers. In some cases, the DNS server creates some errors so just change the DNS server and you can fix this error.

10. Change DNS Server in Router:

Sometimes, the router creates the error of DNS, if you have done all the methods which I have given above and you still have the message to error then call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask them to change the DNS server of your WIFI router.

This may fix the error.



So, here we shared How to Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error, I hope the methods we have shared will help you out to fix this error.


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