How To Fix Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Heating Issue

If you recently switch your smartphone to Samsung Galaxy M52 5G then you might be facing some heating issues. There are many Samsung Galaxy M52 5G users who are complained about some heating issues. So in this article, we are going to share with you some methods of How to fix the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G heating issue.

A couple of weeks ago Samsung has launched another M series smartphone named Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. Users were very excited about this device, but after launching many users get disappointed with this Smartphone.

When any company launches a new member of their smartphone series, it is said to be a successor of previous smartphones, but in the case of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, nothing like this happened.

Because we saw a downgrade instead of an upgrade in some scenarios like battery, charger(out of the box), and headphone jack, but in so many cases we can see so many upgrades or pros then downgrade.

This is a separate topic, we will discuss it later, we are here now to discuss and fix Samsung Galaxy M52 5G heating issue. Heating is very common as well as very annoying and harmful. There can be many reasons for this issue, so let’s find out some reasons, and then we will share some methods with you.

1. Always Plugged into the charger
2. Playing Games while charging
3. Downloading Large Size Files
4. Using the device for Longtime in Sun Light
5. Bad and Weak Network connection
6. Over-using of phone
7. Playing Games for a long time
8. Background Running Apps

These are some major causes that will lead to heating issues in your device.

Best methods to fix Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Heating issue

Let’s find out some effective solutions and how to get rid of this issue.

1. Don’t Plugin always:

Samsung Galaxy m52 5G

As we know Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has a 5000 mAh big battery and it can easily deliver 1 day of battery life on a single charge, but some users always put their phone on charge only when its battery is reduced by 50-60%, but it’s not the right way to charge any smartphone.

It is also a reason for heating up your device and it can damage your battery life as well.

To maintain the charging cycle and to protect your battery you should plug your charger when the battery percentage is 20 and remove the charger when it crosses the charging percentage to 80.

2. Don’t Play Games While Charging:

Samsung Galaxy m52 5G

The first thing first is in any smartphone you should not play games while charging because of processing and performance issues. Charging is also a part of processing and when you play any game the processing power and the power supply automatically get high,

I think you understand the concept of processing.

The second thing is Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is not a gaming-centric phone, it automatically got heated up after 20-30 minutes without being plugged in, then assume if you play games while plugged into charging then think about what is going to happen with your device.

So please don’t play games while charging, please avoid it.

3. Downloading Large Size Files:

It’s not a so big cause but it’s also a cause of the heating issues in your device. If you want to download large files then we suggest you get a better network connection first. Due to a bad connection downloading processing will automatically get connect-disconnect and sometimes it will show you a network error.

So if you want to download large files then please prefer a better network connection.

4. Don’t Use Your Device in Sun Light For a Long Time:

Samsung Galaxy m52 5G

This is a serious cause of heating up your device. If you are also one of those users who use their smartphone more in heavy sunlight, then please stop it from today.

And please don’t set your brightness to automatic it’s also a part of processing. Automatic brightness is also affecting Indore also.

5. Bad / Weak Network Connection:

A weak Network connection is also a cause that leads to heating up your device, if you are living in that type of area where network access and connectivity are not so good then you might be facing this issue and a bad network connection also affects the battery.

So, you can install a Broadband connection at your home, there are so many broadband companies there who provide a decent speed of connection at an affordable price or you can change your SIM card company to other network providers which are best in your area.

6. Don’t Over-use Smartphones:

No matter if you are using a flagship smartphone or mid-range smartphone if you use any device beyond the limit then it gets slower and less performer so early.

If you are a hard-core user of smartphones then maybe you are facing that heating issue. So please do not damage your phone by using it for more time, using any device not only a smartphone in limit is totally safe.

7. Don’t Play Games For Longtime:

As we maintained above the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is not a gaming-centric phone, you can play high graphics games like PUBG mobile and COD mobile but you should play any games for a suitable period of time like 20-35 minutes. It is not a limit but you should do this.

It will get warm after this time period, but if you play over 45 minutes or 1 hour you will definitely feel that your device is over-heating.

So please don’t play games for a long time.

8. Turn Off And Clear Background Running Apps:

On our smartphones we use so many types of apps, some apps are very necessary and we have to use them frequently but sometimes we forget to turn off that application and it does run in the background continuously.

It consumes RAM also and they need more processing power due to continuous running your smartphone is automatic gets heated up.

So from this time be careful to use these apps and remember to turn them off those apps.

9. Restart Your Smartphone Once In A Day:

This is the most effective way to get rid of the temporary heating issues, but most of the time it works. You should restart your device at least once a day any time. This simple hack always works.

10. Software Update:

Samsung has a very good image in pushing software updates, they always care for users’ security and user experience as well, but some users are not able to take advantage of this because of so many personal reasons.

If you have not updated your device timely then your smartphone automatically gets slow and it will deliver less performance.

So please update your smartphone regularly.


So, these are some solutions to How To Fix Samsung Galaxy M52 5G heating issue, if you still facing the same problem after doing all these things then please visit your nearest service center.

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