How To Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issue (10+ Methods)

If you are an android user and you are having some screen flickering issues in your phone, then don’ worry, you landed on the right page. So, today in this article we are going to share How To Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues.

First, we will discuss what is screen flickering and then why the screen is flickering, I mean the reasons, and then will share some methods for How To Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues.

What is a Screen Flickering Issue?

So, basically, when you use your device, at some point you see that your screen starts blinking rapidly. Or you can see some moving straight lines in your phone or half of your phone has started blinking and flickering.

So, basically most of the time it’s a software-based glitch, and most of the time it gets fixed easily. But, sometimes it happens to hardware that needs replacement. Some of the apps create some glitches, or it could happen because of the display of the phone.

So, this is what the screen flickering issue means. Now, let’s see the reasons which lead to the screen flickering issue. And then will see How To Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues.

Reasons: What causes screen flickering on Android?

1. Constant CPU to GPU switching:

When your android smartphone keeps switching between CUP to GUP for some reason, then the screen starts flickering.

2. High-Resolution Apps:

We use many apps on our phones and many apps need too much screen resolution. Because of those apps, the screen starts flickering.

3. Outdated Apps:

Outdated or old version apps also can lead to the screen flickering issue.

4. Third-Party Apps:

We use different kinds of apps on our phones, many apps are default, and many apps we install from the play store and those app creates many types of problem on our phone. And also the screen flickering.

5. Cache Memory:

If your phone stored or created too much cache memory in the phone, then it could lead to the screen flickering issue.

6. Outdated Android OS:

If you are using an old version of Andriod OS or an old software version, then it can also lead to screen flickering or screen glitch issues.

7. Hardware Issue:

Screen flickering issue is a software-based issue but sometimes it may be caused by hardware. And those types of hardware issues are explained in the next point.

8. Water Damage:

Sometimes accidentally water goes into the phone, and that effect the phone’s screen. And because of the water screen starts blinking or flickering.

9. External Pressure or Damage:

If the display of the phone gets damaged by anything, then the screen flickering issue happens.

10. Charging Cable Issue:

It is shocking and unbelievable, but the charging cable can create damage. If you are using the external or non-branded cable which doesn’t support the phone can create a screen flickering issue.

So, these are some reasons which lead to Screen flickering issues. Now, let’s see How To Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues.


1. Cold Environment:

First thing you should do that you have to keep your phone rest in a cold environment. Because of over usage of the phone, it gets overheated. And because of that also the screen flickering issue happens.

So, keep your phone in a cold environment for some time. That may fix that.

2. Restart Phone:

After that, this is the first thing which you have to do is, restart the phone. A faster way to solve this kind of problem is to restart the phone. You should restart the phone and wait for a couple of minutes, it will fix the temporary errors and issues. And will also fix the screen flickering issue.

3. Disable Auto-Brightness:

Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues      Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues

Disable the auto-brightness in your phone, it can help you to fix this screen flickering issue. When the brightness is in auto mode, the screen consumes more power.

If you have an old phone, then definitely this issue happens to you often. So, please disable the auto-brightness to manual.

  • open the setting on your smartphone
  • Tap on display and brightness
  • On the display page, you can see the brightness bar and option
  • Now disable the auto-brightness option, if it is enabled.
Second method:

Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues

Drop down the notification panel
You can see on the right side of the brightness bar, there is an icon of auto-brightness with “A”
Tap on that icon to turn off auto-brightness.

4. Delete Blue Light Brightness Apps:

If you are using any third-party Blur light or night light filter app, then please delete that app. Because that kind of app creates screen glitches in your phone. So, please delete them.

5. Disable Blue Light or Night Light:

Blue light or night light is good for our eyes, especially when it comes to night reading. But at the same time, it may lead to screen glitches or screen flickering issues.

So, if you are using it for a long time on your phone then, disable it. Use it when it is hardly needed.

6. Turn Off Developer Option:

A developer option is an option where your phone gets extra features or hidden features. But, most possibly that there are some options that may create conflict with the screen.

So, if the developer option of your phone is enabled, so please disable that.

7. Clear Cache:

Every smartphone and PC saves some extra files of apps to create a fast moment and fast opening of apps, and that’s called cache memory. Not only apps but there are many files also create a cache memory.

So, the cache memory can also lead to screen flickering issues when the GPU and the cache memory are corrupted. So, please clear all the cache memory of your phone.

8. Update All Applications:

If you are using old apps on your phone then that may create a screen flickering issue on your phone. If you are using an app that has an old version and has not been updated for a long, then please update all the apps on your phone.

9. Software Update:

If you updated all the apps on your phone and still have the same issue, it may be your phone is not updated to the latest version of android. The Old Android versions can also cause screen flickering issues.

An old version of android doesn’t support new version apps, and those heavy apps create many types of issues on the phone.

So, please update the software first, follow these steps to update the software.

  • Open settings in your phone
  • Tap on Software Update
  • Check for software update
  • Install the update if there is any, and update it, but if there is no update then wait for the next update.

It may fix the screen flickering issue in your android phone.

10. Run the Phone in Safe Mode:

Now every smart device has a safe mode, not only phones but computers also have a safe mode. Safe mode is the mode where the phone or computer boots in the minimum settings.

There is something that creates a fault in your phone and you are not able to delete them and that also creates a screen flickering issue.

So, here the safe mode takes the charge, and the safe mode boots the phone in minimum requirements and settings. After booting with the safe mode, you can delete all the malware files and extra unnecessary files.

So, follow these steps to enable safe mode on the android phone:

  • Press and hold the power button of the phone, until the power menu appears
  • Now, again press and hold the power button icon, now the safe mode appears on the screen
  • Tap on the OK button to reboot with safe mode
  • Now, wait for some time, the phone boots in safe mode, and all the third-party apps will get disabled.

Now, you can see that the screen flickering issue gets fixed. And that will help you to fix the android phone screen flickering issue.

11. Reset the Phone:

If you have done all the things on your phone and still have the same screen flickering issue, then you have to do one last thing on a software basis Factory Data reset.

Factory data reset can fix the screen flickering issue in your phone. But, before resetting make sure to keep all the data in the backup. After backup, reset the phone in factory data reset. And the issue will be fixed.

12. Service Center:

So, if you have done all the methods in your phone to fix the android phone screen flickering issue but the issue doesn’t fix, then most probably it may be any hardware fault. Either you dropped the phone and the screen is damaged internally or your phone gets pressurized hardly.

So, it’s external damage or external hardware damage. So, you have to take your phone to your phone brand’s official authorized service center.

They may definitely help you out. And they may fix the android phone screen flickering issue.


So, here is some method for How To Fix Android Phone Screen Flickering Issues. These steps will definitely help you.

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