How To Fix Oneplus 9 Pro Heating Issue

If you are facing a heating issue in your Oneplus 9 Pro, then you have landed on the right page. Read this article till the end. Because today, in this article we are going to discuss How To Fix the Oneplus 9 Pro Heating Issue. And we also discuss what type of problems users are facing when this device is heated up. If you are also facing that same problem, then those methods will solve your problems.

In the first quarter of 2021, Oneplus launched another member of the popular number series Oneplus 9 Pro. This is a very special phone from Oneplus because they have had a partnership with Hasselblad for 3 years. And Oneplus spent 150 Million Dollars on Hasselblad. Which makes the camera of this phone awesome.

Before the launch of this phone, everyone is very hyped about the camera and the processor, but the mainstream was the camera from the beginning. And the camera is totally justified with the price and Oneplus keeps their promise very well.

But, many users are complaining about the heating issue with this phone. So, we will discuss what type of problems users are facing when it got heated up and what are the solutions for this. If you also have the same issues, then keep reading.

Heating Problems:

1. Camera Error:

This is common and the majority of the users have complained about the camera error in this phone. In other words, When the phone is heated up the camera gives you an error to not use the camera right now and try after some time.

It also happens when you use the camera for a long time also. So keep reading we will give you the solution for that.

2. Display Stuttering:

Not only while playing games but while browsing, many users have also complained that they see the display stuttering so many times.

3. Processor:

Fix Oneplus 9 Pro Heating Issue


Ok! So this is the main reason for the heating issue. This phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which is the most powerful processor of Snapdragon. This is a 5G processor. But at the same time, this processor has many problems. And the heating problem is one of them. We can see this processor in Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

And, we have also shared why does his processor get so hot even though it is so powerful? If you want to read that article then click here.

Now, let’s see How To Fix the Oneplus 9 Pro Heating Issue.

1. Restart Phone:

The most common, easy, and effective method to solve these kinds of problems is restarting the phone. before doing anything, you should restart your phone. After restart, wait for some time and then see whether the problem is fixed or not. If not then keep reading and go to the next step.

2. Decrease the Brightness Level:

Oneplus 9 Pro comes with a 6.7-inch 2K+ AMOLED Display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Although it has an adaptive refresh rate, still it consumes more battery and got Overheated.

Due to the AMOLED screen, it consumes a battery. Some users put the brightness mode to AUTO Mode, and it automatically changes every time. Because of this process phone’s processing power is continually running in the background and the phone got heated up so much.

So, don’t put the brightness to AUTO mode and try to put the brightness level to the lower side. Increase the brightness when needed. It may help you to get rid of it because the brightness is also the cause of the heating issue.

3. Don’t Use Many Apps in Background:

As we all know that this phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, and this is the 5G processor. This processor is the most powerful processor of Qualcomm but it’s not well optimized. Many users have faced so many problems with this phone.

Using many apps means multitasking on this phone is not a good thing. With this powerful processor, we can do anything, but because of poor optimization, this processor became a disappointment.

When you open many apps at the same time, RAM is also consumed and the processing power is also in use. So, please try to use fewer apps at the same time.

4. Don’t use the camera so much:

Fix Oneplus 9 Pro Heating Issue

Many and many Oneplus 9 Pro users have complained about the camera error in this phone. When they use their phone’s camera for a long time, their camera starts giving them warnings.

The warning is “You can not use your camera right now, because your phone is overheated, please use the camera after some time when the phone gets cooled down.”

So, again it’s not your fault, it is a processor error. So please just do not use cameras in these phones too much.

Oneplus gives a software update in April to fix this error, but that update didn’t help so much, and still, users are facing the camera error.

5. Battery Saver Mode:

Every smartphone has its own battery-saving mode, and nowadays every smartphone company is providing a smart power-saving mode and battery-saving mode. You can use that mode. Because of battery draining, the phone gets overheated.

So, use power-saving mode on your phone.

6. Better Network:

If you are living in that area, where the phone network connection is not good, then you definitely facing the heating issue in your phone.

Because of network fluctuation, the phone is always in a search of better network and the processor is continuously in process. So, the best thing you should do is, to change the SIM card.

Check all SIM card companies and check which SIM company is suitable in your area. And may fix your problem.

7. Turn off Location:

Fix Oneplus 9 Pro Heating Issue

When you install applications on your phone, sometimes some applications need the location of your phone to access something and to provide you with a better result. After that, we forget to turn off the location and it keeps running in the background. And your phone gets overheated.

So, just simply turn off your location and then check that the problem is fixed or not.

8. Remove Unnecessary Apps:

It’s not about preinstalled apps, but sometimes we install some apps for one-time use and we forget to delete those apps from our phone. And those apps create many problems as it affects storage, RAM management, processing and etc. And those things lead to the heating issue.

Having so many apps on our phones causes the phone to take up a lot of storage space, causing it to become overheated. As a result, the phone gives a storage error notification.

And not only that, but some apps also keep running in the background without any permission. So, just keep them in sleep or just remove those apps from your phone which are not necessary.

9. Don’t Play Heavy Games for a Long Time:

Because of Snapdragon 888, you can play heavy multiplayer games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, and free fire. But you can not play for a long time. Because the processor optimization is poor.

Your device will give you notifications and warnings of overheating.

10. Don’t Play Games while Charging:

This point is related to the previous one. The first thing is you should not play games for a long time and also you should not play games while charging.

Not only on this phone, but on any phone, you should not play games while charging. Because charging is also a part of processing and when you play games while charging, the processing power has shifted. There was also a problem with the power, and it couldn’t do anything properly.

So, you should not play games while charging.

11. Software Update:

You should update your OS and security patches if you are not already doing so. If there is not then wait for the next update. The next update may fix it.

12. Reset The Phone:

After doing all those things you should reset the phone (Factory Data reset). But, backup your all data first before doing the reset. And after backup, you should reset your phone.


So, here we have shared some methods for How To Fix the Oneplus 9 Pro Heating Issue. If you still having some issues then your should visit your nearest Oneplus service center. After all, this phone is too good in that price segment. You can consider it for your primary use.

If you want to read more about Oneplus 9 Pro then click here.

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