How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue (10 Methods)

If you are facing a heating issue in your Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, then you have landed on the right page. Today, in this article we are going to discuss How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue. So, take a cup of tea or coffee and keep reading this article.

In the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi launched its Mi 11 series. A famous tagline which is given by all the tech geeks and users of this phone is “the best and perfect flagship phone ever.” Because this phone comes with top-notch features in every segment. In terms of Camera, Display, Performance, Looks, Battery, Charging, and build also. But we all know that not all phones are perfect. On paper, it’s looking very awesome.

After a few days of usage, many users have complained that they are facing an unexpected heating issue. If you are also facing this issue then please keep reading this article. We will discuss the main reason, why this unexpected issue is happening and then we will discuss some effective solutions that How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue.

But, before we get to the reason and solutions, let’s see some quick specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue

This phone comes with 6.81-inch QHD+ AMOLED 2K display. With 120 HZ screen Refresh rate and 480 HZ touch sampling rate. This is an HDR 10+ display. With 1700 nits brightness, which is crazy. With the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.

Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue

The camera is also a flagship level, it comes with a triple camera setup. Where we can see a 50 Megapixel main and wide-angle lens, a 48 Megapixel Ultra Wide angle lens, and a 48 Megapixel Periscope Telephoto lens. And in front, we can see a 20 Megapixel camera. And the images and videos are awesome.

Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue

Let’s jump to the Processor of this phone. This phone comes with one of the most powerful processors of Qualcomm, which is the Snapdragon 888. Which is based on 5 NM technology and 2.84 GHz.

Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue

So how can we forget the battery? This phone comes with a 5000 mAh big battery with a 67W fast charger. And it also supports 67W wireless charging and 10W reverse wireless charging also. This is awesome.

So, these are some main highlights of this phone. Now, let’s jump to the few reasons why this phone is overheating, and then we will discuss the solution How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue.


So, the main reason for the heating issue in Mi 11 ultra is its processor. Yes, you read it right. As we all know that this smartphone is comes with a very powerful processor Qualcomm snapdragon 888 and this is a 5G processor. Which is based on 5 NM technology.

Not only the Mi 11 ultra users but the Oneplus 9 Pro users also complained about the same heating problem. They have complained that they are facing an unexpected heating issue in their Oneplus 9 Pro. Not only that they are also facing idol battery draining and some camera issues. That means if they use their phone’s camera for a little long time, then they get to see some camera warning of overheating.

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So, why the snapdragon 888 is heating so much?

The main reason for heating up Snapdragon 888 heating is optimization. Snapdragon 888 is not so optimized and we can see poor optimization. The processor handling capability is poor. And another reason is GPU power, in this processor, we can see Adreno 660 instead of 650.

If you have a question in your mind that Adreno 660 is better than 650, then why the problem is showing. SO, keep calm and keep reading.

No doubt Adreno 660 is an advanced GPU and the specialty of this GPU is the extra clock speed. Clock speed is increased in this GPU. Where the clock speed has increased to 840 Megahertz from 587 Megahertz, the difference in clock speed is very big.

Actually, Qualcomm has tried to compete for the benchmark with apple’s processor. Apple has a record in benchmark scores. They want to beat Apple. And the result they and we get is worse. If Snapdragon 888 takes excessive use or little overuse then it starts heating up.

GPU is used in video playback and camera also, that’s why the Oneplus 9 Pro users are facing the camera error issue.

So, this is the main reason why Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Oneplus 9 Pro are Heating up. Now, we will discuss some easy and effective solutions that How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue.


1. Don’t Overuse Phone:

Overusing phones is also leading to heating issues. If you are the type of user who uses the phone very hard and for a long time in a day, then please restrict yourself to this. Because as we discuss the processor of this phone is overclocked according to the support. So, that’s why you should make limitations in using the phone.

So, please don’t overuse your Mi 11 Ultra, otherwise, you can run it for short time as a pro device.

2. Don’t Play Games While Charging:

Now, this phone is in a neutral state, because this phone can run very heavy games. Basically, you can say it’s a gaming phone but it’s not also. Not only on this phone but in other phones also gaming while charging is not a good move.

As we all know that gaming comes under a processing unit and charging is also a processing unit. It means they both took processing power to run or do a task. If you charge for a long time, without playing a game or any task it gets heated up, and if you play games without plugging into the charger.

So, if you do both of those things together then overheating issues will be common. Not only that, but it will affect the battery of your smartphone also. So, please don’t play games while charging.

3. Don’t Play Games For a Long Time:

As we discussed above the processor of this phone, can not handle long-term usage. As we also discuss that this phone is not so a gaming phone but you can play any games on this phone very properly, but not for a long time.

So, if you are a hardcore gamer, then you will definitely see an overheating issue while playing games. And you can also see some frame drops in games, because of that high temperature.

Try to play less on this phone, this phone can run games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, and free-fire very very easily. But, if you play for a long time then you will definitely see the heating issue.

4. Turn off Useless notifications:

Some of the useful and non-useful apps are sending notifications to our phones. When you turn on your mobile data or WIFI then you get so many notifications, Some are useful and some are not. If you noticed then, during that time your smartphone is not working so well. It gets some lag and a little wormed up. The temperature got a little high.

Notifications like updates, matrimonial offers, deals, sales, etc. These notifications also lead to the heating issue. So, just turn off those notifications that are not useful and it also helps you to save some internet data as well.

5. Uninstall Battery Consuming Or Useless Apps:

Sometimes, we download some apps for one-time use and we forget to delete those apps. And some of those apps are battery-consuming. Some apps also take up so much storage space in your phone, which is really unusual and unnecessary.

You should uninstall those apps from your phone because some of those apps are really consuming more battery and it also leads to lagging issues. So, please delete some useless apps.

6. Download Apps From Playstore:

Sometimes we download some apps from third-party websites or unusual websites because those apps are not available in the play store. Just think one simple thing, if that particular app is not available in the play store then definitely that apps are not safe. Or that app could bring viruses with it.

Of the apps which are available in the play store, 99 percent of those apps are safe and safe to use. If google saw any app is making trouble then they will remove it from the play store as soon as they can.

So, don’t download apps from non-essential and non-secure sites, those are not safe.

7. Never Download Non-Supporting Apps:

This point is also related to the previous option. Play store also some of them are apps that are not supported on your phone, but we download those apps from other non-relevant sites.

And as we all know, those apps are non-supporting apps. If you install those apps then it will create so many troubles on your phone. It will definitely heat up your phone but, it also causes other issues in your phone.

So, don’t do that. Try to install the alternative of those apps.

8. Free Up RAM And Storage:

This is one of the main reasons for overheating smartphones. We open so many apps at a time and the RAM management gets overloaded. Some apps are running in the background and processing in the background. And it also leads to overheating issues.

And, delete some unusual apps, files, images, and videos. Because if your internal storage is not free in your phone, then it also leads to heating issues in the phone.

So, try to free up some space in your phone and open a single app at a time.

9. Software Update:

If you did all those methods to solve the heating problem and still you are facing the same problem, then another option is a software update. Check if there is any update pending then please update your software to the latest version.

Sometimes, because of some internal bugs, the heating issue is happening, then the software update can fix that problem. If there is any update then please update first. If there isn’t then wait for the next update.

10. Reset Your Phone:

If you also updated to the latest software and latest security patch, and still you are facing the heating issue. Then you have a one and only option left, which is Factory Data Reset. It can fix your problem.

But, before doing a reset please backup your all-important data. It will save all the data and then reset your phone.


So, here we shared How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Heating Issue. If you still having those issues then you should visit your nearest Mi service center. If you are in a search of a near-to-perfect flagship smartphone, then you can consider Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra. This phone is a true flagship. Those little problems are common in every smartphone. Apart from this phone is awesome.

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