How to Fix iPhone 15 Pro Heating Issue (14+ Methods)

A very newly launched iPhone 15 Pro brings very interesting things with it. But, it also brings some issues, you can call it an unusual issue, especially for Apple. After buying this, there are a lot of users who are facing immense heating issue with this phone. So, if you are also facing the same issue on your phone, then don’t worry. In this article, I am going to share how to fix iPhone 15 Pro heating issue.

iPhone 15 Pro comes with IOS 17 and A17 Pro Bionic chip. iPhone’s A17 bionic chip can be faster but not that optimized or smarter. Many users are facing the issue of this new smartphone.

A17 Pro Bionic Chip

Not only that, people with iPhone 13 series and iPhone XR are also facing immense overheating issues on their phones after getting the beta version of IOS 17. Even they are facing the issue while charging.

There are a lot and lots of users who are facing overheating issue on their new phone. And some of them has addressed the max temperature of 48*C of heat on their phone. And that is not a normal thing.

But, apart from this, there are also a lot of reasons that lead to overheating issue on their phone. So, let’s find out what are the reasons that lead to heating issue on their new phone. Why does my iPhone 15 get hot? Then, I will share the best of the best methods to fix iPhone 15 Pro heating issue.


1. IOS 17: iPhone 15 comes with a new IOS 17 with A17 pro bionic chip. And, this processor can be faster but not that optimized enough. Even iPhone 14 and 13 users are also facing this issue when they install the beta version of IOS 17.

2. Plugged into the Charger
3. Exposing to a hot environment and sunlight
4. Rugged Use of Phone
5. Unusual Apps
6. Playing Games for a Long Time
7. Streaming Video Content
8. Apps with Bug
9. Phone Case
10. Brightness
11. Overusing
12. Network Connections
13. Wireless connections

So, there are some common and uncommon reasons leading to overheating issue in your phone even in normal usage. Now, let’s see how to fix iPhone 15 Pro heating issue.

Every point of this article is very important so, read till the end, very carefully. I will put the best method somewhere in this article.


1. Restart the Phone:

First of all common issue needs a common solution. So, this is the very first thing that you should do when you get these kinds of issues. And that is restarting your phone.

Whenever you feel that the temperature of your phone gets higher than normal, just restart it. When you restart your phone, all the temporary bugs and unwanted cache files get removed. And your phone gets a fresh start.

But, it’s a temporary solution, read all the following methods to fix it permanently.

2. Hot Environment:

It depends on the place where you live, which means which part of this planet. If you live in a place, where the temperature is very high, then the overheating problem is truly justified.

But, there are a lot of users who complain that they are not living in a place that is that hot, but still having the same issue. So, there comes the real problem.

And that is a hot environment. It means you are using your phone in a place where the temperature is very high. And that’s the fact.

So, please try to use your phone at a balanced temperature, especially If there is, then you should read the next method.

3. Several uses of Phones in Direct Sunlight:

Don't force your phone to direct sunlight

If you are the kind of user who mostly uses their phone outdoors, then direct sunlight can be a possible good conductor to overheat your phone. But, how will you know that your phone is going to overheat so that you can save it from getting overheated?

First of all, your phone’s UI will slow down and you will experience a laggy UI. And because of this, you may also face lots of amount of battery drain.

So, when you go out and use your phone in direct sunlight, you need to increase the brightness of your phone. And after doing some tasks, you don’t turn the brightness to normal like before.

And that needs high processing power to process your phone, resulting in your phone getting, overheated. So, please, reduce the brightness after using the phone outdoors.

And, don’t use the camera too much while you are in direct. You have also realized that, whenever you use the camera for a long time, the output of the recording gets laggy and shaky.

And, it overheats the phone a lot. So, please don’t always put your phone on maximum brightness, and don’t overuse the camera in direct sunlight.

4. Don’t Play Games while Charging and for a long time:

Even in 2023, there are a lot of smartphone users who use their phones while charging. Even some of them play games while charging. And they think that it’s not a very big deal. But it is.

Playing games while charging is also a very big reason for the heating issues. It is just like overpowering your phone. Which is not good though.

When you play games while charging, at that time you are drawing power as well as using power at the same time. And because of that, your phone gets overheated.

So, you can either charge your phone first to at least 90-95 % or play a game until it drains to 15-20 %. But, don’t do both at the same time.

And if you are the kind of user or player who plays games for hours and hours, you are the real threat to your phone. Because you are pushing the limit of your device. It may sound offensive, but that’s true.

So, if you want your phone to function very well for a long period, then you should keep all the points in your mind that I have mentioned above. With this method also you can fix iPhone 15 Pro heating issue.

5. Unusual Notifications:

We operate our maximum things through smartphones very easily with different apps and websites. Because of that, we need to have different kinds of apps on our phones. And here the game is on.

Knowingly or unknowingly we receive a lot of notifications daily. And it may sound weird, but notifications are also a reason for heating issues in your phone.

Notifications like updating apps, brand offers, matrimonials, and more. So, these are kind of unusual notifications. So, if you disable all unnecessary notifications, then it can help you to fix this issue.

6. Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpapers might fascinate you. but the biggest drawback is a heating issue and drastic battery drain. Yes, it’s that simple.

If you are also using live wallpapers on your phone, the chance is very low. But, still, if you are using them, then please stop using them and move to solid wallpapers.

This is a very common reason why users face heating issues on their phones.

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7. Disable WIFI/Bluetooth when not needed:

Bluetooth issue in OnePlus Nord 3

This is an era of wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. You might also have more than 1 device which runs wirelessly. Like earphones, headphones, and speakers. Not only Bluetooth, hotspot is also the reason.

Well, you have noticed that, whenever you connect to any wireless device like Bluetooth, WIFI, or hotspot, your phone starts getting warm, and after some time it gets overheated.

So, a very simple thing you have to do is, please use less these devices. You can use them for a long but, but when it is not necessary, please disconnect them.

This simple trick can help you fix the iPhone 15 Pro heating issue.

8. Remove Unusual Apps:

We use different kinds of apps on our phones, some are very useful and some are not. We also installed some apps used once, but after using those apps we forgot to remove them.

Then, that app starts creating many problems like consuming unnecessary data and storage, using RAM, and running in the background. And that leads to overheating issues in our phones.

So, we just have to do a simple thing, and that is remove those apps which are not in use. After that, you will get extra free storage, free from heating issues, and more.

9. Remove Case:

Sometimes the phone back case also becomes a very big reason for the heating issue in your phone. Remove the case when you are playing games, consuming content, and charging.

It will help you to fix iPhone 15 Pro heating issue.

10. Don’t Use Bluetooth Device for Long:

Bluetooth devices are also a reason for the heating issue, especially the Bluetooth speakers. They consume too much power and overheat your phone.

And if you are charging at the same time, then it will literally burn your phone. So, please don’t use them for a long time. And don’t charge your phone when your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device.

11. Battery and Charging cable Issue:

It’s not very common and not for the new phone, but this can be the major reason for the heating issue. If the battery of your phone or the charging cable has been damaged.

So, if the charging cable of your phone has broken or somehow the battery got broken or internally damaged, then this is the major issue.

Then, please try to replace the battery if it is damaged, and if the charging cable is damaged then, please don’t charge your phone with other local chargers.

Please buy a new original charger, and charge your phone.

12. Close Background Running Apps:

There are many such apps that are the main reason for the overheating issue in your phone, those are the main culprits of this issue.

Some of the apps on our phone runs in the background and consume data, storage, and many more thing. So you just have to stop the background data of your phone.

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13. Update All Apps:

IOS 17

The old versions of apps can also lead to overheating issues in your phone. If any app in your iPhone 15 Pro is not updated then it can not sync with the new version of the IOS version.

And there are many reasons that you should not have old versions of apps. There are different kinds of viruses that can take over the apps and can damage your phone.

And old version apps can be buggy, so please update. And it can help to fix the iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue.

If you haven’t updated your phone to the latest IOS version or the latest security and OS version, then please update your phone. That can fix these errors easily.

May this method help you to fix iPhone 15 Pro heating issue.

14. Update to the Next IOS 17.0.3:

The main culprit is the IOS 17 and the A17 Pro Bionic chip. So, after doing all the things I have maintained above won’t work, Apple is about to release or they might have released the IOS 17.0.3 to fix all the bugs that led to this issue. So, you just have to download the fix version of the new IOS.

Updating the phone can fix errors, bugs, and many more things. But before updating the phone you should keep some points in your mind.

  • But before doing an update make sure that your phone should have more than 40 percent charge,
  • Your phone should have 2X or more than 2X storage the size of the update and
  • Your phone must be connected to the WIFI or mobile data.
  • Now, update the phone, and this can fix iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue.

15. Restart the Phone:

Now, if you have done all the methods I have given above don’t work, then you have only one option left and that is force reset. This is the final move to fix this issue.

But, before resetting the phone, make sure that you have kept all the essential documents, and files in the backup. If you don’t, then please backup all the important things, then do backup. And this method really helps you to fix this issue.


So, these are some methods to fix iPhone 15 Pro heating issue. See, these kinds of issues are very common on our phones. And they can be fixed by some easy methods which I have mentioned above. And IOS 17 really has some optimization issues. But, don’t worry, they can be fixed with another IOS 17.0.3 update. And if you are still having the same problem then you should visit your nearest Apple service center.


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