How to Fix iPhone 13 Battery Draining Issue (15+ Easy Methods)

If you have iPhone 13 and facing some battery-draining issues in your phone, then you have landed in the right place. Because today in this article I am going to share how to fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue. And after reading all the methods, don’t miss the verdict part. Please read that, because that is very important.

There are many iPhone 13 users who have complained that they are also facing the battery draining issue in their phones.

So, don’t worry this issue can be fixed by some methods which I have given below. If you follow them, then you can also fix the problem and also get some extra backup also.

And not only in this iPhone, but it’s also now become common since Apple released its latest IOS software update. And this kind of issue usually happens when they release a new software update.

So, don’t worry read this article properly and carefully you will definitely find a better fix for your problem.

But, before getting into the solutions, let’s see what are the reasons that drain the battery of your iPhone 13. And then we will discuss how to fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue.


1. Overusing of Phone
2. Charging Cycle
3. Playing Games for a long time
4. Plugged into the Charger
5. Multitasking
6. Apps with Bug
7. Charging Cycle
8. Screen
9. Poor Signal
10. Apps

So, these are some reasons which lead to battery draining issues in your iPhone 13. Now let’s see how can you fix the battery draining issue in your iPhone 13.

And the points you are going to read below are very easy and effective. So, please read all the points and you can apply some of the steps while reading this article. And rest can do after reading.


1. Restart the iPhone:

The very first thing which you should do when this kind of issue happens is restart the phone. When you restart your phone all the reset bugs and errors get removed and your phone starts totally fresh.

Just restart your phone and wait for some seconds and then see if the battery is draining fast or not. But, this is a temporary solution. For a permanent solution, follow the methods given below.

2. Don’t Play Games While Charing and for a Long Time:

To do any task which can be bigger or smaller, all need processing power, which contains a battery, RAM and many more thing. And running a game is also a very heavy task that a phone can do. And the same thing applies to charging too.

So, when you play the game on your phone while charging it draws power as well as uses power at the same time. So your phone needs to manage two things at a time. And it drains the battery.

So, either you charge your phone first or play the game, then charge, but don’t do both things at the same time.

3. Heavy Sunlight:

Using the phone in heavy sunlight or in a high-temperature environment can also drain the battery very fast. Because your phone always performs a task to cool down your phone and it needs processing power and processing power, it needs a battery.

So, ultimately it needs a battery to cool down the phone. So, please try to use your phone in fewer temperature areas and don’t use it in heavy sunlight.

4. Reduce Brightness:

Many users are still using their phones in full brightness, even when they are indoors. And if you are also one of them, then you need to stop it.

Because it’s not only draining your battery but also leads to overheating issues in your iPhone 13. And it can also damage your eyes though.

Fix iPhone 13 Battery Draining Issue

And don’t put the brightness to AUTO mode, it also consumes more battery. So, please try to use your phone at low brightness. And it may help you to fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue.

5. Remove Battery Consuming Apps:

There are some apps on our phone which take too much battery to run, which means whenever you use that app it consumes more battery than another app. So, they are also a reason for the battery draining issues.

So, you just have to remove that kind of app from your iPhone 13. But, if that app is really very necessary for your phone, then find an alternative to that app. And you can easily find the alternative of that app in the App store.

6. Close Apps in Background and RAM:

We use many apps on our phone, some very well optimized and some are not that optimized for battery or power consumption. They silently consume battery and power in the background. And you could not even find out why the battery is draining very fast.

So, you just need to stop the background running data or background consuming data of that app. Just go to the setting of your iPhone and stop them.

And another thing scenario is background running apps. This means we use many apps on our phones, but after using them we forget to close them. And that app keeps running into the background.

And it consumes a battery in the background too. So, please always close all the apps which are running in the background after using them.

7. Turn off Bluetooth / Hotspot:

Bluetooth and Hotspot are also the main reasons for the battery draining issues in your iPhone 13. If you ever noticed that whenever you use Bluetooth or hotspot, your phone starts consuming more battery than general?

And sometimes it also sends a warning notification that your Hotspot or Bluetooth is consuming more battery or resources, please turn that off.

So, please try to turn that off. And if you always keep them enabled any random device that will connect to your device and many transfer viruses in your phone. So, turn them off, and use them whenever needed.

8. Camera is also a Culprit:

If you don’t know then the camera consumes a lot of battery, whenever you use it. If you are continuously recording for a long time then it is very possible that the battery will drain very fast.

And if you are recording video in 4K resolution then it will drain the battery faster and also your phone get overheated and also start lagging.

So, please don’t use the camera very much it will be harmful.

9. Useless Notifications:

We receive a lot of notifications on our phones, some are useful and some are not. Notifications like app updates, food offers, brand sales, and more.

There are not that important and if this kind of notification comes on a regular basis, then your phone automatically consumes the battery. So, please stop all the unnecessary notifications on your iPhone 13. That could help you to fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue.

10. Stop Multitasking:

If you are a kind of user who uses multiple apps at the same time, then that could be the reason for the battery draining issue in your phone. Because to run multiple apps at the same time, it needs power.

And it drains the battery of your phone. And if you are using split-screen for a very very long time, then stop doing this. This is also a part of multitasking.

We all know that iPhone is a very powerful device. But, we cannot ignore that everything has there own limit. So, please don’t do that.

11. Network Fluctuation:

Network fluctuation also causes the battery draining issue in your device. If you are living in an area where the network is not that good or the SIM company you are using is not compatible with your area, then this issue is common.

So, if SIM card is the reason, then you can change your SIM card company to another company. First, you check which company is compatible with your area and then use that SIM.

And if you are afraid of changing the number and don’t want to change the number, then you can port the number from the older SIM to the new one.

12. Use Airplane Mode:

Fix iPhone 13 Battery Draining Issue

Airplane mode can save your battery from draining fast. If you are a traveler, then you must know that. If you have noticed that, then whenever you travel somewhere your phone starts consuming more battery than normal.

Because when you travel to somewhere the network fluctuation becomes common at that time. And to find a better network, your phone starts searching continuously.

So, when you use airplane mode on your phone, all these things will gonna stop. So, please use airplane mode whenever you travel. And this can help you to fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue.

13. Use Dark Mode:

Fix iPhone 13 Battery Draining Issue

In today’s world, every smartphone comes in dark mode. And using dark mode can save your battery more than normal mode. So, use dark mode.

14. Use WIFI:

Fix iPhone 13 Battery Draining Issue

Using WIFI can be a better and smarter option than mobile data in many ways. And it can also save your battery from draining. It consumes less power and generates less heat than mobile data.

Because mobile data works according to the network tower, but WIFI works only with your router which is mounted in your home.

The mobile networks always fluctuate because of a lot and lots of reasons but WIFI waves always stay straight. So, because of heavy network fluctuation of mobile data, the processor of your phone has to work more to get a better connection, and your phone gets starts consuming battery.

So, please try to use the home WIFI on your phone rather than using mobile data. By the way, using WIFI is the smart move these days, because the price of mobile data is getting higher and higher day by day.

And WIFI gives massive speed with unlimited data at a cheaper price. So, WIFI can help you to get more advantages with the battery draining issue. And it can help you to fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue.

15. Update All Apps:

The older version of apps can create different kinds of problems on your phone. It also affects the battery performance of your phone. Not only that, but it also overheats your phone.

Older version of apps has security and privacy issues, they can drive viruses toward your phone. Older apps can be full of bugs and many more things.

So, please update all the apps on your phone, otherwise, you may have to face the consequences of that.

16. Update your iPhone to the Latest IOS Version:

There are a lot of iPhone 13 users who are facing a lot of issues after the new IOS update. But, don’t worry it also can be fixed.

So, if this is the reason, then you have to wait for the next update. The next update will fix this issue. Updating the phone can fix errors, bugs, and many more things. But before updating the phone you should keep some points in your mind.

  • But before doing an update make sure that your phone should have more than 40 percent charge,
  • Your phone should have a 2X or more than 2X storage the size of the update and
  • Your phone must be connected to the WIFI or mobile data.
  • Now, update the phone, and this can fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue.

17. Force Reset iPhone:

Now, if you have done all the methods which I have given above don’t work, then you have only one option left and that is force reset. This is the final move to fix this issue.

But, before resetting the phone, make sure that you kept all the essential documents, and files in the backup. If you don’t, then please backup all the important things, then do backup, and reset the iPhone 13. And this method really helps you to fix this issue.

18. Check the Battery:

If you have followed all the steps given above, but still have the problem, then this must be a hardware problem, not a software problem. Maybe the battery of your iPhone 13 has been damaged, and it needed to replace. So, you have to find out the reason for that.


So, these are some methods to fix iPhone 13 battery draining issue. All the methods given above are very useful and easy. You can fix your battery draining issue by applying all these methods. And These kinds of issues are very common in every smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about the issues or problems. But, if you are still having the same problem, then you should visit your nearest Apple care.


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