How to Fix MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue (10+ Methods)

If you recently bought Apple’s MackBook Pro M1 and facing some unexpected overheating issues in your laptop, then you have landed on the right page. Today, in this article we will discuss How to Fix the MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue. So, have some tea or coffee and enjoy.

M1 chip is the most powerful processor in the world and the fastest chip ever. Apple-designed this laptop for next-generation users. And surprisingly this laptop is quite heavy compared to other Apple laptops.

Users are facing heating issues even when they toggle between the apps and surf the internet and open a lot of taps.

So, let’s see how to solve this. But, before getting to solutions, let’s see why the MackBook Pro M1 overheats. Then we will discuss How to Fix the MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue. If you want to know that Why is my M1 MacBook Pro getting hot? then here are some reasons.

Fix MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue

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Why does the MacBook Pro M1 Overheat?

There are some common reasons which lead to overheating issues in your MacBook Pro M1. These reasons are generally made by users and maybe you’re making the same mistake, and they are:

1. Overusing the MacBook:

MacBooks are made for heavy taking and multiusage, but there are some limitations to this. If you cross the limit of using things then it will give you a negative result.

In simple language, we can call it that if you put a lot of pressure or stress on the CPU and GPU also, then the laptop will heat up.

When you are editing a 4K video and browsing at the same time, then the processing power gets high and your MacBook has struggled to do the task and gets overheated.

2. Not Getting proper ventilation:

All laptop has their own ventilation system, and there is a fan mounted in your laptop to keep your laptop cool. But, because of some reasons this ventilation system stops working or works slowly.

Another scenario is when you keep your laptop on the kind of surface where it covered the hot air discharge area.

At, that moment your laptop gets overheated.

3. Outdoor Usage:

MacBook has more power than you think, and it can survive any type of weather and temperature conditions. But, I mentioned that everything has its own limitations.

If you are using your laptop in heavy sunlight for a long time, then it definitely leads to overheating issues and can damage another thing off your laptop.

4. Malware:

Accidently you receive malware in your MacBook through a browser or third-party app or some other side. And those lead to overheating issues.

And not only that it can also lead to privacy issues and many more things.

Let’s see How to Fix the MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue. How do I cool down my MacBook Pro M1?


1. Restart the Laptop:

So, this is the very first thing which you should do when this type of issue happens. Restarting your laptop can reduce the temperature immediately.

But, this is a temporary solution, and it can not fix this permanently. Read more steps for better and more effective solutions.

2. Limitation of Macbook:

When you are using any device then you should know the limitations of your device, and that also applies to your MacBook Pro M1.

MacBook Pro M1 is a very powerful laptop ever, but there are some limitations for anything. You can not push your computer over the limits.

When you do anything on your laptop beyond the limits, then it automatically gets slow down. And people get consumed because they don’t know the limitations of their MacBook.

If you are a heavy multitasker then this might be the reason which leads to overheating issues. If you open a chrome browser and have many tabs open and in the background, your editing video is rendering or going something else.

Then your laptop is in danger. So, please identify the limitations of your MacBook Pro M1, then do any task accordingly.

3. Avoid Soft Surface:

Every laptop has a ventilation system to keep the laptop cool. And there are some air vents, which pull in the cold air and push out the hot air.

Many use their MacBook in very different places and conditions like they put their laptop on their laps or couch or bed or any soft area, which covered or blocks the air vents of the laptop.

And then you won’t get any cold air in and won’t get any hot air out. And then the same air moves inside the laptop and gets overheated.

So, please don’t put your laptop on any soft surface or any kind of surface where the air vents of your laptop get blocked.

Try to put in hard and cold surfaces and avoid soft places. If you want to put your laptop on the couch or bet or laps then please put something hard between the surface and the laptop, so that the air vents are visible and can get in the cold air and get the hot air out.

As per today’s trend, laptops are getting thin and slim over time, and as the result, they could not put a proper and better air cooling system.

Laptops are getting thinner and more lightweight, so laptop companies should make the little wide laptop to mound things properly.

4. Don’t Use Temperature Apps:

There are many third-party apps in the IOS system also users are using, apps as temperature checkers. Because most of the time those apps do not give you the right information.

Most of the time they give you the wrong number so that you can use it more and buy its pro version. Most of the time they give you unrealistic numbers to make you trust them and to cool down with that third-party app.

Those kinds of apps are really harmful to your laptop, sometimes they bring different kinds of viruses and malware. So, avoid those apps.

5. Don’t Use Fan Cooling Apps:

Many users are using the third-party fan-controlling app. And if you are also using this kind of app then your laptop is in very danger. The work of fan-controlling apps is to control your fan not to run fast. And they do that manually. These kinds of apps are very harmful to your system.

The fans of any laptop decide the moving speed according to the power consumption and processing speed. So, that it can give you a better result according to the situation.

And that kind of app blocks the processing and give an impact on the CPU so that you experience laggy and slow performance UI and software. And your laptop gets extremely hot.

So, try to avoid this kind of third-party app.

6. Number of Tabs:

While using the internet if you are the kind of user who opens a lot of tabs in their browser. The more you have opened the tab the more it is overkill.

It pushes the CUP of your computer to do beyond the limits. Not only that watching 4K videos on youtube can also need more power and can damage the system.

Not only for the heating issue but it can damage your battery as well. The battery’s health is also impacted by this. The more tabs you open in the browser the harder laptop has to work.

It runs in the background, so try to use fewer tabs in the background.

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7. Avoid using Chrome Browser:

No doubt Chrome browser is the best browser in the world. And everyone likes to use chrome when it comes to the best browser. Not every browser can beat this browser.

But, there is ana another side of the story, these days chrome is also the reason which leads to the overheating issue. Because chrome takes too much power to run and it takes more battery also.

This is very difficult for many users to choose another browser on their laptop because they are used to it. And I am pretty sure that you are one of them. But, we can not avoid the truth.

But, another browser like safari browser can not run 4K videos, if it can then it creates a lot of bugs in the system. And if you want to watch 4K videos then you have to go to the chrome browser.

But, there are many aspects that another browser is best to optimize things while surfing the internet. Chrome takes a lot of resources to run.

8. Cooling Pads:

Cooling pads can also help with overheating issues, yes it works. It can not cool your laptop very much and fast but it makes it easy. There are many cooling pads out there, some are expensive and some are affordable.

It totally depends on you whether you really want this or not, if you are working on a laptop all day and your laptop gets extremely overheated then you probably need the cooling pad.

But, if you are not working on it all day but, your laptop gets overheated very easily and fast then you can put any type of hard thing like a book between the laptop and the surface.

That you can not cover the air vents of the laptop and it can maintain the cooling system properly.

9. Clean Fans & Interior:

Having more dust on the laptop’s interior and exterior can also lead to overheating issues. You need to clean your interior and the fans of the MacBook.

But, this is not for everyone, because the components used in MacBooks or any other laptops are very small and easy to damageable. If you are confident enough and if you know that you can do all the things then you can open the back lid of the laptop and clean all the things.

10. Clean MAC OS:

Cleaning Mac OS means cleaning the mac OS from malware. Like if you have not updated old apps to a new version then it can create many issues and lead to overheating issues.

And like if there is an app that is not in use or you have some third-party app in your MacBook, then it keeps running in the background and takes extra power to run.

So, you just need to reinstall all the apps or software rather than update them all. It can help you to save extra storage also. You should reinstall and update all the apps and Mac OS also.

Every 4 to 6 months you should clean all the OS and apps and reinstall them. It can maintain the storage and can help your laptop not to get overheated.

11. Use Original Charger:

Fix MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue

Ok! this is a very important point. If you are using any third-party charger to charge your MacBook, then it created a lot and lots of problems.

If your MacBooks charger gets damaged and you are using another charger then, your laptop is in danger.

I know that MacBook’s charger is very expensive, but still the original is original and that is best. And please stay away and avoid the third party and third-class charger.

To buy a MacBook Pro M1 charger through the apple site, CLICK HERE

12. Reset SMC:

The System Management Controller (SMC). So this is the system or a feature that handles everything manually like fans, load, levels, graphic unit, and many more things.

Sometimes, for some reason, this thing doesn’t work on your laptop. And you just have to reset the SMC in your MacBook. To reset the SMC, follow these steps:

  • First Shut down your MacBook
  • Then plug in the power adapter
  • Then press and hold (SHIFT + CTRL + OPTION + POWER BUTTON) at the same time for a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds release all the keys and turn on the MacBook.
  • After this shut down your Mac again
  • And then hold the power button for 10 seconds (A loading window appears)
  • Then you have to reset your SMC.

If this method doesn’t work, then you can reset SMC in another also, follow these steps:

  • Press and Hold the ( RIGHT SHIFT KEY + LEFT OPTION KEY ) for seven seconds and then press the power button for seven seconds at the same time
  • Then release all the keys and you have reset the SMC in your MacBook Pro M1.

So, this can help to fix MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue. I think you got your answer How do I cool down my MacBook Pro M1? how to fix the MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue. And if you want to read more about MacBook Pro M1, then click here.


So, these are some methods to Fix the MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue. And these methods are very useful and effective. But if you are still having the problem and your Macbook is getting overheated then you should visit your nearest Apple service center. The engineers and experts of Apple will solve your issue. And these types of issues are very common and they are easy to solve. So, I think you got your answer Why is my M1 MacBook Pro getting hot? and how to fix the MacBook Pro M1 Overheating Issue.

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