How To Fix Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue (10+ Methods)

If you are a user of the Samsung Galaxy M31 and you are facing an unexpected battery draining issue in your phone and want to fix it, then you are landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss what are the reasons for the draining of batteries and How to fix the Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue.

Last year Samsung launched Galaxy M31, with good specifications according to that time. Although we can see a 6000 mAh massive battery still some users are facing battery draining issues and they have complained about it.

Now, we will see some reasons for the battery issue, and then we will discuss How to fix the Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue.


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1. Heavy Usage
2. Network shifting
3. Playing Heavy Games
4. Unusual Apps
5. Battery Saving Apps
6. Phone Cleaner Apps
7. Location / GPS
8. Power Saving Mode
9. Using Third-Party Apps

Now Here are Some Methods How to fix Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue


1. Don’t Over Use the phone

Overusing phones is also leading to Battery Draining issues. If you are a heavy or hard-core user of a smartphone Then this phone is not made for this. Because of its processor, you can’t play games for a long time also.

You can run it for a long time, and this phone gives you a longer screen on time because of its 6000 mAh battery. But this gives for the short term. In the long term, you can not get a better battery backup.

If you use it heavily, then you have to charge it again and again in a single day. Changing the cycle of charging is caused.

2. Sudden Network Shifting:

Not all of us pay attention to this, but network shifting is also a reason for battery draining. It depends on where you are living and the suitable SIM network company. If you have a particular SIM company that’s not suitable for your area then you may face network shifting. And due to background processing, the battery is continuously in use.

So, the solution is to change your SIM card company. You have to test every SIM card company except which you are currently using. And then find a better connection network company and use it.

3. Don’t Play Heavy Games

This point is justifying the battery issue. Not properly but in another way. This phone comes with Exynos 9611. We don’t know why Samsung did this with M31. Because Samsung M30 has also come with this processor.

This processor is not so bad, but it’s can not deliver that much power to the device. This processor comes with 10NM technology. As per today’s competition, it is again a power-consuming processor. Antutu Benchmark score is also under 1,81,000.

The processor could have been better, because also last year, we saw many much better processors in this price range. It’s a decent processor.

You can play online multiplayer games in medium settings. Yes, if play in high settings, then definitely you may damage your battery very soon, You can see a battery draining so fast.

Not only that, but you can see lagging and slow performance issues in your device. Again then the processor could have been better.

So, please if you are playing heavy games in higher settings, then please don’t.

4. Don’t Play And Use your Phone While charging

Fix Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue

This point is related to the third point which is charging, gaming and processor. Playing games and using the phone while charging also cause battery draining issues. Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with a 6000 mAh massive battery. You will get the best backup, then you don’t have to put on a charger while playing.

But, some users have a habit to put chargers on their phones while playing. Which affects long-term use.

If you know about the charging circle then it may affect because of this. It also causes the overheating issue.

5. Delete Unusual Apps:

Sometimes, we download some apps for one time and then we forget to uninstall them. And those apps are consuming extra storage. After a long time, it comes junk. Those apps are pushing an unusual notification to our phone and creating many extra files and consuming more storage.

So, please remove those apps from your phone and then see if the battery will give you a better backup.

6. Don’t Use Battery Saving Apps:

If you also belong to that category of smartphone users who believe in battery saver apps, then your phone is in danger. Not only the battery, but your security is also in danger.

Those battery apps are really dangerous for our smartphones. When you enable the battery saver apps for saving the battery silently it keeps running in the background. Even it consumes more battery. Not only that, some battery saver apps are secretly collecting our data. Those apps are malware.

So, if you also using battery-saving apps to save more battery then please delete that kinds of apps from your smartphone.

7. Don’t Use Phone Cleaner Apps:

Apps like phone cleaner and storage clean are also very dangerous for our devices. The same thing that battery saver apps are doing. Phone cleaner apps are really not safe for our phones.

Those apps not only delete junk but they delete the main and important files from your device also. And they also created more junk for your device, which is really not good.

So, please delete those apps, if you have them on your device.

8. Turn off location:

Fix Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue

When you install some apps on your device, then some apps need location permission to access your device and to provide better results to you. And that it is fact and relevant. But the problem is we forget to turn off the location on our phone and it keeps running in our background.

When we turn on location then the apps which want permission to run, also keep running in the background. And those apps are consuming more battery in the background, and we could not find what consumes the batteries of our smartphones.

9. Power Saving Mode:

Ok! Before you take any decision please keep reading, why this point is valid. No doubt, the power-saving mode saves the battery more. But it only works properly when our battery percentage is less than 20 or 15 percent.

Some users always keep the power-saving mode on their smartphones, That is not a good move. You should turn that mode off when the battery percentage is sufficient.

10. Downloading Apps from Third Party:

Fix Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue

99 percent of apps that we are using on our phones are downloaded from Google Play Store. And maximum of those apps are verified and virus-free. Basically, those apps are totally safe. But sometimes we download some apps from third-party apps stores and even from non-secure websites,

Those apps are very harmful to our smartphones. Not in the terms of battery consumption but the security concern.

You should not use those apps on your phone. Please delete those apps. They are very very harmful to your smartphone.

11. Battery optimization for apps:

Some of the apps we are using on our phones are not battery optimized and you should turn on optimize battery usage for apps. To enable that option, follow these steps.

  • Open the setting on your Phone
  • In settings, tap on apps
  • Tap on three┬ádots, on the top right corner
  • After that, tap on optimize battery usage
  • Select all
  • Then, all installed apps will show in the list
  • Select the apps and turn them on
  • And repeat the same process for those apps, you’d like to optimize.


Here, we shared How to fix the Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery Issue. If your problem is not solved by applying these methods, then please visit your nearest Samsung Service center. This phone is a very good phone according to price. If you have this phone or if you are planning to buy this, then there are so many rivals in the market. Even Samsung’s also launched better phones than the M31. Last but not least Samsung Galaxy M31 is a good phone.

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