How to Fix Realme 10 Pro 5G Heating Issue (12+ Methods)

After quite a long Realme has launched their most popular and users’ favorite number series Realme phones. They launched Realme 10 series a few days back. But a lot of users are facing heating issue on their phones after buying the Realme 10 Pro 5G. So, if you are also a user of Realme 10 Pro 5G and facing this issue, then don’t worry, you have landed on the right page. Because today in this article I am going to share how to fix Realme 10 Pro 5G Heating issue.

The methods I am going to share are 14 very easy, genuine, short, reliable, and effective. Oh! those are very big words. Let’s get into solutions, to fix this issue.

But, before getting into the solutions, let’s see some reasons which lead to this issue. And then I will provide you with some basic and easy methods to fix this issue.

And I will also share with you some additional tips which you will not find anywhere on the entire internet.

So, let’s see the reasons which lead to this issue.

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1. Exposing in Hot environment
2. Sun Light:
3. Plugged into the Charger
4. Rugged Use of Phone
5. Plying Games for a Long Time
6. Unusual Apps
7. Apps with Bug
8. Brightness
9. Phone Case
10. Overusing
11. Wireless Connection
12. Network Connection

So, these are some common reasons why overheat your phone. Now, let’s see how to fix Realme 10 Pro 5G heating issue.

Best Methods to Fix Realme 10 Pro 5G Heating Issue.


1. Restart Your Phone:

Well, this is the very first thing you have to do when this kind of issue happens. When you feel your phone’s temperature is getting higher than normal, restart it.

When you restart your phone all the temporary bugs and errors get solved or fixed. All the cache memory gets stopped. And your phone gets a fresh start.

But, this is a temporary solution, read the following methods to fix it permanently.

2. Don’t Play Games while Charging and for a long time:

Playing games while charging is also a very big reason for the heating issues. It is just like overpowering your phone, which is not good.

When you play games while charging, at that time you are drawing power as well as using the power at the same time. And because of that, your phone gets overheated.

So, either you charge your phone first or play the game then charge, but don’t do both things at the same time.

And if you are the kind of player or gamer who play games for a very long time, then this is also a very threat to your phone. if you use anything beyond the limit, then it will be harmful.

So, don’t play games for a long time. And this method could help you to fix the Realme 10 Pro 5G Heating issue.

3. How Environment:

If you are living in a place where the temperature is very high or you working somewhere in a hot environment then you can easily use it with the heating issue.

If this is the reason, then keep your phone aside in some cold or balanced temperature place. And save your phone from being overheated.

4. Unusual Notifications:

Now, we all are connected to the internet, and we have a lot of apps on our phones. So, we receive a lot of notifications on our phones. Some notifications are useful and some are not.

Notifications like updating apps, brand deals matrimonials, and more. So they are very unusual. And that leads to overheating issues in your phone. So you need to turn off the notifications on your phone. And that would help you to fix this issue.

To turn off notifications of the app, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the apps which you want to stop the notification
  • Then, tap on App info
  • Now tap on Manage Notification
  • Disable the Allow Notification
  • And then Done.

5. High Brightness in Heavy Sunlight:

If you are the kind of user who uses their phone in heavy sunlight for a long time, then there is a very high amount to chance that your phone gets overheated. And you must have used your phone with full brightness in heavy sunlight, otherwise, you can not see anything on the screen.

So, please try to avoid these things and try to use less in heavy sunlight with high brightness. And it can also damage the battery of your Realme 10 Pro 5G.

6. Avoid Using a Camera in Heavy Sunlight:

As I have maintained above using the phone in heavy sunlight can cause a lot of things, and it gives extra push when you use the camera in heavy sunlight. Capturing photos in sunlight.

And if you are the kind of user who uses and captures photos and videos even in heavy sunlight, then that is also a big reason that your phone has overheating issue.

Especially whenever you capture photos in HDR photos and 4K videos. Because they need some extra processing power to process the image or video. And that processing power increase the temperature of your phone.

So, if you are the type of user who uses the camera too much in heavily hot environments and with heavy sunlight, then please restrict yourself.

7. Disable WIFI, and Bluetooth when not needed:

Fix Realme 10 Pro Heating Issue

If you have noticed, whenever you use a hotspot, Bluetooth, or any kind of wireless connectivity things your phone starts overheating very fast.

And that’s not a new thing on our phones. We are very used to this reason. So, please don’t use them for a very long time, which also causes a battery drain issue in your phone.

8. Remove Unusual Apps:

We use many apps on our phones, some apps are very useful and some are not. And we also install some apps to use once, but after using that app we forget to remove it.

Then that app starts creating many problems like consuming unnecessary data and storage, using RAM, and running in the background. And that leads to overheating issues in our phones.

So, we just have to do a simple thing, and that removes those apps which are not in use. After that, you will get extra free storage, free from heating issues,s and more.

9. Remove Case:

Sometimes the phone back case also becomes a very big reason for the heating issues in your phone. Remove the case when you are playing games, consuming content, and while charging.

It will help you to fix Realme 10 Pro 5G Heating issue.

10. Don’t Use Bluetooth Device for long:

Bluetooth devices are also a reason for the heating issue, especially the Bluetooth speakers. They consume too much power and overheat your phone.

And if you are charging at the same time, then it will literally burn your phone. So, please don’t use them for a long time. And don’t charge your phone when you use Bluetooth devices.

11. Don’t Always Plug into the charger and use the Original Charger:

If you are the kind of user who always plugs the phone into the charger, then overheating issue is very common for your phone.

You are the only reason for the heating issue. Always plugging the charger can damage the battery also, and a heating issue is very common in that case.

So, charge your phone and remove it. Nowadays all phones come with a very good battery and they give you a very good backup.

And always charge your phone up to 80-90 %, don’t charge your phone to 100 %. This is also a pro tip to save the battery for a long time.

And please use the original charger, because if you have a local cheap charger, then it will damage the battery. And it’s also very impactful on the temperature of your phone.

12. Close Background Running Apps:

There are many such apps that are the main reason for the overheating of the phone, those are the main culprit of your phone.

Some of the apps on our phone runs in the background and consume data, storage, and many more thing. So you just have to stop the background data of your phone.

13. Update Apps and Phone:

Fix Realme 10 Pro Heating Issue   Fix Realme 10 Pro Heating Issue   Fix Realme 10 Pro Heating Issue

If you have apps on your phone without are up to date, then it could be the reason for the heating issue. Using an old version of applications can lead to heating issues, and phone lagging issues, and also it affects your security and privacy.

And old apps can not sync with the new version of android and can create many problems. To update all the apps on your phone.

To update all the apps on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Playstore on your phone
  • Tap on the profile icon in the right top corner
  • Then tap on Manage apps & device
  • On that page, tap on Updates Available
  • And then update all the apps

And if you have not updated your phone to the latest android version or the latest security and OS version, then please update your phone, that can fix these errors easily.

May this method will help you to fix Realme 10 Pro 5G Heating issue.

14. Reset the Phone:

Now, if you have done all the methods but still have the same heating issue, then you have left only one option left. And that is factory data reset.

Factory data reset can fix all the issues like heating, battery draining issue, storage issue, and many more. Before doing the reset make sure that all your important files, documents, and data have been kept in the backup.

If you haven’t, then please do a backup first and then reset your phone. And this method will help you to fix Realme 10 Pro 5G Heating issue.


So, these are some methods to fix Realme 10 Pro 5G heating issue. See, these kinds of issues are very common in our phones. And they can be fixed by some easy methods which I have mentioned above. And if you are still having the same problem then you should visit the Realme service center near you.


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