How to Fix Xiaomi 12 Battery Draining Issue (15+ Methods)

Well, you have a Xiaomi 12 smartphone and you are facing a battery draining issue with your new phone. And you are in a search of some possible and better methods or ways to fix this issue. So, today in this article I am going to share with you how to fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

There are many Xiaomi 12 users who are also facing this issue and they have also fixed this issue in some easy and effective ways or methods.

And now I am going to share all those methods which can fix this annoying battery draining issue. Those methods are practical and tested.

And I am going to share an extra method and reason which you can not find in any other article on the entire internet. And everyone sees the reason, but nobody notice, because it’s, are not common.

But, it might be common for you, and maybe that could be the reason for all these battery draining issues rapidly.

So, let’s some reasons that lead to battery draining issue and then we will discuss the methods which will help you to fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

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Why battery is draining fast in Xiaomi 12?


1. High-Performance Mode
2. OS
3. Overusing the Phone
4. Multitasking
5. Software Issues
6. Network Shifting
7. Buggy Apps
8. Third-Party Apps
9. Screen On Time
10. Sunlight / Hot Environment
11. MIUI 12 (Read the Solution Section)
12. OTG (Read the Solution Section)

So, these are some common reasons that lead to battery draining issues in your Xiaomi 12 smartphone. Now you have a question that does MIUI 12 a cause of the battery draining issue? If yes, then Why battery is draining fast in Miui 12?

So, the simple reason is the lack of optimization. Users who use their phones in MIUI 12 or 12.5 are facing battery draining issue in their phones.

Because this version has bad optimization and it gets overheated even in ideal condition. And resulting in battery consumption getting higher.

So, this is the reason Why the battery is draining fast in Miui 12? Now, let’s see some methods to fix Xiaomi 12 battery-draining issue.

Best methods to fix Redmi Note 11 Battery Draining Issue


1. Restart the Phone:

Restarting means a fresh start. It doesn’t matter how big the problem is, restart can fix the maximum thing in your phone.

Just restart your phone and wait for a couple of minutes to cool down and a fresh start on all the functions. And you can see the speed of battery draining is getting slow and back to normal.

Because restarting the phone terminates all the processes running in the background which will give your phone the much-needed time to cool down.

But, this is a temporary solution, read all the further methods to permanently get rid of this issue.

2. Don’t Overuse Phone:

The more you use your phone, the more your phone will get into some different kinds of problems. Overusing a phone affects the health of the battery of your phone.

Everything has its own limit and if you stretch anything beyond the limit then it will start giving you negative results.

So, if you are the kind of user who uses your phone until its battery drains out to zero, then the problem will never be fixed. You need to restrict yourself from using the phone more.

3. Avoid Using Phones and playing games while Charging:

fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

If you are the kind of user who uses their phone and plays games while charging, then this is also a reason which leads to battery draining issues.

Whenever you use or play games on your phone while charging, at that time your phone is drawing power and using the power at the same time. Although this phone has a 4,500 mAh battery and 67W fast charging, still users are using this phone while charging.

So, because power continues in use, your phone gets slow. And every task needs power, and power drives from the battery of your phone. And it drains the battery.

It not only damages your battery but can cause a lot of issues. And avoiding these things can fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

4. Avoid Using Bluetooth / Hotspot / NFS for a long time:

Wireless connections are also a big reason for battery draining issues in your phone. If you have ever noticed then, whenever you use Bluetooth and hotspots, battery consumption gets higher.

And every time when you use them for a long, the phone starts giving you a warning notification that “Your hotspot is enabled for a long time, please turn it off, it’s consuming battery a lot.”

Sometimes we forget to turn off the hotspot and Bluetooth after using them, and then some random device gets connected to your Bluetooth and hotspot.

And there are very possible that they can drive viruses toward your phone. So, please turn them off after using them. And please try to use them less.

5. Disable Location Service:

fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

Location is also a reason that drains the battery. When you install any application, many of them need location service to set it up. And there is a lot of existing application in our which needs location service to finish a task.

Apps like matrimonial, food delivery apps, UPI apps, cab, VPN, Google Maps, and more. And after using them we forget to turn off the location, and it continues running in the background.

So, due to continuous use of location, the battery drains very fast. So, please turn it off after using it. And, don’t enable it when it’s not in use.

6. Use Dark Mode:

fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

To save more battery and get extra backup you can use dark mode on your phone. Nowadays every smartphone comes with a dark mode. Dark mode will not only help you to save battery but also protects your phone from overheating and it also helps to protect your eyes.

When you start using dark mode, it will feel odd for some days. But, trust me once you start using dark mode, then there is no going back. You will addict to the dark mode.

7. Disable Unusual App Notifications:

Every task on our phone plays a different role in our phone in a positive or a negative way. Notifications are also like that. We receive a lot of notifications in a day on our phones. Notifications like app updates, brand sales, matrimonial, and all.

Push notifications drain the battery too, because as we know that it’s also a part of processing and activity. And to do any task it needs power.

If you have ever noticed then, whenever you enable the WIFI or mobile data, we receive too many notifications. And our phone starts lagging at that point and it increases the temperature of our phone and the resulting battery drains fast.

So, you need to turn off all the unnecessary notifications simply. So to turn off notifications follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app on your phone
  • Scroll down and tap on the Notifications & status bar
  • On that page, tap on Manage Notifications
  • And select the app which you want to turn off the notification
  • Toggle the bar to turn off and turn it off
  • Done.

8. Remove Battery Consuming Apps:

We use a lot of apps on our phones, some are very well-optimized and some are not that optimized. And that they consume the battery in your phone.

So if you have any apps which is consuming battery very much then remove them. And if a particular app is very important and you use it daily in your daily routine, then you can find an alternative to that app or can use the lighter version of that app.

Apps like Facebook, take too much battery in your phone so either you can use Facebook in your browser on your phone or you can use the lighter version of Facebook. Which is called (Facebook Lite or “Lite”).

So, you can use it and can fix this issue easily.

9. Don’t Use Battery Saver Applications:

Oh! If you are still using battery-saving apps these days, then you are living in 2016’s time may be. And if you don’t know then battery saving is the biggest culprit and threat to your phone.

If you have installed any kind of battery-saving app on your phone, then please remove it sooner than later. Because battery-saving apps keep running in the background to save more battery.

So, even if your phone is locked or not operational that app also runs in the background and in a search of any virus to kill it.

So, it runs 24/7 in the background and also pushes different notifications also. And consumes battery. And if that battery-saving app is not well optimized, then it becomes more dangerous to your phone.

It become the best portal to drive viruses toward your phone and can infect your phone. So, please remove the battery-saving app from your phone if you have any.

10. Reduce Display Screen Timeout Time:

The display is a very big reason that consumes battery a lot. More usage of the display can consume more power. If you leave your phone after use without turning it off, then it consumes battery a lot.

Because if you set the screen timeout after a long time, then it automatically consumes more battery. So, if you want to get more battery backup, then you have to reduce the screen time on your phone.

Many users who set the timeout time longer than recommended, set the timeout from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. And some users disable the screen timeout to infinite. That means it will never turn off.

And if accidentally you don’t lock your screen then it stays on and it consumes the battery faster. And because of the AMOLED screen, this phone consumes more battery than any other type of screen.

So, simply set the timer to 15 seconds to 1 minute, and hardly set it to 2 minutes. It will save the battery. And this method will fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

11. Remove Unusual Apps:

There are a lot of apps on our phones we install, some of them are very useful and some we install to use once and we don’t use that again. And then we forget to remove them from our phones.

So, that app keeps running in the background and consuming storage, data, RAM, and all. And that consumes too much power. So, please remove that app from your phone.

12. background Running Apps & RAM consuming Apps:

Background running apps is also a big reason for battery draining issues in your phone. There must be some app that consumes background data, creates a cache, and takes RAM.

And because of background processing, we could not even identify why our phone is heating up and you get panic. So, identify which app is consuming more background data and close the.

And sometimes we forget to close some apps after using them and jump to another app. And the previous app runs in the background and stays in the RAM.

Then processing power has to process very fast and your phone gets overheated. Because of overheating your phone performs a task to cool down your phone and because of continuous processing power and battery drain very fast.

And this loop goes on, so please close apps after using them and then stop the app to consume data and other stuff to consume in the background.

13. OTG Adapter is a big Reason:

fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

If you use an OTG cable in your phone, then you might be facing a battery draining issue in your phone. Not everyone uses an OTG cable or adapter in their phone, but if you have used this then you might face the problem.

It increases the temperature of your phone whenever you use it and you can see the battery percentage is dropping rapidly. So, try to use them less.

14. MIUI Version:

If you are a user of MIUI 12 or your phone is continuously running in MIUI 12 or 12.5, then this is also a very big reason for faster battery drain.

Not only you but there are a lot of other users who are facing the same battery draining issue and other different kind of issues on their phones by using MIUI 12 or 12.5. Even Xiaomi also confirmed that MIUI 12 and 12.5 has optimization issue.

And Xiaomi claimed that the new version of MIUI, which is MIUI 13 is well optimized than the previous one. So, if you didn’t update yet, then please update.

15. Update your Phone & Apps:

Old version apps not only cause the battery draining issue in your phone but also cause a lot of issues, and you can even see that.

Old apps can not sync with the new version of the android and the UI, sometimes they are not compatible with the old version of apps and started giving negative results.

So, you just need to update your all apps, and to update the apps then follow these steps:

fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.       fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.        fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

  • Open Google Play Store on your Xiaomi 12
  • Then, tap on the profile icon which is in the right upper side corner)
  • Then, tap on Manage apps and device
  • On that page, tap on the update available option
  • Then, select the app which you want to update
  • Now, update the apps
  • Done.

Most users are facing the battery draining issue because of the old version of android. If you also using your phone in the old version then this could be the reason for the issue. And the reason is also the same, and that is less optimization.

Software updates can fix this issue. Because of some reasons may some features get turned off or changed. And it causes privacy and security issues also.

But update the android version and security patch version to keep your phone secure and safe. So please update all the apps and monthly android versions.

But before updating the phone you have to keep something in your mind. And they are:

  • Your phone should have more than 40 percent charge
  • Your phone should have 2X storage space than the updated size (Recommended)
  • The phone must be connected to WIFI or mobile data.

Now your phone is update ready, you can update your phone now. And fix this issue.

16. Reset the Phone:

If you have done all the things and applied all the methods which you read above, but the issue is still there, then you have left one option left. And that is Factory Data Reset.

Factory data reset can fix this issue in your phone. But before resetting you make sure that all your important data, files, and documents are kept in the backup. If you haven’t yet, then please back up first.

Now reset the phone and fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue.

17. Check the Charging cable & Adaptor:

Sometimes because charging cable or adaptor is responsible for this issue. If the original charging cable or adaptor has broken and you are using a local charger, then this may be the reason.

So, please buy a new cable or charger rather than using the local one.

18. Replace the Battery:

Ok! The battery draining issue could be the hardware issue. It means that maybe the battery of your Xiaomi 12 has been damaged. So, maybe there is no software-based issue.

So, to make it clear you can check the battery of your phone by visiting the Xia0mi or MI service center.


So, these are some methods to fix Xiaomi 12 battery draining issue. And if you are still facing the same issue with your phone, then please visit your nearest Xiaomi or MI service center. These types of issues are very common and easy to fix. And the methods shared above are very useful and tasted. So, please follow all these methods and you will fix this issue very easily. And most importantly don’t overuse the phone, this is one of the main reasons for battery draining issues.


If you have any feedback or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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