10+ Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Secure and Safe

In this digital era, we all are totally dependent on the internet or the online world. 90 percent of things are shifted online from offline. Whether it is any work, any data, or any document. If somehow the internet stops for 1 second, then the number of losses we cannot imagine. And our smartphones are not safe, so today in this article I am going to share 10+ Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Secure and Safe

Day by day technologies is evolving very fast, not only in a positive way but in a negative way too. We, humans, are switching our life to online from offline.

So, the chances of getting hacked or exposed by any hacker are also very possible. So, we need to secure our smart gadgets, especially smartphones.

There are a lot of reports of hacking and data leaks and millions of account hacking worths billion. After doing and performing all the security things on our phones, still, our phones and personal data are not secure.

There are a huge number of filed complaints there, that some new random virus or malware taking control of millions of people’s smartphones.

So, what can we do about this? How can we secure our phones, safe and viruses free? Because we have done 2-step authentication too, but still our phone is not safe.

Well, today in this article I am going to share some precautions that can help you to keep your phone safe and can prevent getting hacked.

But, I am also gonna share some indications that you can identify that your phone is not safe. So, follow these methods.

How to identify your phone is not safe? Or, how to know if your phone is hacked?

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Your Phone gets Overhead
The battery starts Draining too fast
Mobile Data Over Consumption
Laggy UI

So, these are some indications that if you are facing your phone, mostly in your new phone, then maybe your phone is not safe.

Now, how to keep your phone safe and secure? How to keep your phone virus-free and malware-free? Follow some steps and methods which can keep your phone safe and gives an extra layer of security.


1. Make Double Screen lock:

In today’s modern-day smartphone all phones are coming with a very good screen locking system like fingerprint lock and face id lock.

But, there are many people who are not using these features. And that little thing creates a big deal. It starts showing the effect when you gave your phone to another person who is not trustworthy and they know the pattern or pin of your phone.

Most of the users are using their biometrics with PIN or pattern or password. But, if you have an old smartphone, then there is a chance of insecurity.

But, here you can use some trusted, verified and genuine app lock for your phone, not every app are safe for your phone. I will talk about it at another point. So keep reading.

2. Don’t Repeat Password:

Password is the main factor that decides how safe your smartphone and your accounts are. If you sated the same password on every platform, then you are in danger.

If your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, UPI, screen lock, and other internet platforms passwords are the same then you made it easy for hackers to take control of your phone.

Hackers use some hash (#) symbol to identify the password of any device or any social media platform of any user. Then if they find the hash (#) code is the same in every account, then they can easily take over your smartphone and accounts too.

3. Don’t Save ID & Password in Browser:

Many smartphone users use browsers to use their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more instead of dedicated social media apps.

Because of storage and lagging issue many users like to use browsers instead of using dedicated apps. Many users save their IDs and password for social media in the browser on their phones. And here they make mistake.

Saving passwords for social media in the browser can risk your social handles. Because it’s easy to get hacked in browsers than in apps.

And there are a lot of factors that shout that please don’t save any kind of password in your browser. And it can keep Your Smartphone secure and safe.

4. Refuse using Common Password:

A strong password can make your phone more secure and safe. As I mention above hackers uses some hash (#) methods, dictionary word methods, rainbow tables method, and more.

In the list of hacker’s books, they already have the hashed form of millions of common passwords. And if your use a common password in your online login, it gets very easy for hackers to take control of your phone.

So, please use some different, difficult, and uncommon kinds of hard passwords on your phone. And my suggestion is to keep changing the password from time to time to add an extra layer of security to your phone.

5. Antivirus could be the Best Option:

When it comes to security and keeping our phone virus free, the very obvious thing that comes to our mind is an antivirus. But antivirus plays a double role in our phones, positive and negative. Why? I will explain.

Antivirus not only cleans all the viruses in our phones but these days antivirus provides some extra security features to our phones. Types of security features, premium features, and all.

But, here is a cache, when we install antivirus on our phone it starts running in the background. And it searches for viruses 24/7 in our phones to kill them.

Because of that, our phones start draining batteries too much and start overheating. And this is also a new problem, this can damage the battery of our phones too.

Not only that but if you download any random, nonsecure and nongenuine antivirus in your phone, then it can fire back to your phone. That means they can drive viruses toward your phone.

So, be careful to use antivirus on your phone, and do some research before installing any antivirus on your phone on your own.

6. Don’t Download Apps from Trusted Sources:

We use a lot of applications in our all apps that are very genuine and secure, but some of them are not. There are a lot number of users who download some applications on their phones through third-party non-secure websites or app stores.

Keep Your Smartphone Secure and safe

Sometimes some applications are so useful and we need them. But, due to security concerns, Google does not approve them and you can not find them on the play store.

And if you are using them then your phone is also in danger. So, please delete those applications, if you have any.

But, if that application is really important then find an alternative to that application on Google Play Store. And you can definitely find a better alternative to that application on Google Play Store. And these methods can keep Your Smartphone secure and safe.

7. Remove Unused Applications:

There are a lot of applications on our phones, some are very useful and some we install to use them once. And after using them we forget to remove them from our phones.

And they start running into the background. They consume batteries, and unnecessary storage and silently consume the internet data of our phones. Some of the applications are very dangerous for our phones though.

According to the latest report, Google found 16 and more applications that are not secure for our smartphones. And lots of people are victims of that applications.

Hackers run some virus code on those applications and they have already taken over smartphones. So, be careful of that kind of app.

The very common apps which are not secure and easy to target are ( flashlight +, high-speed camera, currency converter, smart task manager, K-Dictionary, Quick note, and more. )

8. Non-secure Apps are also Culprit:

As I mentioned above that there are a lot of nonsense apps that are the main culprit of security issues and data breaching. So, please do your own investigation before installing any app.

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9. Don’t open Non-secure websites:

Google is the biggest and widest search engine across the internet. Even on the surface web, there are millions of websites that are nonsecure.

And whenever you open them, they give you some popup site link notifications or some also follow links to get your attention. Out of curiosity you click on that link and are done.

Now, you have no longer control over your phone and hackers will do whatever they want on your phone. So, please don’t open any random website on your phone. And this can also keep Your Smartphone secure and safe.

10. Wireless Connections:

Keep Your Smartphone Secure and safe

Wireless connections like WIFI, Hotspot and Bluetooth are the easiest way to steal the personal data of any user. Whenever we use WIFI and hotspot we connect to another device. The device can be a smartphone or any internet device.

Now, if any random smartphone user asks you for the hotspot to access the Internet of your phone. Till now it looks normal and random.

But, we don’t know the intention of any other person. That guy will connect you to the WIFI through your hotspot and then he/she drives the virus toward your phone.

Another scenario is you forget to turn off the hotspot of your phone and your hotspot is not protected with a password. Now, some random WIFI user who does have not good intentions will connect to your hotspot and then can drive a virus toward your phone.

So, please protect your Hotspot with a password and keep your hotspot off when it’s not in use.

11. Update the Apps:

If the enemies are getting stronger day by day, then you not only have to make your army stronger but you also have to make the border or the main door stronger. So, that the enemies can not break the door easily. In short, both must have to be stronger.

Similarly, the apps on your phone have to be stronger or updated. If your phone is new and you are using the old version of apps for some reason, then you are inviting hackers to hack your phone.

If you update all the apps on your phone, then it also gives an extra layer of security and can protect the app and ultimately the phone.

You have to update all the apps on your phone. Old apps can create a lot of issues on your phone. Like the old version of apps can not sync with the newly updated phone.

And resulting your phone gets confused and you can see that your phone starts behaving wrong. It can overheat your phone and can drain the battery due to less optimization.

So, please update all the apps on your phone. To update all the apps, follow these steps:

Keep Your Smartphone Secure and safe       Keep Your Smartphone Secure and safe  Keep Your Smartphone Secure and safe

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone
  • Tap on the Profile icon in the right top corner
  • Then tap on Manage apps & device
  • On that page, tap on Updates Available
  • And then update all the apps

And this can also keep Your Smartphone secure and safe.

12. Update your Phone:

As I have mentioned in the previous point that if the enemies are strong, then you have to make yourself stronger. Otherwise, you will get destroyed.

So, you have to update your phone in time. When cases of hacking and data breaches come out, then the majority of the cases are caused by the old android versions or not updating the security patch for a long time.

So, please keep your phone updated all the time. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting hacked. And updating can also fix a lot of problems with your phone.

Please keep some tips in your mind before updating the phone:

  • But before doing an update make sure that your phone should have more than 40 percent charge,
  • Your phone should have a 2X or more than 2X storage the size of the update and
  • Your phone must be connected to the WIFI or mobile data.
  • Now, update the phone.

And this can also keep Your Smartphone secure and safe.


So, these are some methods or precautions to Keep Your Smartphone Secure and safe. And if you apply these simple and easy methods, then you can stay too far from getting hacked.


If you have any feedback or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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