How To Fix Realme Narzo 50A Lagging Issue (10+ Methods)

Since Realme has a series of mid-budget smartphones that it calls the Narzo series, there was another member of this series named Realme Nazro 50A. Today in this article we have shared how to fix Realme Narzo 50A lagging issue.

If you are using Realme Narzo 50A, you might be facing some Lagging issues or performance issues. There are many Realme Narzo 50A users who have complained about some performance issues, even some have complained about the heating issue while gaming and daily usage also.

So, if you are also dealing with the same issues, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to share some Solutions with you that how to Fix Realme Narzo 50A lagging issue.

Before we share the solutions with you, let’s find out what are the common reasons that lead to this problem.

1. Application Auto Update
2. Lack of Storage
3. Unnacessory Application Notification
4. Using Old Verison
5. Having an Un-usable Application
6. poor internet connection
7. Not updating apps Regularly
8. RAM jamming
9. Using Anti-virus applications
10. Pre-Installed Bloatware
11. Graphical error

so these are some common reasons for decreasing the performance and Lagging for your Realme Narzo 50A.

Best Methods to Fix Realme Narzo 50A Lagging Issue

Now you figured out and know what are the leading causes of the lagging issue, now it’s time to know how to deal with them. So below we have shared some methods to deal with the lagging issues on your Narzo 50A.

1. Turn off Application Auto Update:

In the google play store, all the apps are updating automatically. Due to continual usage of mobile data or wifi processing power got slow. Updating all the apps automatically leads to a lack of storage, and the shortage of storage leads to slow performance.

So you just have to turn off the auto-update apps in Play Store by following these steps.

How To Fix Realme Narzo 50A Lagging Issue    How To Fix Realme Narzo 50A Lagging Issue    How To Fix Realme Narzo 50A Lagging Issue    How To Fix Realme Narzo 50A Lagging Issue

  • Open Play Store on Your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Profile icon (Top-Right corner).
  • After taping in the profile icon tap on the Settings option.
  • On the settings option, Tap on Network Preferences.
  • On the preferences page tap on Auto-update apps.
  • Select Don’t auto-update apps.

2. Free Up Storage:

when we bought a new smartphone we install so many usual and unusual apps into our device, and those apps are consuming so much space on our device. Due to lack of storage performance got too slow and those are also running in the background.

So you just have to do one thing that deletes some apps and try to manage space and try to optimize it regularly.

3. Turn Off Unnacessory Apps Notification:

The most annoying thing is when you turn on the mobile data and you got so many unnecessary and unusual app notifications in your notification bar, not only that so many apps are sending notifications so many times a day.

Those notifications are very relevant and unnecessary like deals and offers and many times they send notifications to update the apps. Applications like daily news, VPN apps and etc, just because of getting a notification is also made your phone laggy and slow performer.

So please turn off those notifications by following these steps.

  • Tap and hold the application that you want to turn off the notification.
  • After tapping and holding the apps tap on app info.
  • On the app info page, tap on Manage Notifications.
  • On the manage notification page, tap and turn off allow notifications.

4. Upgrade to Latest Version:

Using an old version of android or software is also an important cause of lagging. Some users are not upgrading to the latest version of software or android or applications also just because of fear of shortage of storage, but there is a simple hack for you.

Just uninstall and reinstall the application which you want to update, after that it doesn’t take too much storage in your smartphone.

And the most important thing is to update your software version regularly, it will fix your bugs and give you more security and features.

5. Uninstall / Remove Un-usual Application:

Sometimes we install a particular application for one-time use, and after that, we forget to delete that app it takes too much space and it also delivers some unnecessary notifications. So these apps can create so many things, like.

  • Consuming more space.
  • Sending notifications.
  • Creates more junk.

So please delete those apps which are not in use.

6. Poor Internet Connection:

Poor internet connection is also a reason for the lagging issue, but we do not pay attention to it. Sometimes some actions are going to happen and they should happen but because of poor internet connection, it is stuck somewhere.

Poor internet connection is not only the cause of lagging phones but also affects battery life.

Sudden Network shifting is the main reason for the lagging issue. So please Checkout your internet or WIFI connection to make get a better experience.

7. Do Update apps Regularly:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s system apps or other installed apps, all need to be updated. Sometimes we are afraid to update applications due to storage issue but up-gradation of system apps are really needed.

In the case of another app or third-party apps if you want to save more storage you can Reinstall that particular app, and it saves you more storage and it also gives you better performance.

8. Optimization of RAM:

Sometimes we forget to clear RAM which means sometimes we forget to close some apps which we were using, due to which they keep running in the background, and it consumes more RAM and it leads to less processing power.

Smartphone gets hot and automatically it gets slow, very very slow. So always keep optimizing RAM regularly, and do not forget to close running apps.

9. Don’t Use Anti-Virus Applications:

I mean seriously, In 2021 Still, you are using Anti-Virus apps on your smartphone to clean your phone. You Don’t even know how dangerous it can be. All the anti-Virus applications are always running in the background and they always keep searching for a virus.

Even some Anti-Virus applications are deploying viruses into your device saliently and we will never get to know about that.

Your smartphone is smart enough to clear viruses from your device. Always use default cleaner which is already given by smartphone companies, they are safe and reliable.

10. Delete Bloatware:

When we boot up our smartphone for the first time we can see some Pre-Installed applications on the smartphone, they are called bloatware. There are many types of bloatware we can see on our devices like Daily Hunt, News apps, promotion apps, matrimonial apps and etc.

And as we know that they are taking so much space in our smartphones and sending unnecessary notifications to us and also running into the background.

So please delete them if you still have some.

11. Play Games in Balanced Graphics:

As we know that Realme Narzo 50A comes with a MediaTek Helio G85 chipset, which is a decent processor for daily usage you can play normal games in it and can play games like PUBG and Freefire.

But usually, some users play games in high settings than the recommended settings, If you are doing this then please don’t. It’s very harmful to your device’s health.

Always play games in recommended settings or below the recommended settings, and after doing this you can play games for more time and your device not get hit up and it will run lag-free.

And also don’t play games for a long time it not only affects your smartphone performance but also it affects the battery.

12. Reset your Device:

After applying all those tips if your smartphone still lagging then please Reset your Smartphone.

But before Resetting your phone make sure to back up all important files, documents, images, videos, and all. After backup simply Reset your device.

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So here we shared some methods for how To Fix the Realme Narzo 50A Lagging Issue. After applying all those methods if you still finding the same lagging issue then please visit the Realme service center in your locality.


If you have any feedback or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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