Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy F62 – (5+ Reasons)

Samsung is the only brand that is a favorite of every generation of users. This means this brand is consumer-friendly and the most trustworthy brand. Samsungs is famous for so many reasons and in today’s article, we are going to share what are the 5+ reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy F62. Also, we will share why this smartphone is the best in class.

A few months ago Samsung launched another member of the F series named Galaxy F62. In this smartphone, we can see so many features that we can not see in another smartphone in this segment. So let’s discuss what are the reasons to buy this.

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These are 5+ Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy F62

1. Display:

In Galaxy F62 we can see a 6.70″ inch FHD+ Super AMOLED plus display. Seriously, this display is one of the best displays in this price segment. The colors are very vibrant and punchy.

The brightness level is also good, we can see 420 nits of pick brightness. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 provides protection for this display.

When it comes to displaying, there is no competition for Samsung.

2. Big Battery:

Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy F62

In every smartphone, the battery is one of the most important things. Samsung has always been giving good batteries to their phones. We have seen so big batteries in Samsung phones, but in Samsung Galaxy F62 we can 7000 mAh big battery.

There are many smartphone brands that come with 7000 batteries, but in those smartphones, we have to compromise with another feature. Even some smartphone companies remove some features, but Samsung doesn’t do that.

Samsung gives all the best features with a 7000 mAh battery in Samsung Galaxy F62. We can see a 25 Watt fast charger and USB type-C to type-C cable. That means the battery-consuming and charging experience and speed are also good.

3. Best Processor:

Galaxy F62 comes with Exynos 9825, which is based on 7 NM technology. The Exynos 9825 is almost a flagship-level processor, why is this a flagship? We saw this processor in Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which launched in 2019. In 2019 this processor was the flagship processor.

Nowadays, this processor stands in third place as the flagship best-performance processor. In the first place, we can see Exynos 2100, in the second comes Exynos 2900, and this Exynos 9825 placed in the third position.

Note 10 series was launched at the price range of above 70,000 and today we can this powerful processor for just under 24,000. This is really a great thing.

Although this processor is better than the Snapdragon 730G, 750G, and 765G, it is not as powerful as the Snapdragon 855. Keep this thing in your mind.

Some users have complained about Thermal Throttling with this device during long-term gaming, but this is not a big issue. If you use the smartphone for a really long time then you can see frame drops and thermal throttling doesn’t matter which smartphone brand you have.

Antutu Benchmark Score is also good, it crosses the mark of 3,70,000. That’s really a good score. you will get a better experience with this processor. RAM management is also good with this processor.

Due to 7 NM technology, you will get better battery and performance optimization.

4. Knox Security:

Samsung Galaxy F62 is fully secured by Knox security. This is not a very big deal because we saw Knox security in so many Samsung phones. The notable thing is these security features only come with Samsung devices, not from other smartphone brands.

If you do not know about Knox security then this is the extra layer of security that is only provided by Samsung to keep your data and documents saved to an extra level. It could be hardware or software-based.

No doubt, Samsung never compromises with the users’ data, they always keep it secret and secure. Their first priority is security and it should be.

The Knox security system is also protected by the password. It means your whole device is protected by the password or the pattern password or fingerprint, but you have to add another password to protect the Knox security. That feature is really amazing.

How can you secure your data with Knox security?

In all the Samsung smartphones we can see a particular app of Knox security where you can add and save all the data to keep it more secure.

Here could be a doubt by some users that we can see so many apps are already available in the play store to keep our data safe, like app locker. Then why do we use Samsung’s Knox security?

So, Samsung Knox security is far better than other third-party security apps. Even sometimes you have a doubt in your mind about those third-party apps that are really keeping our data secret and secure? and those questions and doubts are genuine and common. Because most of the apps in the play store we see are unsecured and hacking apps. Google keeps removing and banning some apps from the play store due to security issues.

The Knox security is completely encrypted by Samsung. This is truly an extra layer of security.

5. Best Camera:

The camera is one of the most important things in smartphones. In Samsung Galaxy F62 we can see the best camera. On the rear side, we get 64+12+5+5 Megapixels and 32 Megapixels in the front side camera. And those are not just a number games but these cameras are really good, almost flagship-level cameras.

In terms of the photos, the dynamic range is very well maintained and the photos are very realistic. In videography, you can capture portrait videos with the rear camera and there are many other filters in this that you can use in a live recording.

Night mode is awesome in this camera, you can capture better photos and videos through this without photo lag.

6. Better-One UI:

So many Samsung phones come with a core One UI with them, but in Galaxy F62 you can see fully original and stock One UI. You get a clear and lag-free UI with this smartphone.

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So these are some 5 Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy F62. If you ask for our opinion then you can consider it for your long-term use, But one thing to keep in mind is this is not a 5G device. So, if you are ok with that, then this will be the best choice for you.

If you want to know more about Samsung Galaxy F62 then click here.

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