How To Fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Network Problem (5+ Methods)

Samsung Galaxy F62 is the best smartphone in their price segment, when it launched so many users were surprised to see the mega battery. It has a 7000 mAh battery, which is really impressive. We can see a very good processor in this smartphone. It comes with Exynos 9825 chipset, and this makes this phone extraordinary. Apart from this, it has some problems. It has a network problem. So, today in this article we are going to share with you some easy methods how to fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Network Problem.

No doubt Exynos 9825 is a very capable processor to handle heavy games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, and FreeFire. This processor is very battery efficient because it is a 7 NM processor, and the battery is also very big.

So, these things make this smartphone very cool, and the best in the segment, but there is a little downside to this smartphone. Which is a network problem. Many users are facing network problems with this smartphone.

In February, Samsung launched the Galaxy F62. After a few weeks of launching many users complained about the network issue. In response, Samsung released an update to resolve any minor issues and network problems, but nothing happened. Users are still facing the same problem.

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Now, let’s find out how can we fix the Samsung Galaxy F62 Network Problem.


1. SIM card Management:

Sometimes, we mistakenly turn off the SIM card. It may turn off automatically sometimes, and when it happens automatically then we did not know about that and we get panicked. So just go to the SIM card settings and simply turn it on.

2. Flight Mode:

A typical quick fix that we always do to fix network issues is to restart the flight mode. Yes, it really works but on a temporary basis only. Just slide down the notification bar and simply turn off and on the flight mode. It always works.

3. Check your Internet Connection:

Sometimes the internet and WIFI connection is also the cause of the network issue. Make sure that your phone should be in a better network connection. You can change your network provider and SIM service.

4G plus is also missing Samsung Galaxy F62, this is also a cause of slow and poor internet connection. So, 4G Plus is also missing.

4. Networking Area:

A better network connection can make your internet-consuming experience better. In some areas, all the network provider towers are not available. Mostly, the users who are from non-authorized areas, are facing this problem more.

So, please use SIM cards from different SIM providers to check which SIM card connection is better in your area. Then select that particular network provider and enjoy.

5. Data Usage Limitation:

Nowadays, in all smartphones, we can see the awesome feature named Data Usage Limitation. Which can help you to save more data. You can set your daily data limit t use and save more data on your smartphone, but sometimes it causes network issues indirectly.

You can turn off the data limitation or can increase the data limitation.

6. Use NetMonster App:

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Network Problem

There is a very good app called NetMonster which can help you to better settings for your smartphone. Some of the settings are hidden by Samsung for some reason, but you can use them respectively. This app is totally safe and secure and verified. You can use this app for any Samsung smartphone.

In this application, you can use all the hidden network settings easily. To use this app just simply go to the play store and install it.

After downloading that app then let’s see how to use it.

  • Open NetMonster Application.
  • Select Samsung Network Settings.
  • After selecting Samsung Network Settings, Tap on the Three bar(option).
  • In the bar option, select band selection.
  • You can see so many bands are available there.
  • You can choose your band according to your SIM card company.
  • After selecting that you can check all the bands to select the better one.
  • After selecting that you can get a better connection.

7. Use Samsung Band Selection Application:

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Network Problem

This application is also a better option to choose your suitable band according to your SIM and area. This app is also similar to NetMonster App. You can also use this app.

To download this app you can go to the play store.


So these are some methods/solutions How To Fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Network Problem. If we keep the network issue aside, then the smartphone is very good in that price range. It has a big battery, better processor, best display and great camera also in that price range. So you can easily consider it.


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