Why You Should Not buy Realme 8 Pro

Finally, the most awaited smartphone, Realme 8 Pro, launched on the 24th of March. Before its launch, there was a lot of hype about this smartphone that it will be a 5G phone, but it didn’t happen. As much as people were excited before its launch and as hyped as it was, people criticize it as much after launch. So, articlearticle we are going to share with you Why You Should Not buy Realme 8 Pro.

Actually, the smartphone did not meet people’s expectations, for which there are many reasons, not one, I am going to discuss all these reasons. Why you should not buy Realme 8 Pro, and why you should go for Realme 7 Pro instead of Realme 8 Pro, and if you are a Realme 7 Pro user, then what should you do. And does it justify its launch price? If you are a Realme Fanboi, many questions might strike your mind.

Why you should not buy Realme 8 Pro

In this article, I have tried to answer all your questions by sharing detailed hardware and software information about the smartphone. All of these points will help you decide whether Realme 8 Pro is the right choice in 2021 or not. Let’s check out.

1. Design:

Realme 8 Pro comes with Polycarbonate back, and in front, we see the punch-hole display. It’s worth noting that the polycarbonate is not a bad or cheap quality back, but in this price segment, we can see many phones with a glass body, and glass looks more premium and safe, and in Realme 7 Pro also has a polycarbonate back. So, there is no upgrade in build or design.

2. Display:


Realme 8 Pro comes with a 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display with a standard 60hz refresh rate panel. The noticeable thing is that other companies provide a 90hz panel, at least in this price segment, but in Realme 8 pro, we can’t see that. However, Realme 7 Pro also has a 60hz Panel. in short, there is no upgrade in the display. Well, Realme 7 Pro is a little older phone, and here we discuss the upgraded things, and there is no improvement in the display.

3. Let’s talk about software:

From the Software point of view, we can see the upgrade in Realme 8 Pro. We can see Android 11 out of the box with Realme UI 2.0, and it’s necessary to give an upgrade in software at least. So there is no downgrade in software.

4. Hardware/Procesor:

The processor is an essential part of any smartphone. When a new smartphone comes to the market, we expect so many things in smartphones and mostly processors, and if any smartphone brand didn’t upgrade their processors from time to time, it’s not a good move.

The same thing happens with Realme 8 Pro. There is neither an upgrade nor downgrade in the processor because Realme 8 Pro launched with Snapdragon 720G 4G, based on 8NM technology. This is the same processor we saw in Realme 7 Pro.

Other smartphone manufacturers are giving us 5G chipset in this price segment like Motorola, Xiaomi, and Realme also have their other 5G phones in this price segment like Realme Narzo 30 Pro (5G) and Realme X7 (5G). Well, 720G is also a pretty capable processor, and you can play high graphics games in medium settings.

5. Camera:

There is too much confusion in the camera section because of the pixel game. Users usually believe that the more will be camera pixels, the superior will be quality. However, that’s not true. The camera quality depends on other things like the software, the quality of the sensor being used, and more.

In this case, the Realme 8 Pro comes with a quad-camera setup (108+8+2+2) SAMSUNG ISOCELL HM2 Sensor, while the Realme 7 Pro also has a quad-camera setup (64+8+2+2), but the sensor is SONY IMX 682, and here most of the users are trap in number games.

No doubt Realme 8 Pro has more pixels than 7 Pro, but Realme 7 Pro has a Sony sensor, and Realme 8 Pro has Samsung Sensor, and we all know the Sony sensor is far better than the Samsung sensor. There is a downgrade also, the downgrade is Realme 8 Pro has a 16 MP front camera, and the Realme 7 Pro has a 32 MP front camera.

6. Multimedia in audio:

Realme 8 Pro has all the ports and buttons, but there is also a downgrade. It has mono speakers; we can’t see the stereo speakers in this, while Realme 7 Pro has a stereo speaker capable of giving you better audio output.

7. Battery and Charging:

Realme 8 Pro and Realme 7 Pro both come with a 4500 mAh battery, but Realme 8 Pro supports a 50W fast charge, and Realme 7 Pro supports a 65W fast charger. I don’t know why Realme did this, but this is also a significant downgrade of this device.

8. Finally comes to pricing:

Here’s comes the confusion part Realme 8 Pro starts with 17,999 /- on Flipkart, and Realme 7 pro starts with 19,999 /-. Should we pay an extra 2,000 /- for Realme 7 Pro? Is the extra 2,000 justified with the phone? My opinion is YES. If you want to know about Realme Narxo 30 Pro’s pros and cons then click here

See, I am the biggest fan of Realme, I’m also using Realme devices, but this time Realme is done a bad job.
I suggest you go with the Realme 7 Pro because it looks more value for money.

So, this is why you would not buy Realme 8 Pro. And these are my opinions, and your thoughts might vary. So what’s your opinion on this? Please let me know in the comment box. Thank you very much for taking out your important time and reading this post.

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