Should You Buy Moto G31 – Pros And Cons

A couple of days ago Motorola launched another member of the G series named Moto G31. If we see the history of Motorola in smartphone making, then it was not so good. But nowadays it’s doing really a good job. Today, in this article we are going to discuss that should you buy Moto G31 or avoid it, and what are the pros and cons.

Every smartphone has some pros and cons but that’s not mean that phones are not good. Similarly, Moto G31 is a great smartphone.

Motorola is doing really a great job in the smartphone market. even the Moto Edge series are also very good. Those phones are mid flagship phones and they have a good stand-in that price segment. And now the same thing happens with the Moto G series. Which is really a great thing.

Moto G31 is launched in the best price range. A few things which Motorola provides in this price segment are awesome. We will discuss them all.

We will discuss all the pros and cons in detail. Before discussing the pros and cons of this phone, let’s look at the specifications which the moto G31 provides.

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Key Specifications:

Device Name:          Moto G31

Build quality:            Plastic Back

Display:                     6.40 inch FHD+ AMOLED Display
Resolution:               (1080 X 2400)
Refresh Rate:            60 Hz
Protection:                NA

Processor:                Mediatek Helio G85

IP Rating:                   X2

Camera:                    (50+8+2) MP Primary Camera (Quad function) with LED flash
                                  13 MP Front Camera

OS:                            Stock Andriod

RAM & Storage:        4 & 6 GB Ram
                                   64 & 128 GB storage 

Battery & Charger:   20W charger
                                   5000 mAh battery

SIM Card:                  Dual Neno SIM

Ports and Buttons:   3.5 MM jack, micro USB port, microphone, speaker, volume button, Assistant button, and power button

Finger Print:              YES
Face Unlock:             YES

Weight:                      180 Grams

Price:                         12,999/- INR (4 GB + 64 GB)

                                   14,999/- INR (6 GB + 128 GB)


Let’s see what are the pros and cons and we will see that should you buy Moto G31

Pros Of Moto G31:

Best Display:

Should You Buy Moto G31 - Pros And Cons


Moto G31 comes with the 6.40-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display, Which is a 60 Hz panel. Obviously, in this price range, this is unexpected. Amoled display is quite expensive than other displays. We have never seen an AMOLED display in any smartphone in this price range.

At the price of 12,999 /- INR, this is the best deal for display at least.


20 W fast charger is not that fast, but there is a reason for including this in the pros list. The reason is, Motorola provides a 10W charger out of the box in the global launch, but especially for India only they provide a 20W fast charger out of the box.

This phone comes with a 5000 mAh battery which is also a good thing in this price segment and you can charge this battery approx 2 – 2.5 hours. You can use this phone for over one day or 1.5 days on a single charge.

Because 6.4-inch display and 60 Hz panel, it will not take so much power to run and will save more battery. This site is an ideal size for display. This phone is handy also.

Think Shield Security:

Think Shield Security is a premium feature of Motorola. We saw this security in flagship phones of the moto, and now we can see this is a budget phone.

So, basically think shield security is an extra layer of security that is provided by Motorola. This feature can protect your data with extra security.

This feature is quite similar to Samsung’s Knox Security. Knox security is also a security feature which is provided by Samsung to protect your data.


Should You Buy Moto G31 - Pros And Cons

The camera is also the main highlight of this smartphone. It has a 50+8+2 megapixels triple camera setup, and a 13-megapixel front camera. Generally in this price segment, we couldn’t see an ultra-wide-angle camera, but it comes with an 8 MP ultra-wide-angle camera.

Not only that, but camera quality is also best in this price segment. The main camera can capture natural pictures and without reducing any details.

This 50 MP camera has an f/1.8 aperture, so it can capture decent light and deliver the best pictures. Because of that good aperture, night photography is also the best.

Cons Of Moto G31:


Should You Buy Moto G31 - Pros And Cons

This phone launched with Mediatek Helio G85 chipset, which is a good processor, but not in this price segment. At the range of 13,000 /- INR, we can see Helio G90 and more than a better chipset by snapdragon. Even Realme 6i has Helio G90 which was launched last year.

Helio G85 can deliver decent performance and you can play multiplayer games in high settings. Games like PUBG mobile and COD mobile can run easily.

But at least they could give Helio G88 or G90. That would be better.

Storage type:

This phone is launched in eMCP storage type which is quite slow. UFS storage would have been better. Don’t know why Motorola did this but, yes this could be UFS.

Read and ride speed is quite slow with the eMCP storage, and UFS is faster than that.


So, Motorola launched a great smartphone in the 13,000 /- INR price range. It can compete with all the competitors in this price segment. The main plus point is the display of this phone, in this price range, we have never seen the AMOLED display yet. Helio G85 is a good processor which can deliver good performance and can do multitasking also, but it would have been better if they gave that Helio G90 chipset. Because of stock android, you can get a better experience without any bloatware and ads, or any lag. We would highly recommend this phone to you guys. So these are some pros and cons of Moto G31 and some reasons to decide that should you buy Moto G31 or not.


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