Should You Buy Lava Agni 5G – Pros and Cons

We are very glad to say that, LAVA becomes the first-ever Indian company to launch the first 5G smartphone in India. Yes, After a very long time lava launched their 5G phone in India a few days ago. Today, in this article we are going to share that should you buy LAVA Agni 5G, and what are the pros and cons of this smartphone.

As we know that LAVA is an Indian company, and now LAVA becomes a fully Indian brand. That means from the stage of design to manufacturing everything is done in India. And this is really a very big thing for all Indians. Only Indians can feel this.

Micromax is also a fully Indian brand. When Micromax launched there IN Note 1 and IN 1B everyone was excited. After a few weeks of launching those smartphones, Micromax says that they will launch the first Indian 5G smartphone in India. After that news we all were excited. But here, some days ago LAVA take that chance and became the First ever Indian smartphone brand to launch the first 5G smartphone in India.


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Before discussing anything first let’s see what are specifications like processor, battery, RAM and etc.


Key Specifications:

Build quality:           Polycarbonate Body (Glassy Look)

Display:                   6.78 inch FHD+ IPS LCD Display
Resolution:              (1080 X 2480)
Refresh Rate:          90 Hz
Protection:              Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Processor:              Mediatek Dimensity 810 (6NM)  5G Processor

Camera:                  (64+5+2+2) MP Primary Camera with LED flash
16 MP Front Camera

OS:                           Android (TM)  11

RAM & Storage:      8 GB Ram
128 GB storage (256 GB Expandable)

Battery & Charger:   30W charger
5000 mAh battery

SIM Card:                 Dual Neno SIM

Ports and Buttons: 3.5 MM jack, micro USB port, microphone, speaker, volume button, and power button (with fingerprint unlock)

Finger Print:            YES
Face Unlock:           YES


Additional Features:

1. GameSpace:

In this smartphone, you can see the game space app for better gaming. This separate app is very useful for gamers. In this app, you can add any game and you will get a better gaming experience. This mode will enhance the gaming experience and boost the power of gaming.

2. Dura Speed:

In LAVA Agni 5G they give a new feature named Dura speed mode. If you turn on this mode with a particular app, then all the background running apps will be closed while using that app.

3. Anti-fake Touch Mode:

This is also the best and very useful feature of this smartphone. Sometimes we touch the phone’s screen accidentally. If you turn on this feature then that unnecessary accidental touch will be closed.

When you put other things with your phone into your pocket then, and if you turn this mode on, then it will be non-touchable.

Every smartphone company should provide this feature in their phones.


Let’s discuss what are the pros and cons of the LAVA Agni 5G smartphone.

Pros of LAVA Agni 5G

1. Performance:

Should You Buy Lava Agni 5G - Pros and Cons

In LAVA Agni 5G we can see Mediatek Dimensity 810 processor, which is a 5G processor. This processor is based on 6 NM technology, which is very power efficient. This processor is very battery efficient.

The Dimensity 810 is a very optimized processor. You can play all the multiplayer games in HD settings. Games like PUBG mobile, PUBG new state and COD mobile can run very smoothly.

2. Battery:

Should You Buy Lava Agni 5G - Pros and Cons

In this phone, we can see a 5000 mAh battery with a 30 W super-fast charger out of the box. That means you can use your battery for over 1 day on a single charge. And you can charge your phone very fast through a 30 W super-fast charger.

You can charge this phone in 90 minutes, and you can use your phone for up to 7-8 hours in on-screen mode.

This phone is very battery optimized because of 6 NM technology. battery consumption is very less, so you will get fewer heating issues with this device.

3. Near to stock Android UI:

Should You Buy Lava Agni 5G - Pros and Cons

This is a very big achievement for a smartphone. In other smartphones when we boot up for the first time, usually we can see some pre-installed apps but in this smartphone, you can’t see any preinstalled apps. Not only this but you can’t see any ads too.

You will get fully clean and almost stock android in this phone. This UI is fully clean and easy to use. touch response is also best because of the 90 HZ screen.

This UI is based on Android 11 and the latest security patch update.

LAVA promised to push 2 years of system updates, which is a great thing.

4. Big Screen:

Should You Buy Lava Agni 5G - Pros and Cons

In this smartphone, we can see 6.78-inch FHD+ 90 HZ IPS LCD display. You can get a very good multimedia experience with this screen.

Colour contrast and saturation is also balanced and well managed. The colours are punchy and viewing angles are also good.

You will not gonna disappointed with the display of this phone. You will get 100 days of screen replacement benefit.

5. Personal Service Manager:

If you buy LAVA Agni, you will get a personal service manager. They will help you with any problems with the device and any kind of setup. After-sale service will be easy for LAVA Agni users.

Cons of LAVA Agni 5G

1. Wide 1 L3:

Media consumption is a very big thing in every smartphone. In LAVA Agni we can see wide 1 L3 support instead of wide 1 L1. Because of this, you can’t get HDR video playback on youtube and NetFlix.

Although it’s not a very big issue at this price range we can see wide 1 L1 support in every smartphone.

It will fix in an update, so don’t be worry about that.

2. Camera:

64+5+2+2 MP is a good camera setup. Nowadays every smartphone company are playing a number game with the camera megapixels. Nobody is talking about the sensor type of the camera.

Before launching on paper LAVA Agni’s camera is looking awesome, but when it comes to real-life output it’s not so good. In portrait mode, edge detection is not main well, pictures are a little blurry. The Colour contrast is not so good.

In day condition it takes good quality photos, but when it comes to night mode the camera can’t handle the light properly. Image processing is quite slow in portrait mode and wide-angle mode. It can be fixed, and it will fix with the update.

We can see

3. Storage options:

LAVA Agni comes with only one storage option which is 8 GB + 128 GB. You can’t see another lower or higher variant of this device. LAVA should launch another variant.

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So, here are some pros and cons of LAVA Agni 5G and some details that should you buy LAVA Agni 5G or not.


So we shared here that should you buy LAVA Agni 5G or not and also share some Pros and cons of this phone. See, this is a first-ever Indian smartphone brand that launched a 5G phone. As per the price, if we see all the specifications and features that LAVA provides are very good and interesting. But when it comes to real-life it feels like something is not the top site but still, it’s ok. We can see some rough edges in this phone, and those are we already shared in the cons section. Which can be fixed by the next software updates.

Some of the features are better than its competitor also, you can’t see some specifications around this price range in other options.

LAVA Agni launched with the price of 19,999 /- INR, but at the time of launch, they sated an offer for pre-order customers. That is if you had ordered this phone then you would get this phone for 17,999 /- INR. At the price of 17,999, this phone is the best option and much better than other competitors, but still, it is a good option for 19,999 /- INR also.


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