Should You Buy Moto G51 – Pros And Cons

Again Motorola launch another budget segment range smartphone named Moto G51 5G. This phone is totally hiped up just because of its 5G modem. Today, In this article we will discuss why this phone is the best 5G phone in its segment. We will also discuss what are the pros and cons of this smartphone, we will explain all the points of pros and cons. Then, you will get to know that Should You Buy Moto G51 5G or avoid it.

A couple of weeks ago Motorola launch another member of the G series that was Moto G31. Moto G31 was a surprising and great phone because that comes with a Super AMOLED display of under 13,000/-.  And we all know that we have never seen a super AMOLED panel in that price range because an AMOLED display is more expensive than other displays. And G31 is a big success for Motorola and still, the sale of that phone is growing.

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Motorola is trying to create a new evolution in the smartphone industry because new are not only providing better build quality but new and best features under an affordable price range.

Why Moto G51 5G is best in Segment

Now, a couple of days back Motorola launched another member of the G series, which is the Moto G51 5G. Why this phone is so special? Because it has 12 5G bands.

There are many phones which are come with 5G, but they don’t have that many 5G bands. Some have 4 and some have 3 bands. Because of this, we do not get to see good speeds, and will not see further when the 5G arrives in India.

But in Moto G51 5G we can see 12 5G bands, and because of this, we can see the best speed and best connectivity in this smartphone. Not only this, this phone comes with carrier aggregation. That means the fluctuation of speed and connectivity and we can not see any network jamming in this device.

SOC Highlight:

This phone comes with Snapdragon 480+ processor, and because of that, this phone becomes the world’s first 5G phone which comes with Snapdragon 480+ processor. That is a good thing about this smartphone.

The Snapdragon 480+ chipset sounds like a very low-powered processor, but surprisingly this is not. This processor can deliver performance better than Snapdragon 720G. This processor is better than Snapdragon 720G. We don’t know why Qualcomm and Motorola did this. They could name this 720G or 730G, but we literally don’t know why they provide this.

On the funny side, they may forget the name or they had names mismatched. Everything aside, this phone is the best in the segment. Motorola is doing a very great job in the smartphone market.

These are some main highlights of the Moto G51 5G smartphone. With these specifications, this phone becomes the best in the segment. Now, we will share with you some fey features and specifications of Moto G51 5G. After that, we will discuss some pros and cons of Moto G51 5G and we will explain all the points. And after that you will get to know that should you buy Moto G51 5G or ignore this.

Before we discuss anything, first let’s see some main and key specifications like processor, battery, RAM and etc.

Key Specifications:

Device Name:          Moto G51 5G

Build quality:            Plastic Back

Display:                     6.8 inch FHD+ IPS LCD Display
Resolution:               (1080 X 2400)
Refresh Rate:            120 Hz, 240 Hz touch sampling rate
Protection:                NEG Glass

Processor:                Snapdragon 480+ (12 5G Bands)

IP Rating:                   IP 52

Camera:                    (50+8+2) MP Primary Camera (Quad function) with LED flash
13 MP Front Camera

OS:                            Stock Andriod

RAM & Storage:       4 GB + 64 GB

Battery & Charger:   20W charger
5000 mAh battery

SIM Card:                  Dual Neno SIM

Ports and Buttons:   3.5 MM jack, micro USB port, microphone, speaker, volume button (with fingerprint sensor), Assistant button, and                                     power button

Finger Print:              YES
Face Unlock:             YES

Weight:                      209 Grams

Price:                         14,999/- INR (4 GB + 64 GB)


Let’s discuss some pros and cons and then we will discuss Should You Buy Moto G51 5G.

Pros Of Moto G51

1. Camera:

Should You Buy Moto G51 5G - Pros And Cons

In this smartphone, we can see a (50+8+2) Megapixel triple camera setup. But Motorola called it a quad function camera setup. The reason behind that is the 8 Megapixel camera can do both things, wide and depth which comes with is f/2.2 aperture, 50 Megapixel camera is the main camera with f/1.8 aperture, and 2 Megapixel is a Macro camera with f/2.4 aperture. And we can see 13 Megapixel camera in front.

The color reproduction is good in this camera. Output images are punchy and vibrant. It captures better photos in daylight conditions and the dynamic range is also good. Not only that it can take good pictures in a low light conditions also.

The ultra-wide camera is not as good as the main camera, some colors fade out when you sifted to ultra-wide. But the sharpness of the images is good. It can handle it very easily.

Overall we can say this camera is balanced and the best in the segment. You can consider it for camera purposes also.

2. Processor:

Should You Buy Moto G51 5G - Pros And Cons

One of the main highlights of this phone is its processor. When it comes to the processor part, this phone becomes more interesting. This phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ chipset. This is a 5G processor. Moto G51 becomes the world’s first phone with this processor. If you are surprised and disappointed with this processor then please wait and read carefully.

Snapdragon 480+ is not a now-powered processor and not an entry-level processor. This processor is equal to snapdragon 720G and 732G, in some cases, this processor is more powerful than 720G and 732G. We don’t know why Qualcomm named this processor 480+. The Antutu score is more than the Antutu score of Snapdragon 720G, in some cases.

CPU Score is less than 720G but GPU score is higher than 720G, that’s why it is better for gaming. Some multiplayer online games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, Freefire and etc are surprisingly running best. they are running in very high settings.

3. Truly 5G Phone:

Should You Buy Moto G51 5G - Pros And Cons

We saw many 5G phones in this segment. They all are running well and connectivity is also decent. All those phones have 3,4 or a maximum of 5 5G bands. But, why this phone is special? Because it has 12 5G bands.

You have a question in your mind, right? What is the benefit of more bands in phones? In simple terms, we can say more 5G band means more speed and the best connectivity. That means you are not connected to a single 5G tower or single band. Your phone or SIM card or modem is connected to multiple bands or towers.

With fewer bands, if the traffic or user load is heavy in a single tower then speed will be decreased and you will see worse connectivity and network issues. But if your phone has more bands then if any tower is having more users or the jamming is heavy then you have another option and another tower to get more speed.

In simple terms, you will get the best connectivity and best speed with this phone.

providing more 5G bands in a single phone is not easy, because is expensive, even in some flagship has a maximum of 5-6, 5G bands. But surprisingly Motorola provides it under 15,000 /-

4. Stock UI with Customization:

Should You Buy Moto G51 5G - Pros And Cons

Moto G51 comes with stock android with android 11. And Motorola promised that we can see android 12 very very soon. With stock Android, we can see a clean UI. We can not see any preinstalled apps or any type of ads on this smartphone. We can see a clean UI.

The best part of this UI with this phone is, that you can also customize it. On other smartphones with Stoch android, you can not customize anything. And you have to stay with that boring UI, but in this smartphone, you can customize it.

5. ThinkShield Protection

Should You Buy Moto G51 5G - Pros And Cons

Motorola is known for its build quality and security. With stock Android, your documents are very secure, but Motorola provides its own extra layer of security. Which is Thing shield security.

Think shield security is a premium security feature of Motorola. This security was made for all the flagship phones Motorola. We saw this security in flagship phones, but now Motorola is giving this security in budget phones also.

Basically, the Think Shield security provides an extra layer of security to keep your all-important data and documents more safely. This security system provides an extra layer of security to your smartphone.

This security is quite similar to Samsung’s Know security. Knox security is also a security feature which is provided by Samsung, which is protecting your all documents and data more secretly and securely.

6. Charger:

This phone comes with a 20 W fast charger, which is very common in this price segment. We can see a 20 W charger in every smartphone in this segment, even though some have more than 20 W chargers.

But, why do we include the charger in the pros section? The main reason is the global launch. When this phone launched globally, it provides a 10 W standard charger. But, especially for Indians, Motorola provides a 20 W fast charger out of the box. And this makes India proud.

So, these are the pros of Moto G51.

Cons Of Moto G52:

1. Laggy Camera UI:

No doubt Moto G51’s Stock UI is impressive and delivers a lag-free experience, and the camera of this phone is also good. But, the camera UI is quite laggy. Processing timing is also not so fast.

The camera is good on this phone, but the camera UI is laggy. It can be fixed by an update, and Motorola promised us to give an update on the time. We hope for the best.

2. Single Ram and storage:

This phone comes with only one RAM and storage option, which is 4 GB + 64 GB. There should be another storage and RAM option. Because 64 GB storage is not enough in today’s time. There should be a 6 GB + 128 GB option.

This phone is a 5G phone and if you are planning to buy this phone for a long time of usage then 64 GB could not fulfill the requirement. But it comes with the micro SD card slot which can expand up to 1 TB.

But, the slot option also has a downgrade, which leads to the next cons option. Keep reading.

3. Hybrid SIM slot:

This phone comes with a hybrid SIM slot option, not a dedicated SIM slot. That means you can use either 2 SIM cards, or 1 SIM and 1 SD card. And this thing is disappointing.

Maybe this is a part of cost-cutting because they are providing 5G with 12 bands. And that is expensive. So maybe to balance the cost of the phone they did this.

It also depends from user to user. Some need an SD card and some don’t. So these are the points.

So, these are the cons of Moto G51.


Here, we shared some pros and cons of the Moto G51 5G, so you can decide that should you buy Moto G51 5G or not. Motorola is trying to create a new revolution in the smartphone industry. Moto G51 5G is a very good phone and comes with next-level technology. The main highlight of this phone is its processor and the 12 5G bands. This is insane. We have not seen the 12 5G band in any smartphone yet. But Motorola did this under the 15,000 /- price range.

If you want to know more about Moto G51 5G, then CLiCK HERE. Then your decision will be easy should you buy Moto G51 5G

Now comes to the point that should you buy Moto G51 5G or not. See, if the storage issue and hybrid slot issue are not so important for you, then definitely you can go with this phone. Apart from this, the Moto G51 is a very very good phone.

So, we phone that you can decide that Should You Buy Moto G51 5G and some pros and cons with our article.


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