Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons – Should You Buy Jio Phone Next

Are you looking for a lower-budget 4G Smartphone for you or for your family member or friend, or does your father want to switch from a feature phone to a smartphone, but you don’t have that much budget to buy a phone in the range of 5000 RS -6000 RS. Then Jio launched their truly entry-level 4G smartphone recently named JIO PHONE NEXT for tight budget users, but before you buy this smartphone let’s have a look at what should you buy this smartphone. In this article, we are going to discuss the Jio phone’s next pros and cons.

Then you can easily get to know that should you buy this smartphone. To make your decision easier first we discuss some key features and then we identify the pros and cons of the Jio phone next according to the specifications it has.


Jio says that they launched their smartphone for just 1,999 /- INR, but there is a very big loophole in the pricing and installments. This price is not the exact price of this phone. we are going to discuss it.

Let’s discuss what are the pros and cons of Jio Phone Next

Let’s talk about the Jio phone’s next specifications like Professor, battery, RAM, etc.

Key Specifications:

Build quality:           Fully plastic body

Display:                   5.45 inch HD+ IPS LCD Display
Resolution:              (720 X 1440)
Refresh Rate:          60 Hz
Protection:              Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Processor:              Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215 (28NM)

Camera:                  13 MP Primary Camera with LED flash
                                 8 MP Front Camera

OS:                           Pragati OS (Designed by Google)

RAM & Storage:      2 GB Ram
                                  32 GB storage (512 GB Expandable)

Battery & charger:   7.5 W charger (Mirco USB)
                                  3500 mAh battery (Removable)

SIM Card:                 Dual Neno SIM

Ports and Buttons: 3.5 MM jack, micro USB port, microphone, speaker, volume button, and power button.

Finger Print:            NO
Face Unlock:           NO


Let’s discuss what are the pros and cons of the Jio phone Next smartphone.

Pros of Jio Phone Next:

1. Google Apps:

Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons

So, in Jio Phone next, we can see so many google and Jio apps that are truly optimized for this smartphone. They provide some lite versions of apps to run smoothly like Facebook lite bot some apps come with a full version like youtube and some Jio apps.

Google has really done a great job in application management.

2. Better Update:

Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons

As per Jio and Google, they promised that they will provide 3 years of software updates and 5 years of Security updates to every single user.

That is a very promise to us, and if it happened then Jio will become the best update provider in the smartphone update community.

3. Display:

In this device, we can see a 5.45-inch HD+ 720p IPS LCD display with corning gorilla glass 3 protection, which is really good according to price. Viewing angles are also good, the colors are not so punchy but we can get a decent experience with this display.

But there is also a downside of this display which we covered in the cons section, keep reading.

4. Camera:

Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons

We are really surprised to see that, according to the price of Jio Phone Next and a better camera setup in this price bracket. In this price range where all the smartphone companies give lower camera quality, it gives a good camera setup in that range.

It comes with a camera setup of 13 Megapixels on the rear side and 8 Megapixels on the front, which is decent quality, whereas another smartphone company gives the camera setup of 8+5.

Sometimes it takes a few seconds to process a photo in HDR mode, but still, it gives an acceptable quality of the photo.

5. Translation / Read Aloud:

Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons

Jio Phone Next comes with a very new and exciting feature, which is called Read Aloud in translation, which means if you translate anything in google lens, then you can not only read the translated text but you can listen to the translation as well in any Indian regional language.

This feature is a very helpful feature for those users who recently switched their feature phone to a smartphone or who don’t know the English language or any other language.

They can hear the translation in their own mother tongue.

6. Decent Gaming:

Jio Phone Next comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 215, which comes with 28 NM technology. This processor was launched in 2019 specially for very entry-level smartphones.

Honestly, we can not expect that in the Jio phone Next, you can play games like PUBG mobile and Freefire also, but there are some conditions.

  •  You can play games in very low settings.
  •  Can play for a very short time.
  •  Can’t do multitasking.

7. Modified OS:

Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons

Google has specially built an OS for Jio Phone Next which is called PRAGATI OS. They took android 11 and did some modifications and optimized it according to this chipset, they put some of their apps and they also add some additional features, and finally made Pragati OS.

But, there is also a downside to this OS, which we mentioned on the cons side.

8. Decent Build:

This device comes with a fully plastic body, which is acceptable in this price range. According to this price range, it comes with a decent build, not so good but it is acceptable.

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Cons of Jio Phone Next:

1. Hard Pressing Screen:

In Jio Phone Next you have to press the screen a little harder than on other smartphone screens because of the non-laminated display. If you don’t know what is the non-laminated display, then let me explain.

A non-laminated display has a little air gap between the display and the gorilla glass, which means those two glasses are not attached to each other, due to which you will have to press the display a little harder.

This is the disadvantage of this device.

2. Storage type:

Jio Phone Next comes with 32 GB of storage and you will get 24 GB of free space, but the storage type is EMMC 4.5, not even EMMC 5 or 5.1. Due to the EMMC 4.5 storage type, we get a very slow and laggy user interface.

Apps are opening a little slow and after a few seconds, they will remove from the RAM also because it has only 2 GB of RAM. If it came with EMMC 5 or 5.1 then we would have seen a little better performance on this device.

This is a downside of this phone.

3. Jio SIM locked (Mandatory):

This is a very big negative point, Jio says that if you bought this phone then you can only use a Jio SIM card in the primary SIM slot, no other SIM card will support in primary SIM slot, you can use another SIM company in the second SIM slot like Airtel, Vodafone Idea, etc.

Not even this, but you can only use the 4G internet of Jio SIM only. This is mandatory. No other SIM card will support this device. This is a very big negative point of this device.

4. No Fingerprint And Face Unlock Sensor:

Jio Phone Next doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor and face unlock feature. This is a very big security issue. You have to protect your phone just by pattern lock or PIN password.

At least, they should provide face unlock with this, but we can’t see this.

5. Battery:

This phone comes with a 3500 mAh battery, which is not sufficient for many users. This battery can not last even a day with a single charge. It can’t even last 15 to 18 hours, and the screen on time is not so good.

Would have been nice if it’s come with a 3800 mAh or 4000 or above mAh battery.

6. Laggy UI:

Pragati OS is a good optimized OS, but due to EMMC storage type 4.5, it makes the phone quite slow, if it had EMMC storage type 5 or more then it would have seen some improvement in performance.

Not only because of this, but the RAM is also a cause that leads to laggy UI. This smartphone has only 2 GB of RAM.

7. No Dust/waterproofing:

This smartphone doesn’t come with any dust or waterproofing, it doesn’t have any IP rating, and not even the company mentions any type of protection.

It also has a removable back, which means it has a removable battery, so it’s automatically become neither dust proofing nor waterproofing.

8. Financing Price Over the Price Of 1,999 /- INR

  Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons     


     Jio Phone Next Pros And Cons


So many users are confused about the pricing of the Jio Phone Next, some users are still assuming the price of this device is 1,999 /- INR, but we all know that it’s not.

1,999 INR is the very basic amount of the phone, which means you can get the phone just by paying 1,999 INR only, and you have to take a Jio Data plan and you have to pay for it.

In other words, it’s an EMI in the form of Data plans. You have to pay 1,999 plus RS. 501 INR for processing fees, that means the initial price is becomes (1,999 + 501 = 2500) + additional plans for additional 18 or 24 months. All the data plans are different according to users’ requirements.

After calculating the plans the smartphone prices crosses the price bracket of Rs 7,000 INR. So, this is not an RS. 1,999 /- phone from anywhere.


If you get defaulted and are unable to pay the amount within 18/24 months, then your phone gets turned off, because there is a provision that if the financier doesn’t receive the money, then your phone will be turned off automatically.

But, there is another option. you can also purchase the phone in upfront money without financing then you have to pay a total of 6,499 /- without financing. You can’t buy this phone now but you can go to the website and click on the I AM INTERESTED button.

If you want to know more about all the plans then click here.

They are some pros and cons of Jio Phone Next.


These are some pros and cons of Jio Phone Next, these are some plus points but there are so many major negative points also like SIM card usage and pricing, and all. So if you are ok with that, if the SIM issue is not a very big deal with you, and if can pay 6,500 /- to 7,500 /- for this phone then you can go with Jio Phone Next.

But in the price range of 7,000, there are some options are available in the market, you can go with them. As per the pros and cons of Jio Phone Next we saw above we think that the price is a little on the higher side.


If you have any feedback, queries, or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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