How to Fix Google Pixel 7 Battery Draining Issue (15+ Methods)

If you have recently bought the brand new Google Pixel 7 then you might be facing the battery draining issue in your phone. And you are not able to understand how this can happen on a new phone. And you are searching for a better way to fix this issue. Then you have landed on the right page. Because today in this article, I am going to share how to fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

In the case of Google Pixel 7, you are not the only user who has this issue, there are a lot of Pixel 7 users who have complained that they are also facing the same issue on their phone.

But, by the end of this article, you will find the best way to fix your problem. So, keep reading.

But, before getting into the solution, we should know where and how this issue came from, and then we will discuss how to fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

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1. Overusing of Phone
2. Plugged into the Charger
3. Charging Cycle
4. Multitasking
5. Heavy Games
6. Third Party Camera Apps
7. Apps with Bug
8. Phone Case
9. Consuming Data
10. Sunlight / Hot Environment
11. Battery Apps
12. Phone Case

So, these are some reasons which lead to battery draining issues in your phone. And there are many other reasons causing this issue, which we will discuss them later, Now let’s see how to fix this issue.

And the points you are going to read below are very easy and effective. So, please read all the points and you can apply some of the steps while reading this article. And the rest can be done after reading.

Best Methods to Fix Google Pixel 7 Battery Draining Issue.


1. Restart the Phone:

Restarting is the very first thing that you should do when this type of issue happens. Just restart your phone and wait for some time.

fresh restart can fix most of the temporary errors and bugs in your phone. And after this, you can see the draining percentage of the battery draining get less.

So, it can fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

2. Don’t Play Games While Charging and for a long time:

If you are the type of user who plays games while charging then, this could be the reason for the battery draining issue in your phone. When you play games while charging, at that time your phone is drawing power as well as using power at the same time. So, because of that, the processing power uses more battery.

So, either you play a game or charge your phone first, but don’t play a game while charging. If you are a heavy gamer who plays games for a long time, then don’t do this.

And you can see the impact of playing the game on your battery. And if you play high graphics and multiplayer games for a long time, then it drains the battery very fast.

So, please don’t play games for a long time, and don’t play games while charging. After doing this you can see that the battery is giving more backup. And this method can fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

3. Use Dark Mode:

Use Dark Mode

To save more battery you can use dark mode on your phone. Nowadays every smartphone comes with a dark mode. It not only saves the battery of your phone but also protects your eyes.

4. Use Airplane Mode:

Use Airplane Mode

Now you have a question on your mind how does airplane mode can help to save the battery? But, if you travel regularly, then you should know this trick.

During traveling, you must realize that your phone consumes more battery and also overheated after doing nothing.

The main reason behind battery draining is continuous network shifting. And it drains the battery too much. So, airplane mode disables the network and saves the battery.

So, next time when you travel, use airplane mode and you will see the difference.

5. Turn off Bluetooth / Hotspot / NFC service:

As we have all known for a very long that connectivity like Bluetooth, hotspot, and NFC consumes battery too much. Whenever you use all these services you can see that the battery is draining very fast.

And not only that, you can see that your phone starts heating. And that becomes the most annoying thing.

So, try to use them whenever you really need them. Otherwise, turn them off, or some random device will connect to your device through Bluetooth.

And through a hotspot, some random WIFI will connect and consume all your mobile data. So, please try to keep them disabled.

6. Disable Unusual App Notifications:

We receive a lot of notifications in a day on our phones. Notifications like app updates, brand sales, matrimonial, and all.

If you don’t know then this notification also drains your battery, because these are a part of processing and activity. And we all know to do any task needs power.

So, you can simply turn off all the notifications. To turn off app notifications follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app on your phone
  • Scroll down and tap on the Notifications & status bar
  • On that page, tap on Manage Notifications
  • And select the app which you want to turn off the notification
  • Toggle the bar to turn off and turn it off

As simple as that, so that you can fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

7. Disable Location Service:

Disable Location

When we install any application some of them need location service to set up and there are many existing apps on our phones which need location service to do a task.

Apps like food delivery, UPI apps, matrimonial apps, cab apps, Google Maps, and more. So, after using them we forget to turn off the location and it keeps running in the background. And it searching for a better network.

So, that’s the battery is continuously in use, and it drains the battery too much. So, please turn off the location after using it.

8. Remove Battery Consuming Apps:

We use many apps on our phones, some are very well-optimized and some are not that optimized. And that they consume the battery in your phone.

So if you have any apps which is consuming battery very much then remove them. And if a particular app is very important and you use it daily in your daily routine, then you can find an alternative to that app or can use the lighter version of that app.

Apps like Facebook, take too much battery in your phone so either you can use Facebook in your browser on your phone or you can use the lighter version of Facebook. Which is called (Facebook Lite or “Lite”).

So, you can use it and can fix this issue easily.

9. Remove Unusual Apps:

We use a lot of apps on our phones, some are useful and some are not. And sometimes we install some app to use it once or one-time use purpose. But, after using them we forget to remove them.

And then that app continues running in the background and using storage, and data RAM unnecessarily. So, please remove them and save your battery.

10. Don’t Use Battery Saver Applications:

There are many battery-saving apps out there, and there are many users who use these kinds of apps to save the battery of their phones. If you are also using such kinds of apps then please don’t.

Because battery-saving apps consume batteries too much rather than saving them. And they are really one of the main culprits of battery draining issues.

They always keep running in the background to save the battery of your phone. And they keep finding bugs and errors. And some of them drive viruses toward your phone.

So, please if you have any then remove them, and after removing them you can see that your phone consumes a battery lesser than before. And it can really fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

11. Background Running Apps & RAM Consuming Apps:

Background running apps also lead to battery draining issues in your phone. Some of the apps on our phones consume storage, power, data, and RAM in the background.

And this process continued going on and we couldn’t even identify why our battery is draining too much. So, you have to stop the background running data of that particular app.

But, not only that, sometimes we forget to close or turn off some apps after using them. And then that app continues running in the background and using RAM. And that also consumes more battery.

So, please close all the apps after using them and stop the background data of some apps.

12. Reduce Display Screen Timeout Time:

Screen timeout time is also a big factor in battery life. If you want to get more backup from your battery, then you should reduce the screen timeout time in your Google Pixel 7.

Many users who set the timeout time longer than recommended, set the timeout from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. And some users disable the screen timeout to infinite. That means it never turns off.

And if accidentally you don’t lock your screen then it stays on and it consumes the battery faster. And because of the AMOLED screen, this phone consumes more battery than any other type of screen.

So, set the timer to 15 seconds to 1 minute, and hardly set it to 2 minutes. It will save the battery.

13. Avoid Using Camera:

If you don’t know then excessive use of the camera can also lead to battery draining issues in your phone. When you record any video for a very long and in 4K resolution or capture photos for a long time. This issue happens.

So, please don’t use the camera for a long time, and don’t record video in 4K resolution. Try to record the video in 1080p or 720p resolution.

And you can save your storage also and also battery.

14. Culprit Not-supporting Apps:

Sometimes we install some apps that are not compatible or non-supportive to our smartphone. And then that app starts creating a lot of issues on our phones.

And that is totally our fault because we know that, the particular app is not for our smartphone. But, still, due to some reason or urgent use, we install them.

So, if you have such kind of app on your phone, then please remove them, and if that app is really very important to your phone then try to find an alternative to that app in Google Playstore.

15. OTG Adapter is a big Reason:

Avoid OTG

If you use an OTG cable in your phone, then you might be facing a battery draining issue in your phone. Not everyone uses an OTG cable or adapter in their phone, but if you have used this then you might face the problem.

It increases the temperature of your phone whenever you use it and you can see the battery percentage is dropping rapidly. So, try to use them less. Many users don’t even notice the OTG thing. But if you can avoid then it can fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

16. Adjust Brightness in Sunlight:

Heavy brightness is also a very big reason for battery draining issues if consumes the battery too much. If you are the kind of user who uses the phone in heavy brightness, then it’s very common that your phone consumes more battery than others.

So, please don’t use it always, increase brightness only when you are outdoors.

17. Update your Phone & Apps:

Old version apps not only cause the battery draining issue in your phone but also cause a lot of issues, and you can even see that.

Old apps can not sync with the new version of the android and the UI, sometimes they are not compatible with the old version of apps and started giving negative results.

So, you just need to update your all apps, and to update the apps then follow these steps:

Update apps in Play Store   update apps in Play Store  Update apps in Play Store

  • Open Google Play Store on your Google Pixel 7
  • Then, tap on the profile icon which is in the right upper side corner)
  • Then, tap on Manage apps and device
  • On that page, tap on the update Available option
  • Then, select the app which you want to update
  • Now, update the apps

Most users are facing the battery draining issue because of the old version of android. If you also using your phone in the old version then this could be the reason for the issue.

Software updates can fix this issue. Because of some reasons may some features get turned off or changed. And it causes privacy and security issues also.

But update the android version and security patch version to keep your phone secure and safe. So please update all the apps and monthly android versions.

But before updating the phone you have to keep something in your mind. And they are:

  • Your phone should have more than 40 percent charge
  • Your phone should have 2X storage space than the updated size (Recommended)
  • The phone must be connected to WIFI or mobile.

Now your phone is update ready, you can update your phone now. And fix this issue.

18. Reset the Phone:

Now, if you have done all the methods I have given above that don’t work, then you have only one option left and that is factory data reset. This is the final move to fix this issue.

But, before resetting the phone, make sure that you kept all the important documents, and files in the backup. If you don’t, then please backup all the important things, then do backup. And this method really helps you to fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue.

19. Use the Original Charging cable & Adaptor:

Sometimes due for some reason, the charger of the phone stopped working, the reason could be anything. And then we start using another local non-branded charger.

And sometimes the charging cable or USB cable gets broken, then we start using a non-branded cable for the original power adaptor. So, that is also a reason for draining the battery in your phone.

So, use the original charger and original accessories of the phone.

20. Replace the Battery:

Ok! The battery draining issue could be the hardware issue. It means that maybe the battery of your Google Pixel 7 has been damaged. So, maybe there is no software-based issue.

So, to make it clear you can check the battery of your phone by visiting Google’s service center if you have one in your locality.


So, these are some methods to fix Google Pixel 7 battery draining issue. These methods are very easy and effective, and you can apply all the methods very easily. See, these types of issues are very common in every smartphone and you don’t have to worry about it.


If you have any feedback or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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