How to Fix Realme X7 Max Battery Draining issue (15+ Methods)

If you bought A Realme X7 Max a few months back or recently and facing some unexpected battery draining issue in your phone. Then, you have landed on the right page. So today, in this article we are going to share with you how to fix the Realme X7 Max battery draining issue. So, take a cup of tea or coffee and keep reading. Ever you can fix the battery draining issue while reading this article because the methods we shared are very easy and simple. And if you are thinking that this issue is happening only to you, then you are wrong. Many Realme X7 Max users have complained about the heating issue in their devices.

Fix Realme X7 Max Battery Draining issue

The last year 2021 Realme launched there another member of the X series, which is the Realme X7 Max. It is the third phone from the X7 series. X series is a phone which stands in the mid-budget segment. And this phone comes with Mediatek Dimencity 1200 processor, and this processor is the most powerful processor of Mediatek.

And we can see a 4500 mAh battery with this phone. With this processor this battery is decent. Realme X7 Max battery life is also quite decent, you can run up to 1 day with this battery.

Mediatek Dimencity 1200 is based on 6 NM technology, which makes it’s the most power-efficient. But, still, there are a lot of users who are facing battery draining issues in this phone. That’s why first we will identify what are the causes of the battery draining issue in this device and then we will know how to fix the battery draining issue in this device.


1. Heavy Usage
2. Playing games while Charging
3. Using Third-Party Apps
4. Battery Saving Apps
5. Unusual Apps
6. Phone Cleaner Apps
7. Third-Party Apps
8. Battery Consuming Apps
9. Charging Cycle
10. Brightness
11. Always-on Display

So, these are some reasons which lead to battery draining issues in your phone. And if you are making these kinds of mistakes then keep reading how to fix the battery draining issue in Realme X7 Max.


1. Restart The phone:

This is the very first thing you should do, restart the phone. It is a very easy and effective way of every common problem. Basically, when you restart the phone all the junk RAM and temporary errors get removed.

But, restarting the phone is a temporary solution, if you want a permanent fix, then keep reading.

2. Don’t Play Games while Charging:

This smartphone comes with Mediatek Dimencity 1200, and this processor is capable to run heavy online multiplayer high graphics games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, Free-fire, etc. But, excess of everything leads to bad results.

If you are a hard-core gamer, and you play games the whole day, this phone is not made for this perspective. Playing games for a long time can also lead to battery-draining issues in your phone.

So, if you also play games for a long and long time, then you have to restrict yourself to playing games like an insane gamer.

3. Remove Power Consuming Apps:

We use many apps on our phones, some apps are very optimized for power users and they don’t take that much power. But, there are some apps that consume more power than normal apps.

So, if there is an app on your phone so you should remove that app, but if that app is very necessary to you and your phone then find the alternative app and use it. Hopefully, this method will help you, if don’t then keep reading and you might find the next method helpful.

4. Don’t Use Battery Saving Apps:

Nowadays, smartphones are really doing smart things, because of AI and many lots more reasons. And they also know how to save batteries. If you are still using the battery-saving apps with the brand new phone then you are not doing justice to your phone.

The battery-saving Apps are one of the main reasons for Battery Drain. When you enable the battery-saving app to save your battery more, it starts running in the background. And it takes more battery, then how can it save battery.

Not only this, there are many battery-saving apps that steal your data too. So, instead of using those kinds of battery saver apps, you can do one thing. And that is written on the next point.

5. Power Saving Mode:

Fix Realme X7 Max Battery Draining issue

Instead of using battery-saving apps, you can use the power-saving mode which comes with every smartphone. Not only Realme, but every smartphone has there own battery or power-saving feature which can save your battery more than any third-party battery app.

But, neither use it for a long time nor every time. You should use it when your battery percentage drops below 20.

6. Game Space:

With every Realme smartphone, there is an app that comes and that is Games Space. So basically this app is made for games and there are 3 different gaming modes, they are Low power mode, balanced mode, and pro-gamer mode.

So, when you play games you can choose one of them according to the situation. 2 modes can save battery, and the pro-gamer mode will give you better gaming performance while playing games. But, it consumes more battery than normal mode.

7. Background Running Apps:

We use many apps on our phones, and in this busy life, we forget to close some apps after using them. And that particular app keeps running in the background and takes more battery.

So, you just have to close all those apps after using them. Next time always keep this point in your mind. Otherwise, you may face more issues than this.

8. Backgroud Power Using permission:

There are many apps that take some permissions automatically while installing that app. Some permissions are useful and some are not, so you just have to turn them off.

Fix Realme X7 Max Battery Draining issue     

To turn off that permission, follow these steps:

  • Open settings in your Realme X7 Max
  • Tap on, Apps management
  • In-App management page, tap on the App list
  • Now you can see all the apps which you have on your phone
  • Select the apps which you wanted to turn off the permissions
  • Now, select the permission and deny, if it’s not needed
  • Repeat the same with every app.

9. Turn Off Ususual Notification:

If you don’t know then notifications can also lead to battery draining issues on our phones. We receive so many notifications on our phones, some are useful and some are not. Notifications like app deals, brand deals, updates matrimonials and etc.

These notifications are useless, so you just have to turn them off. To turn the notification off, follow these steps:

  • Tap and hold that app
  • Tap on permission
  • Turn that off.

10. GPS / Location:

Fix Realme X7 Max Battery Draining issue

The location also leads to a battery draining issue in our phone. Sometimes when we enable location service to navigate a location or to go somewhere, then we forget to disable it. And it’s kept running in the background. And takes a battery also.

So, turn off the location and enable it when you use after using the location turn it off.

11. Download Apps From Playstore:

Fix Realme X7 Max Battery Draining issue

Sometimes, some apps are not available in the Google play store, and we download them from unknown websites or app stores. And they are not safe at all.

If any app is not in the Google play store, then there could be some reason why Google does not promote them. Maybe those apps have some privacy or security issue.

So, if the app you want is not available in the Google play store, then there are many alternatives available in the Google play store. You can use them and enjoy them.

12. Always On Display:

Realme X7 Max comes with a Super AMOLED screen. And in every Amoled screen phone, there is a feature comes which is always on display.

And it takes much more battery, so just turn it off.

13. Screen Brightness:

Due to the AMOLED display battery consumption is high and if you keep your phone in high brightness all the time, then definitely you can face battery draining issues. Not only that you can also face heating issues.

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14. Refresh Rate:

This phone comes with a 120 Hz screen refresh rate and a 360 Hz touch sampling rate for a better-using experience. But, everything has its good side and bad side.

It consumes more power on your phone, so just decrease the screen refresh rate.

15. Software Update:

Software updates can fix the battery draining issue in your phone. Because there are many bugs, viruses, and errors that create many problems in the phone. So, the software update can fix all those issues.

But, if your phone is totally updated and you are having a battery draining issue after an update, then wait for the next update.

16. Factory Data Reset:

If you have done all the things which we have given above and you still have the same battery draining issue, then you have only one option left. And that is Factory Data Reset.

This method can also fix the problem. But, before resetting, ensure that your all-important data, files, and documents have been kept in the backup. If you haven’t backup then please backup all the important files and then reset the phone.


So, here we have shared how to Fix Realme X7 Max Battery Draining issue, we are hoping that these methods will help you to fix this annoying issue. But if you still having the same issue then please go to your nearest Realme service center. Overall you can say this phone is the best in the segment, these all issues are normal. And if you are facing a battery draining issue after the update, then please wait for the next update. And if you want to know more about Realme X7 Max, then click here.


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