How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A52 Bluetooth issue (8+ Methods)

Samsung’sA” series is a very popular and favorite series in the budget smartphone segment. One of the best phones from the Samsung “A” series is Samsung Galaxy A52. This phone is the best phone in their price segment. At the same time, Samsung launched the galaxy A72, and these two phones are totally the same. But there is very little difference between these two. We will discuss these differences in another video and will discuss which should you buy. In today’s article, we are going to discuss how to fix the Samsung Galaxy A52 Bluetooth issue. Because many users have complained about the Bluetooth issues. If you are also facing the same Bluetooth issue with your Samsung Galaxy A52, then keep reading this article. These solutions will help you to get rid of this issue.

So let’s find out the issues and how to fix the Bluetooth issue in Samsung Galaxy A52.

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1. Bluetooth device is not showing:

When your turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone then the device is not showing you tried so many times but it’s not showing.

2. Bluetooth is not Pairing:

When you turn on your Bluetooth but the Bluetooth is not paired with the Bluetooth earphone, headphones, or any Bluetooth device. It’s a very annoying and irritating issue.

Keep reading to know the fix to this issue.

3. Bluetooth device is not Connecting:

Okey! This is interesting. You turned on the Bluetooth of your phone and the device is paired for that time, but when you are trying to reconnect the Bluetooth later then it’s not connecting. Then what to do?

If you are also facing this issue or these three kinds of issues then please keep reading.


1. Restart The Bluetooth

OK! This is the basic thing to fix this issue and you should do this. If it’s not connecting yet, then turn your Bluetooth off and turn it on again.

This is a basic and effective way to fix this temporarily basic. If it’s still not working then read the next solution.

2. Restart The Phone

This is a very effective way to fix these types of issues. Restart your device. Restart your device and try to connect it again. It may fix this issue with your phone.

If this method also does not work, then keep reading.

3. Try To Connect After Some Times:

Sometimes, this issue is happen because of some technical glitch or error. Don’t panic turn your Bluetooth off and keep your phone aside for some time. After sometimes try to connect it again and then it may work.

Because of heavy usage, sometimes smartphones also need some rest. So, please do this, it will work. If it’s still not working then keep reading. Your solution will be in the next method.

4. Airplane mode:

Sometimes network connection error leads to Bluetooth and wifi connection error. You don’t even know bad network connections can create little errors and then make them bigger over time.

And sometimes due to some network glitches, this issue happens. So to fresh restart, your network’s best option is Airplane mode. Turn on and off the airplane mode to refresh the network and then try to connect the Bluetooth device.

This is also an effective solution for these kinds of issues. If this method still does not work then you will find it in the next method, keep reading.

5. Re-pair Bluetooth device:

Re-pair means connecting the device again. Sometimes because of having many devices in Bluetooth settings or having more active Bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth area, the pairing issue happens. This is a Bluetooth pairing problem.

The first thing you should do is to unpair all the devices from your phone and turn off the Bluetooth. second thing is to turn on Bluetooth and re-pair that device to which you want to connect.

This method is also a very effective method and useful method to fix this issue.

6. Try to Connect with other Devices:

If Bluetooth is not connecting with the device you want to connect then try to connect your phone’s Bluetooth with other devices. If it does not work then it may be an issue with your phone.

But if it works then it may be your Bluetooth device issue. It needs to reconnect by the method of solution which we gave in (Solution no. 5).

7. Update the Software:

If all these methods don’t work then it may be a software bug or error. First, you need to check the software is updated to the latest version. If there is an update then first update your phone with the latest version. It is also happening because of the Bluetooth version. The old Bluetooth version or Bluetooth setup can lead to this issue.

To update the phone do follow these steps:

  • Open Settings app
  • In the settings app, scroll down and tap on the Software Update option
  • Check if there is an update then do update
  • If your phone is updated then simply get back from that option.
  • If It’s not, then please do the update first.

If still, you are facing the problem, then the next method will solve your problem.

8. Reset settings:

Fix Samsung Galaxy A52 Bluetooth issue

If it is still not fixed then it might be some setting issue. It may be some phone settings issue or Bluetooth setting issue. You just need to reset the settings.

(Note: This is into the factory reset, it’s just a setting reset. Your all data will not be deleted.)

To Reset the settings, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings app
  • In the settings app, scroll down and tap on the General Management option
  • Select Reset option
  • In the reset option, select the Reset Settings (First option)
  • (Note: Do not tap on factory data reset)
  • Simply reset the settings of your phone and your Bluetooth issue will fix.

If it is still not fixed then the last option is.

9. Factory Data Reset:

Fix Samsung Galaxy A52 Bluetooth issue

If you have done all the methods and this problem is not fixed then the last option is factory data reset. You have to reset your phone to fix this issue.

But, Before restarting your phone make sure to back up all the data and file all the documents, those are important.

To reset your Samsung Galaxy A52 follow these steps:

  • Open Settings app
  • In the settings app, scroll down and tap on the General Management option
  • Select Reset option
  • In the reset option, select the Factory Data Reset (4th option).
  • And reset your phone.


So, here we shared some types of Bluetooth issues, and also we shared how to Fix the Samsung Galaxy A52 Bluetooth issue. Samsung launched a very good phone under the price bracket of 25,000 /- INR. Also, we can say it’s a great phone under the price segment. But as we know, not every phone is perfect, there is something missing always. These all issues will fix by the software update. By the way, we have shared some effective and working solutions to fix the Bluetooth issue of your Samsung galaxy A52, if those will not work then you should go to the nearest service center.

And if you want to know more about Samsung Galaxy A52 then click here.

If you have any feedback, queries, or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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