How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Battery Draining Issue (10+ Methods)

Are you recently or a few days back switched to The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? And are you facing an unexpected battery draining issue in your S21 FE and you are finding the solution then you landed in the right place? Today, in this article we are going to share How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE battery draining issue.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. So the FE stands for Fan Edition and This is a special smartphone by Samsung. If you want a phone with the flagship level specification and features on budget and affordable price, then this phone could be the best choice. But, after the launch of this phone, many users have complained about the battery draining issue in this smartphone.

So, if you are facing the same battery draining issue in your Samsung, then keep reading this article. We have shared some effective ways to solve this issue.

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Let’s see How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Battery Draining Issue


1. Restart The Phone:

This is the first thing which you have to do. This is a very easy and effective way to fix the battery draining issue. Restarting the phone can fix this issue. Just Restart the phone and wait for some time.

This is a temporary solution to fix this issue. But if you want to get a permanent solution, then keep reading.

2. Don’t Play Games for a Long Time:

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Battery Draining Issue

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE comes with Exynos 2100 and this processor is a flagship processor. But, this is a 1-year-old processor. It can run heavy games and online multiplayer games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, and Free-fire. But, if you play games for a long time then you can face the battery draining issue.

If you are also playing games for a long time, then definitely you are facing this issue. So, please don’t play games for a long time or you will damage your battery soon.

3. Don’t Play Games While Charging:

If you are a heavy or hard-core gamer, and you play games while charging also. Then, you are facing the issue. Charging is also a processing unit, when you are charging the phone then that also consumes power. And if you play games while charging then definitely you can face a battery issue in your phone.

Not only this, but playing while charging can also lead to heating issues in your phone. So, please restrict yourself to playing games for a long time and for playing while charging.

You will definitely see the positive results.

4. Use Battery Saver Mode:

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Battery Draining Issue

Every smartphone has its own battery saver mode in phones. Battery saver mode can save more battery in your phone. But, don’t use battery saver mode for a long time, it can also drain your battery also. Do you know why? keep reading.

When you enable or use battery saver mode in your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE or any other phone, the battery is also running in the background. And, this is also a part of processing. So, when you use this on your phone it’s a useful thing. But when your phone is not in use, it still running in the background.

And in the long term, it can damage the battery of your phone. So, definitely use battery saver mode in certain times and situations but not every time.

To use battery-saving or power-saving mode, follow these steps,

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap on Battery And device care
  • On Battery and Device Care page, tap on the battery
  • Then, tap on Power Saving Mode
  • then enable it.

But, don’t use it always. Use it when needed.

5. Don’t Use Battery Saving Apps:

In 2022 also people or users are also believing in battery saver apps and they are still using battery savers or power savers. Never use battery-saving apps on your phone. The reason is power consumption.

When you use battery-saving apps on your phone, they are continuously running in the background and consuming more power. Instead of saving the battery, they consume more battery.

Some battery-saver apps have a feature to delete junk files. So, then sometimes they delete some important files also. So, this is also a negative point on battery saver apps.

Not only that, some battery-saver apps bring viruses with them, and they can damage our phones. Either they create privacy issues or they create any lag issues.

So, there are so many points for not using battery saver apps. All phones have their own battery saver mode, and that is totally safe, reliable, and useful.

6. Remove Unusual Apps:

We install many apps on our phones, some are useful and some are not. And those apps are creating junk and other problems. Those apps are taking up more space on your phone and some are running in the background.

So, simply find which apps are not in use on your phone, and remove those apps from the phone.

7. Unusual and unnecessary Notifications:

When we install any app or use any app for a long time or some app that we are not using. That app sends notifications to our phones. Some notifications are useful and some are not.

We receive notifications like product deals and offers, notifications, matrimony, and all. These notifications are not useful and those things are processed in the background. And that leads to battery draining issues in our phones.

So, you just have to turn off those notifications. Find which apps are giving you more notifications, and which are not useful. And turn off them.

To turn off notifications of apps, follow these steps:

  • Find the app you want to turn off notifications for
  • Press and hold that app
  • Tap on App Info
  • Tap on App Notifications
  • Turn Off
    Repeat the same for other apps.

8. Background Running Apps:

Background running apps also lead to battery draining issues. In this busy life, we use many apps on our phones, and after using that app we forget to close that app. And that app continuously runs in the background. And which consumes power or battery or our phone.

Not only that, we intentionally or non-intentionally give some permissions to some apps. Permissions like camera, location, contact, storage, and all. And because of those permissions, some apps or the work of those apps are running in the background. And that also drains the battery.

So, you have to do two things, first, one is to close the app after use and the second is to deny permission.

To deny permission follow these steps

  • Open settings in your phone
  • Tap on Apps
  • On the Apps page, select the app
  • Tap on permissions
  • Tap on that particular permission that you want to deny
  • Repeat the same steps for other apps.

9. Location / GPS:

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Battery Draining Issue

There are many apps that need permission to provide you with a better result. When you install some app some app needs permission for the first time. And then we forget to turn off the location and forget to deny the location permission of that app. And that leads to a battery draining issue.

So, please keep your locations off, and enable them when needed.

10. Always-on Display:

As we know this phone has an AMOLED display. There are many features in Amoled display and many of them have always-on display features. And that feature takes so much battery. It consumes more battery than others.

So, please disable that feature in your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. To turn off the Always-on display. follow these steps

  • Open the setting on your phone
  • Tap on Lock Screen
  • On the Lock Screen page, tap on the Always-on display
  • Turn that feature off

That’s it. This will save more battery and you will get awesome battery life.

11. Software Update:

Sometimes our phone consumes some bugs and viruses through some apps, websites, or other things. And those bugs disables some important features in our phone. And that leads to many issues and problems and one of the problems is the battery draining issue.

So, the software updates can fix that issue and also remove the bugs and viruses. If your phone is not updated to the latest version, then you should update the security patch or software.

If there is any update then download and update, if there is not, then wait for the next update.

And, if you want to check the software update, then follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap on About phone
  • Then, tap on Software Update
  • Then, check for Update
  • If there is any update, then you should download that and update your phone.
  • If there is nothing then your phone is updated to the latest version. And wait for the next update.

12. Reset The Phone:

If you have done all those methods which we have given above, and still you are facing a battery draining issue in your phone. Then you have one option left, and that is Factory Data Reset. This will help you fix this issue.

But, before doing the reset make sure that you kept all the important data and files to backup. If you have not done that then back up all important data and files. And then reset the phone.

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So, here we have shared some easy and effective methods to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Battery Draining Issue. And those solutions are very easy. If you are still having the same issue then go to your nearest Samsung service center. Although Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a very good phone you can experience all the flagship features in this phone.


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