How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating Issue (10+ Methods)

If you bought a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and if you are facing some heating issue, then you clicked on the right page. In this article, we are going to share How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE heating issue. So, have a cup of Tea or Coffee and keep reading, because we will share the best and most effective solution.

Many users have complained about heating or overheating issue on their Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. It happens because of many reasons. We will discuss them all. So keep reading this article, we will share with you some reasons and also some effective methods to fix this heating issue in your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

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So, before getting into the methods to fix the heating issue in Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, let’s see what the reasons are that lead to heating or overheating issues.


1. Always Plugged Into the Charger
2. Using the Phone in Sun Light for a long time
3. Playing Games while Charging
4. Network Fluctuation
5. Overusing of Phone
6. Playing Games for a Long Time
7. Background Running Apps
8. Display Settings
9. Phone Settings

So, these are some reasons which lead to heating issue. Let’s see how to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE heating issue.

Best Methods to Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE heating issue.


1. Restart the Phone

Well, this is the very first thing you have to do when this kind of issue happens. When you feel your phone’s temperature is getting higher than normal, restart it.

When you restart your phone all the temporary bugs and errors get solved or fixed. All the cache memory gets stopped. And your phone gets a fresh start.

But, this is a temporary solution, read the following methods to fix it permanently.

2. Don’t Play Games for a Long Time:

Playing games for a long time can also lead to heating issues in this phone. Not only in this phone, but in every smartphone. This phone comes with Exynos 2100 processor. This is a 1-year-old processor and also a flagship processor. This processor is based on 5 NM technology. This means this processor is power efficient.

Although, this phone can run games like PUBG mobile, COD mobile, and free-fire very easily. But, still, if you play games for a long time then you will definitely feel lag and heating issues. So, try to play for a limited time.

3. Don’t Always Plug into the Charger:

If you are the kind of user who always plugs the phone into the charger, then overheating issue is very common for your phone.

You are the only reason for the heating issue. Always plugging the charger can damage the battery also, and a heating issue is very common in that case.

So, charge your phone and remove it. Nowadays all phones come with a very good battery and they give you a very good backup.

And always charge your phone up to 80-90 %, don’t charge your phone to 100 %. This is also a pro tip to save the battery for a long time.

4. Don’t Overuse your phone:

If you are a heavy smartphone user, then you are definitely facing an overheating issue in your phone. Because overusing phones can also lead to heating issues in phones. It also affects on battery.

So, restrict yourself from using your phone for a long time in a day. It will save your battery from harm and reduce the heating issue also.

5. Use a Suitable Network:

If you are living in an area where the network connection is not good, then you may be having a heating issue with your phone. Network fluctuations can also lead to heating issues in your phone. When your phone is not in a suitable network area, then it always searching for a better connection. During this process, your phone’s processor got heated up and you feel lag.

This happens for your SIM card company. If the tower of the SIM card which you are currently using is not in your area and is very far from your area then this issue will happen.

You can try out every SIM card provider and then choose the better suitable battery connection SIM card company for your phone.

6. Don’t expose the phone to Sunlight:

If you are exposing your phone to heavy sunlight, then it not only overheats your phone, but the consequences are very worst. Like you can see battery draining or damaging issues, display issues, etc.

So, try to keep your phone inside your pocket, and use it when it’s needed.

7. Hot Environment:

If you are living in a place where the temperature is very high or you working somewhere in a hot environment then you can easily use it with the heating issue.

If this is the reason, then keep your phone aside in some cold or balanced temperature place. And save your phone from being overheated.

8. Remove unusual Apps:

Sometimes, we download apps for one-time use, and then we forget to delete those apps from our phones. And those apps create so many issues and problems in our phones like battery using, lagging, lack of storage, etc.

Those apps are running in the background and taking more data from our phones. So, find which apps are not in use and delete those apps from your phone.

9. Turn Off Useless Notification:

When you turn on your phone’s mobile data or WIFI, you receive many notifications and also feel a lag in your phone. We receive many notifications on our phones in a day, some are useful and some are useless. We receive notifications like matrimonials, app updates, deals, and more.

Those notifications are so annoying and power-consuming. So, Stop notification of those apps, because those also lead to heating issues in the phone.

10. Brightness:

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE heating issue.

Brightness is also a factor in the heating issues in your phone. If you always keep your phone in heavy brightness, then it also leads to a heating issue.

It not only overheats your phone but it drains the battery very fast, and most importantly high brightness is not good for your eyes. Always increase the brightness when you are outdoors. Otherwise, try to keep your phone at low brightness.

11. Stop Background Apps:

We use many apps in a day and forget to turn off those apps. And those apps keep running in the background and consuming data, power, and storage. And background running apps are also leading to heating issues in your phone.

So, when you finish using that particular app then please close that app from your phone. And also from the background running. This will also help you to fix this issue.

12. Free Up RAM and storage:

As we discuss in the previous method you should close background apps on your phone, so this method is also related to the previous point.

You should always free up the RAM and storage of your phone. When you install so many apps on your phone then those apps will run in the background and also take up any space in your phone. So, you just have to close those apps from the background and delete some useless apps.

This method could help you to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE heating issue.

13. Remove Non-Supporting Apps:

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating Issue

Non-supporting apps can also lead to heating issues in our smartphones. And some non-authorized apps also.

Sometimes, we want to download some app, but that particular app doesn’t available in Play Store. You could not find that app in Play Store, but you wanted to download that app. So, we download that app from other non-secure websites or some other app stores.

And then, those apps start creating many types of issues in our phones, like some non-relevant permissions, data consumption, and all. So, you should not download those apps from another side.

Because, if any app is not available in the play store that means that particular app is not safe for our phone. And that app is not approved by Google. Google never promote apps, which has privacy and security issue. If you could not find that particular app in Google, then there are many alternative apps available in Play Store. You can use them.

In Play Store all apps are totally secure and safe, if google finds any app making any type of data leaking or if they caught any apps breaking the rules, then that app will immediately get banned or removed from the play store.

14. Disable Location / GPS:

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating Issue


We download many apps on our phones. Some app needs our phone location initially and some need it when we use that app, to give us a better result. After giving the location permission we forget to turn off the location on our phone. And that leads to heating issues in our smartphones.

Next time always keeps in your mind that you have to turn off the location. Only enable when needed.

15. Avoid Using the Camera for a long time:

Capturing photos or recording videos for a long time can also lead to overheating issues in your phone. Most importantly when you record videos in 4K resolutions.

Just stop doing this, your phone is just a phone, not a professional camera.

  • Stop recording in 4K resolution always.
  • Don’t use the camera for a long time.
  • Try to make a video on 1080p or 720p resolution.

16. Remove Case:

Sometimes the phone back case also becomes a very big reason for the heating issues in your phone. Remove the case when you are playing games, consuming content, and while charging.

It will help you to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating issue.

17. Update Apps and Phone:

If you have apps on your phone without are up to date, then it could be the reason for the heating issue. Using an old version of applications can lead to heating issues, and phone lagging issues, and also it affects your security and privacy.

And old apps can not sync with the new version of android and can create many problems. To update all the apps on your phone.

To update all the apps on your phone, follow these steps:

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating Issue   Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating Issue   Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating Issue

  • Open Google Playstore on your phone
  • Tap on the profile icon in the right top corner
  • Then tap on Manage apps & device
  • On that page, tap on Updates Available
  • And then update all the apps

And if you have not updated your phone to the latest android version or the latest security and OS version, then please update your phone, that can fix these errors easily.

May this method will help you to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating issue.

18. Reset the Phone:

If you have done all those methods we have given above to fix heating issues in your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and you still have the same problem. Then, you have one last option left and that is Factory Data Reset.

Resetting the phone can fix the heating issue. But, before doing the reset make sure that you kept all the data backup. If you have not done that then back up all the data, and important files before doing a reset. And then reset the phone.


So, here we have shared how to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Heating Issue. If you still facing the same issue, then you should go to your nearest Samsung service center. After all, these issues are common and you can easily fix this with the easy methods we have given above. If you want to buy any phone which has flagship-level specifications at a budget and affordable price, then you can consider this. And if you want to know more about Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, then click here.


If you have any feedback, queries, or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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