How To Fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Camera Failed Issue – Camera Not Working

When Samsung launched the Galaxy F62 users were very excited, and they should be because it came with some great specifications and features. After a few days of launch, many users complained about the camera issue. So, today in this article we are going to discuss how to fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Camera Failed Issue.

F62 comes with the best camera setup in that price segment, but many users have complained that their camera is showing some errors. When they open the camera app then it shows “Camera Failed”.

So, let’s discuss how to fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Camera Failed Issue.

Before we discuss the solution first look at the camera specifications and the type of camera problems in Galaxy F62.

Camera Specification:

This smartphone comes with 64+45+5+5 Megapixels of quad-camera setup and 32 Megapixels in front camera. 64 MP main camera + 12 MP Ultra-wide + 5 MP Depth + 5 MP macro camera setup.

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1. Camera interface is Blank:

So, when you open the camera in your Samsung Galaxy F62 the app it opens, but the interface is black or black. That means you can not see any subject through your camera. It’s really a serious issue.

2. Camera App Not Opening:

When you tap on the camera app, a warning notification popped up that “Camera Failed”. If you are facing this problem then keep reading.

3. Photo Capturenig Issue:

When you see some amazing stuff and want to click some photos and you click the shutter button then the photo is not clicking. It means the shutter button is not working.

A very annoying and unexpected thing happened with the camera app, and you get disappointed.

So, you could be facing one of these problems with your device, but don’t worry the solutions are very simple. These all problems have very easy and understandable solutions.


1. Check After Some Time:

Sometimes it happens due to overusing the phone or the camera app. If your camera is showing some error then the first thing you have to do is give some rest to your phone.

Your phone is really a smart device. If you are using your phone for a long time then some functions are automatically got turn off to keep your phone safe.

Then maybe for some reason, your phone turned off some functions including a camera app to cool down the device.

2. Restart Camera App:

This is the most common solution effectively for any device. Just reset your camera app. To restart the camera app follow these steps:

  • Open the camera app (If It’s opening)
  • Tap on the Settings Option (Left-top side)
  • In the settings section scroll Down
  • You can see Reset Settings
  • Then Reset the Camera App

3. Clear the cache:

After applying these tips if it’s not fixed then you can clear the cache of the Camera app, It may fix this issue.

  • Just simply go to the settings
  • Tap on apps
  • Select Camera app
  • And clear the cache files and clear all data.

This method could help.

4. Check Phone Memory Space:

The storage issue is also leading to a camera issue. If you have a lack of storage in your phone then your camera might not be open or the shutter will not work.

So, please check the storage of your device and maintain your phone storage. If you attached a Micro SD card and if your memory card has space then you can change the storage location to an SD card.

And then check it may work.

5. Delete Third-Party Camera Apps:

In the Google play store, there are some third camera apps that are not only bad for your device but they affect your camera app too.

Maximum users are using so many beauty camera apps to take better beauty selfies, but who knows if they are safe or unsafe. They may affect your camera app.

Some apps automatically disable the system camera app, so please delete those apps and then check, it may work.

6. Update The Camera App:

An older version of the camera app also causes camera issues. If you have not updated yet, then please do update right now.

7. Update The Software:

This issue may be created by the older version of software or security update. if you are using the older version of the software then please do an update.

If you have updated your phone and still this issue is showing, then you can wait for another update or you can go to your nearest Samsung service center.

8. Hardware Issue:

Even after applying all these tips, if this problem is not fixed, then it’s may not a software problem. It may be a hardware problem.

Because of some external damage, this issue is created. If you have done all those things and the problem is not get fixed then please go to your nearest Samsung Service center soon.

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So, these are some tips or solutions on How to fix Samsung Galaxy F62 Camera failure issue. If you have this device or your friend and family have this then please share this article with, them so they can solve their problem. Samsung Galaxy F62 is a very good device, not only in camera but the performance is also very good. If you want to know why should buy this device or if you are planning to buy this, then please read this article before you buy.

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