How to Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue (15+ Methods)

If you recently switched your primary phone to OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G, then you might be facing an annoying heating issue in your phone. Because one of my friends bought this phone a few weeks ago and he is facing the heating issue. So at that time, I found some easy and effective methods to fix this issue. So, here I have shared some easy methods to fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

There are a lot of users who are facing this issue, if you are one of them then this article is for you. So, please read carefully, and you will find the fixes by the end of this article.

I have shared more than 15 methods so that you won’t have to find more to fix your problem. Because I have shared some reasons why your phone is heating or overheating. So, let’s see what the reasons are for this issue, and then we will discuss fixing OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

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Why my OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G is overheating / heating? Here are some reasons:


1. Playing Games for a long time
2. Always Plugged into the Charger
3. Storage Space
4. Sunlight / Hot Environment
5. Brightness
6. Phone Case
7. Apps with Bug
8. Poor Network Connectivity
9. Overusing of Phone
10. Playing a lot of Games
11. Camera
12. Infected Phone with Virus / Malware
13. Old Apps
14. OS

So, these are some reasons which lead to heating issues in your phone. Now, let’s see how to fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

Best methods to fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.


1. Restart the phone:

Whenever you are facing an issue like this, the first thing you should do is restart the phone. Restarting the phone can help you to fix this issue.

Just restart your phone and wait for a couple of seconds and see whether the phone gets cools down or not. When you restart the phone all the programs get refreshed and restarted.

So, please restart once. And, this is a temporary solution, read all the further methods to permanently get rid of this issue.

2. Don’t Use Phone & Play Games while Charging:

Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue

Using your phone or playing games while charging is a terrible thing that you are doing with your phone. But how does it lead to heating issues in your phone?

Whenever you use your phone or play games while charging it draws power as well as uses power at the same time. So, if something is continuously in use so it gets overheated.

And because of heating, it drains the battery and some of the functionality gets slows down. So, please either charge your phone first or play games.

3. Don’t Always Plug into the Charger:

There are many users who always keep their phones in charge. So, because of that, your phone gets overpowered. Nowadays phones are getting smarter, but still, it’s not worth it.

It may affect the health of your battery and can disrupt the charging cycle. So, please don’t always phone in charge. And don’t charge your phone up to 100 %.

So, this can help you to fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

4. Don’t Overuse Phone:

Overusing definitely overheats your phone. If you are the kind of user who uses their phone for a very long time in a day or if you are addicted to your phone, then this can be the reason.

If you stretch anything beyond its limit, then it can be very harmful and will start giving you negative results. So, please don’t overuse your phone.

Restrict yourself to use the phone for a long time and you can definitely see the change in temperature.

5. Culprit Apps:

There are some apps on our phones which are the main culprit for the heating issue. They create different types of threats on our phones. And leads to heating issues on our phones.

Like, some apps consume lots of power in the background, some are not well optimized and they create problems on our phones. And many of them take unnecessary permission.

But, for some apps, locations and other permissions are not needed, so please turn them off. And delete such kinds of apps that are not good for your phone. And that will help you to fix Oneplus Nord CE 5G heating issue.

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6. Remove Unusual Apps:

We use a lot of apps on our phones for different kinds of purposes. Some are very useful and some are not, we install them for using them once. And then we forget to remove them from our phones.

And that app keeps running continuously in the background. They take unnecessary storage, RAM, data, and all. Resulting in your phone getting overheated.

So, because of that your phone getting slow and behaving not well. So, if you have such kind of app which you are not that useful and no use on your phone. Please remove them from your phone.

Then, you not only save your phone from getting overheated but from many other issues like storage, and malware. And this method can fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

7. Don’t Use Phone in Sunlight & Hot Environment:

Exposing your phone to direct sunlight can also leads to heating issue in your phone. This is the biggest reason why your phone is getting overheated.

And if you continuously use your phone in any hot environment then it’s also the biggest reason for this issue.

Because when you use your phone in sunlight or a hot environment, the direct temperature hits on the body of your phone, and the system tries to cool down the phone. And because processing your phone gain extra temperature.

So, in short, your phone gets overheated because of sunlight. So, try not to expose your phone to heavy sunlight and a hot environment.

8. Brightness:

Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue

The main reason for the heating issues or battery draining issues is the screen or display of our phone. If your display not running in ideal condition, then there is a very high chance that you may face any issue with your phone.

If you are a user who uses a phone with high brightness in every condition, then this is the reason that you are facing the heating issue in your phone.

Don’t use the phone in high brightness indoors, but whenever you use your phone in harsh sunlight, then it’s necessary to use it in high brightness.

And don’t set the brightness in AUTO mode. And you can fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

9. Location could be the Reason:

Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue


Location is also a big reason for the heating issues in your phone. When we download any app, some of them need location access for setup.

But, there are some existing apps that need a location to access, apps as food delivery, cab booking apps, shopping apps, Matrimonial apps, Google Maps, and all.

So after using them, we forget to turn off the location, and the location continues running in the background. And that overheat our phone.

And not only that, but it also drains the battery of the phone. So, please try to turn off the location and use it when it’s needed. And it can help you to fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

10. Stop Bluetooth / Hotspot / NFC:

if you ever noticed that, whenever you use Bluetooth / Hotspot to connect to other devices or the internet, the phone gets heating up faster, than before?

Even sometimes your phone rapidly pushes a warning notification that “please turn off your Bluetooth / Hotspot, it consuming too much power.” And that leads to heating issues.

So, please try to use less all the wireless connectivity options. And it’s very possible that some random virus-enabled device will connect with your device and drive the virus towards your phone.

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11. Use Airplane Mode:

Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue

Airplane mode can help you to fix this issue. If you are a traveler then you may know that airplane mode helps to save battery and heating issues. Especially traveling by train.

Whenever you travel on the train, you can see that battery is draining too much and because of this, your phone gets overheated.

The reason behind the battery draining and overheating is rapid network fluctuation. So, to stop this fluctuation you can use airplane mode.

12. Networking Area:

The networking area is also a very important part of this issue and it also overheats your phone. If you are living in an area where the network area is not good, and you are facing continuous network fluctuation then this is the reason.

Well, you can not change the networking area, but you can change the SIM card. So, if the SIM card is the culprit or there is no tower of the SIM card you are using, then you might be facing a network problem.

Please change the SIM card company which you are currently using. And then see whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Although you can change your SIM card without changing the number, You can port the SIM card number to new the new SIM card company. And this can fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

13. Remove Phone Case:

The phone case also increases the temperature of every smartphone. If you are using a back cover or case then please remove it while playing games and while consuming content.

And most importantly remove the case while charging your phone. This is very important.

14. Close Background Running Apps:

We use many apps in a day, and after using them we forget to close them. And they are continues running in the background and consuming data, storage, and many more thing.

So, because of this, our phones get overheated. So, please close all the apps after using them.

15. Avoid Using Camera too much:

Capturing photos or recording videos for a long time can also lead to overheating issues in your phone. Most importantly when you record videos in 4K resolutions.

Just stop doing this, your phone is just a phone, not a professional camera.

  • Stop recording in 4K resolution always.
  • Don’t use the camera for a long time.
  • Try to make a video on 1080p or 720p resolution.

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16. Stop Unusual Permissions:

When we install any app, they want some permission. Some permissions are needed and some are not. And they ask for some permissions but, sometimes they didn’t ask you and they take permission on their own.

And those permissions leads to overheating issue in your phone. So, because of unwanted permissions, it’s also run in the background. So, we just have to stop all the permission which are not needed on your phone. And that can fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

17. Useless Notification:

We receive a lot of notifications in a day, some are important and legit but some are not unnecessary and unwanted. Notifications like Matrimonials, app updates, food and cloth discount, product sale, and all. And because of these notifications, our phones get overheated.

So, we have to stop this and we need to. So, please stop all the notifications on our phones. To stop all the notifications, follow these steps:

  • Tap and hold on that app which you want to turn off the notification
  • Then, tap on App info
  • Then, tap on Manage Notifications
  • And then disable the allow

18. Download Apps from Playstore:

Sometimes some apps which we want, can not find in Google Play Store. So, to get that app we go to another nonsecure and unauthentic app store.

And after installing them, that app starts creating issues and overheating issues also in them. So, please download apps from Google Play Store.

If any app is not available in the play store, then that app could not pass the security check of Google. Maybe that app is not genuine. And if that particular app is very important then there must be an alternative available in Google Play Store.

19. Update Apps & Phone:

Old version apps not only cause the heating issue in your phone but also cause a lot of issues, and you can even see that.

Old apps can not sync with the new version of the android and the UI, sometimes they are not compatible with the old version of apps and started giving negative results.

Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue       Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue      Fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Heating Issue

So, you just need to update your all apps, and to update the apps then follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store on your OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G
  • Then, tap on the profile icon which is in the right upper side corner)
  • Then, tap on Manage apps and device
  • On that page, tap on the update Available option
  • Then, select the app which you want to update
  • Now, update the apps

Most users are facing the heating issue because of the old version of android. If you also using your phone in the old version then this could be the reason for the issue.

Software updates can fix this issue. Because of some reasons may some features get turned off or changed. And it causes privacy and security issues also.

But update the android version and security patch version to keep your phone secure and safe. So please update all the apps and monthly android versions.

But before updating the phone you have to keep something in your mind. And they are:

  • Your phone should have more than 40 percent charge
  • Your phone should have 2X storage space more than the update size (Recommended)
  • The phone must be connected to WIFI or mobile.

Now your phone is update ready, you can update phone now. And fix this issue.

20. Reset the Phone:

If you have done all the things and applied all the methods which you read above, but the issue is still there, then you have left one option left. And that is Factory Data Reset.

Factory data reset can fix this issue in your phone. But before resetting you make sure that all your important data, files, and documents are kept in the backup. If you haven’t yet, then please back up first.

Now reset the phone and fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue.

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So, these are 20 easy methods to fix OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G heating issue. If the issue is still there, then you should visit the nearest OnePus service center. They can fix this. But, all the methods you have read above are truly tasted and easy. And one thing is that we have shared 20 methods to fix this, no other site has these many methods or tips to fix this. And OnePlus is a very good phone, but these days all the issues are getting common.


If you have any feedback or suggestions then share them in the comment box. Share this on social media with your friends who really need this.

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